Pretty cool resource page

The admin of an FB group just made this - I thought it was a pretty cool compilation!


thank you for the shout out. I added all the active flavors we as mixers are using. Plan to add more soon. If you are new to diy it is a great way to see it all on one page.


Love the layout of your page , very easy to navigate and lots of info! Thank you!

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Thanks for the positive feedback! I am a visual learner and had a hard time with just words. Videos sometimes take a long time to get a feel for all the available resources. Thanks again!

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Nice work.

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Up to 73 links now! I am keeping it a Nicotine free site, so I made a decision to do no “nicotine river” or “nude nic” etc.

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I mean, I know heartland sells nic, but also flavors. I’ve got a gallon or so of their nic in my freezer.

Right, I’m not opposed personally. Just want to make sure it stays alive and well through the US storms of regulations. I wanted a place to act as a resource for all the new mixers coming soon to a forum need you! :wink:

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I’m sorry, but I disagree with the entire weathering the FDA storm being a reason to exclude Nicotine River. The majority of vendors you have listed also sell nicotine. And you have also listed ecigexpress as a vendor. They have ecig in their name, which is just as bad as nicotine being in a name.

Is there something you have against Nicotine River, or am I misunderstanding your reasoning?

Don’t get me wrong, I think your website is excellent, and I appreciate all your hard work. I’m just a little offended at the reasoning for excluding a vendor that has exemplary customer service and excellent prices because of the name of their business. Especially when ecig express made the list. And I love ecigexpress, just got an order from them yesterday. Just contradictory.

I just want to wait till end of august and see how it all pans out. I link to nude nics mixer education too. So I just had a hard time with the Nicotine River. I know they are legit and I have more I am adding that are just in the queue if that makes sense.