Premixed pg/vg calculations

Hi looking for a bit of advice please,I entered a comp and won a litre of premixed pg/vg 30/70
and cannot find a calculator that can be adapted to use this base my nic is 100 pg as are my concentrates so I guess that after adding them any mix should come out at about 45/55 ish,
using a e-liquid calc adding my concentates and nic and the adding to amounts for pg/vg together and then that quantity of premix will come pretty close, has anyone else used premixed dilutants and how did you calculate to quantities to add?

Thanks in advance

Are you aiming for a precise PG/VG-ratio? Or do you just want to know what ratio the final is?

First make your recipe, and checkmark “Max VG”:

This should get you something like:

In this case 83% of it is VG, 30% of that is PG, so 24.9% PG and 58.1% VG.
Add the PG to the PG-part of the ratio, and subtract from VG. In this case it reads 17/83 - so 17+24.9 : 58.1 or rounded: 42/58…

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looking to make about 40/60 pg/vg thanks for your reply

I think this calc does what you’re looking for.

edit: no, actually i think it doesn’t, but maybe with this one also you could reverse engineer a mix