Premixing Concentrates

Creating this topic in hopes that some of you have experience with creating concentrates by mixing concentrates, lol. I have done several searches on the web and there seems to be little information out there on this. So for instance, say I have a recipe that uses 8% of one flavor, and 8% of another flavor… makes since that I can throw 15ml of one concentrate and 15ml of the other concentrate into a bottle and now I just add 16% of that mix into my recipe.

Seems easy until you are wanting to make a more complex concentrate recipe like Wondering Wanderer.

Also, does premixing the concentrates cause the ejuice to taste differently than not premixing?

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It should taste the same - It just makes it easier for you to mix!

What’s not easy about making a flavor base for the Wondering Wanderer? Blue wrench -> Make flavor base, gives you the easy steps :smile: It even tells you how much finished liquid it will make, and how much you should use to mix :smiley:

Unless I am misunderstanding you, Don?

Oh, and have you tried the Wanderer?! What’d you think? :smiley:

Incidentally - I recently found out that you can buy flavor base from VapeCrafter - using the blue wrench, and checking the flavor base-checkbox - And you’re not gonna believe this, but it’s actually more or less the same price as a normally mixed bottle?! 30 ml flavor base for ~$11 :open_mouth:


I totally overlooked the blue wrench option that is on the recipe page itself. I was trying to use the “Create Recipe” section, but when I tried to put zeros for the PG it auto calculated for VG, and vice versa. I see now after you mentioned it how easy it is :slight_smile: Thanks Lars!!!

My Wanderer mix is steeping a bit and I didn’t have all the FA ingredients (Fuji Apple and Vanilla Tahiti), so I know its not gonna be quite the same :frowning: The recipe sounded delicious so I sub’d in Apple TPA and Vanilla Bean Ice cream TPA. Was pretty good after the mix, but prefer to steep it for a week before really enjoying it)

[quote=“daath, post:2, topic:13596”]
Incidentally - I recently found out that you can buy flavor base from VapeCrafter
[/quote] That is an awesome feature as well… I’m gonna have to try that out, esp for recipes that call for flavors I don’t own, or never plan on getting…


This is a really awesome feature. Daath I gotta say you have been putting in work and it shows. Great job!


Agreed! Noticed the favor base calculator a few days back and just tried it for a 8 flavor concentrate for one of my blends. Works great…

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I’ve been mixing flavor base for 3 of my favorite liquids for a while now. I tell you what…when these concentrates are blended like this and you add to your base liquids…easy peasy and tasty too. I have a strawberry cream that has seven ingredients. I just stick my 21% in the bottle, add my nic and pg/vg, shake and vape. As information, the longest I’ve had premixed concentrate is about 2 months. So I can’t really say what happens over extended periods of time, but at least for that long there is no degradation I’ve found.

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