Premixed vg,pc nicotine based

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If I buy 60%vg 40%pg nicotine based bottle ( nicotine lvl 6) and if I want to make my own eliquid in 30ml bottle ;how many percent flavour should I put in also if I add flavour more than one how many I can add in and what percent they must be too ?
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May I ask if you are wanting the resulting ejuice blend to be 6mg nicotine?

Resulting ejuice blend 6mg will be very nice for me.
I will buy premixed nicotine bases bottle which is 250ml. I want to make my own eliquid in 30ml bottles with different flavours. Therefore I don’t know how much premixed nicotine based I must put in 30ml bottle also how much flavour I must put in. I really like twelve monkey macaraz , Congo custard or far strawberry cubcake e liquids . They are 80%vg 20%pg but I want try 70%vg 30%pg
I want to make 4 or 5 different 30ml bottles eliquid with different flavours
Should I get 6ml nicotine when order 70%vg 30%pg or 60%vg 40%pg ?
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OK, first you need to realize that if you buy premix vg/pg at 6mg nic is a very bad idea. If you add anything to the premix it will change both the vg/pg blend and lower the nic mgs. I recommend that you buy all ingredients separately.

24mg or 36mg Nic 100% VG base (I use 100mg nic)

Should you ever blend for a family member at 24mg nic blend then you would definitely need 36mg base nic. As far as flavoring, no one can answer your question as asked. First, flavors don’t necessarily always get added with the same percentage rate. Second, there’s a saying we have around here and that is Taste Is Subjective. That being said you have to keep in mind that your taste preference can be much different than anothers. So what do you do? If you haven’t already then go to and register for a account. Once you have a account you click USER at the top right hand side top, then My Page. Then Create Recipe. If you buy 36mg 100% VG Based Nic then set up as follows for 30mls 6mg 60/40 blend with 10% PG based flavor.

This is the results of your recipe. Notice you can measure by mils or weigh in grams. Many of us blend by weight. I do too, it’s easiest. Keep in mind you can search the flavors you own on ELR and click on them to bring up a page which gives you average percentage use of said flavor. You will have to decide with experimentation what is best for you. Hope this helps…


Thank you very much that was really helpful what you saying. I will fallow your method I will register to page asap

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Hi again I was really confused myself all about but when I see your eliquid calculator and your explanation than I understand all.
I just setup pg and vg ratio than amount to make bottle ml after nicotine base after setup nicotine strength than flavour.if recipie says add flavour 10% is mean 3ml for one flavour also I understand if I use 3 different flavour they will be each 1ml. Did I understand correctly?
But on calculator was only 72mg nicotine vg it come on recepie 2.5ml your one 36 come 5ml is that matter? What is differences between 36mg and 72mg strength nicotine? I will not buy premixed ! :slight_smile:
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Also why nicotine strength must be vg and lvl must be 36 ? This thing I want to learn and why you chooses flavour pg?

Keep in mind that I set up the example to show what I recommended you buy for nic base. You will have to adjust according to what nic base you are using. As far as using three flavors, that is not necessarily true that it would be 1 ml each. Start looking at the flavor percentages rather than mls. Let’s make believe you want a strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry Ripe (TPA) 3%
Strawberry (FW) 3%
Cheesecake (FW) 3%
Marshmallow (FW) 1%

This adds up to the 10% flavor but you can bet each flavor will not be 1 ml. So basically add your flavors at the % you want and the calculator will then tell you the resulting mls per flavor…

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Unless you specifically buy flavors that are VG based, then the flavors will be PG based. This is the norm…

Now I understand very well about flavour adding you right % easy account than ml I think I will add flavours with drops will be much easier to me but I can do on calculator also you right calculator telling all.i think I learned all now .

Only one thing I need learn! About which strength nicotine should I buy! When I was buy eliquid I was asking 6mg 30ml bottle e liquid I don’t know what amount strength is that make!
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Also thank you so much you make my day I really learned lots of thing about make my own eliquid !! When I learn which strength nicotine I must go than I will buy all and I will start to make my eliquids and I will always stay in this webpage to learn more.

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Is mean if I smoke 6mg nicotine eliquid than should I point 60 on calculator ? Also when I want buy nicotine should I ask 60mg strength vg bottle ?
I am really sir for asking so much
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Again, I recommend you get 36mg nic 100% VG base. Buy a bottle of VG and buy a bottle of PG.


Nicotine Strength :36
PG content of nic : 0
VG content of nic :100

Now try this. change the desired nic to 24mg. Notice in red a error that something is wrong. What is wrong is that your VG content will have to exceed the 60 VG you recipe it set for. In order to blend 24mg nic juice you would have to go approximately 68/32 to work, however if you never exceed 18mg nic blends you will not get a error using 36mg nic base. Change your desired nic to 18 and check it out. It’s highly possible you’ll blend for others so buy a higher nic base to accommodate others if you need to. Seeing the light yet?

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Ok I will buy :
1 Bottle Pg 1 Bottle Vg
1 Bottle 100% Vg based Nicotine which is strenght 36mg and flavour I will mix all after calculate than my eliquid will ready for smoke ?

But why is matter nicotine based strenght 24-36-50-72 or 100 ?Because when you calculate you always can get 6mg from this any numbers just says more or less ml nicotine use in your bottle !!
why buying nicotine vg based? Because we already using vg? I mean why is not using pure nicotine ?
Thank you for answering sorry for asking too much I am really wanna learn very well because it can be very dangerous also if I make any mistake
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I’m trying to give you the ability to mix all nicotine values in case you wind up blending for others in your family or friends. You want 6mg, will they? You do understand that you can not buy 6mg nicotine and expect it to still be 6mg after you add flavor. Change nicotine strength to 6 and see what you get. It’s another error isn’t it. That’s because if you add anything to the base it will dilute it and lower nic value …

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Thank you for all your help
Now I will buy :
250ml bottle Vg
250ml bottle Pg
100ml bottle 36mg 100% Vg based nicotine
Than I will try to make my eliquids in 30ml bottle with 6mg or 8mg 70%vg 30%pg eliquids.
Now I think I am ready after your teaching

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good luck @Ferhat. when ever you need help come here and there will alway’s be someone ready to help. If you have a question type it in the search bar and it is possible there could already be a thread with the info you are looking for.

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Thank you Dan-the-man

Working with Nic can be daunting at first. When you get the hang of it, it will be a breeze. I would start at lower percentages and work your way up. I find Nic River to have the best VG nic and can be kind if strong if you are not prepared. Start with your liquids for the 30 mils to be 1% nic and then work your way up to 6%. You may find you like it there. What people are trying to convey to you is that all your flavors are PG and will give that 80-20 mix you are looking for normally. It easier since you are adding VG anyways to just use the nic as part of your VG base. Then you can tailor your flavors better without making your liquids on the thinner side and allowing for dripping and more dense flavor clouds. Just my honest opinions from someone who has been where you are at.

Skulblade thank you so much for your advise