Pretty Please Help Me with This Recipe (NICOTINE SALTS) :)

Hi Guys! New to the forum here but I plan on being here a while. Mind if I get a little help? I am making a recipe using 4% bavarian cream and 5% sweet mango. It is this recipe although I am trying to modify it to 60% nicotine. Basically I need to know the safest and tastiest way to modify this recipe to 60% nicotine. Any suggestions on nicotine salts? I can only find 100% PG or 100% VG based nicotine salts. Steep time recommendation? any help you all can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Encouraging or consecutive advice only please?

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Dear God. TELL me that’s a typo!
That or I have a LOT more to read (again) on the whole ‘salts’ deal… Lol

My thoughts exactly!:rofl:

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I herd the jul pods are like 50%…that was the talk I herd on YouTube the other day. Not saying it’s correct.

Jul pods are %5 nic or 50mg i assume the op means .6% or 6 mg?

@invisible93 what strength is your nic and what is your desired end strength.

Are you looking to buy nic salts?
both (can be a long wait)

Both do nic salts and I am sure there are others

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Your the best’est. lol. I know I herd that wrong.

You forgot One of the best suppliers IMO.


Not sure if they do salts or not and they wont ship 100mg to me here so i have never used em

If you are in Europe have a look at here

I’m Aussie - i am all good with nic i have a stock pile. But thanks

Well I know they do salts, and they ship a lot quicker than nude, lets put it this way I have seen people put orders in at nude then put an order in a nic river a month later and nic river arrives a week sooner than nude.

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Anyone ships faster than nude and i couldn’t agree more and I dont use nn anymore because of that.


Here are there 100mg salts 60 ml to 55 gal drum!

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