Premix VG PG NIC?

Anyone pre-mix their VG PG NIC base then just add flavoring? Seems like a good idea to me. Anyone see a reason why not to?

It’s fine if you keep it stored in a dark, cool place and store in smaller containers, not one huge one. The problem is, nicotine breaks down over time and after being exposed to air often.

I’ve vaped 2L of base like that - it was great - Really easy to mix as well, just measure off your flavoring and top off with base :slight_smile: Only downside is variation in nic % - but that’s very little - just mix your base to have room for your average % of flavor.

Yeah I was thinking just mix up a 60/40/6% pg/vg/nic. Then just flavor it up.

Go for it! It’s so easy to work with :smile:

I’m new to this. And want to make sure of no death. If I was doing a base mix of juice. I purchased a 30 milliliter bottle of a hundred milligrams per milliliter nicotine bottle. if I was going to make a 10 milliliter bottle of juice at 6 milligrams I would use 3/4 milliliter of the nicotine correct? Then add in 7.75 ml of pg, then 2ml of vg?

No, something does not sound right. Sounds like .6 ml to me. First suggestion, find a simple recipe that interests you and click the Blue Wrench button, then click the adapt function. If needed adjust the desired nicotine. desired VG, desired PG, 100mg nicotine strength, PG content of nicotine 0, VG content of nicotine 100, then your flavors. Now notice we skipped the very first item, amount to make. You say you want to make 10mls. Just for grins make that amount 100mls. Now look at all the finished calculations. it’s very easy to see that 6% nicotine will be 6mls of nicotine base. On a 60vg/40pg blend subtract the 6ml nicotine from the 60vg total and you get 54ml. 6+54=60VG. Add your flavoring. Let’s say 10% flavoring which is PG usually. 10% of 100 is 10. Subtract 10 from 40pg =30. So, 10+30=40pg. Now you have a 6mg nicotine blend with a 60vg/40pg blend. By looking at these percentages divided by 100 it’s real easy to comprehend. Now that you have caught on to the percentages,change the amount to make to the 10ml you actually desire. It just divides everything by 10. Actually once you are used to it 10mls is actually easy as well. instead of 6ml it would be .6ml and so on… Hope this isn’t confusing for you, I do ramble at times…

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It should be as straight-forward as plotting in your numbers and following the recipe :smile:

@sublime made this excellent post :smile:

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I usually knock up 100ml at a time and add flavouring to 30ml bottles when needed.