Pricing on Eliquid Calculator

Have religiously filled in the cost of my E-Liquid Components on the site hoping to get a cost on my various mixes.

Is this a "Work In Progress ??? "

Mr. Micky Finn McMicaels IV

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Yes, it’s a work in progress. But I think you should keep filling the prices out - all of a sudden, you’ll get a surprise, and the price will appear :smile: It’s one of the smaller tasks that I can do, while I work on the bigger tasks on my list.

The problem is, that my list is big and I have little time :smile:


Look forward to the pricing function.

Appreciate all your efforts to date.

Tickled to death mixing by weight.

Cheers: Mr Micky Finn McMichaels IV


You could set default price for all TPA flavours at $1.4 for 4ml as it is on their official online store for the minimum purchaseable amount.

I guess that could be done - But I kinda like that you have to fill it in yourself, since the pricing function is currency-agnostic. All my prices are in DKK ;D

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Then maybe you could add a user ability to set price for all flavours of single manufacturer?
Which will be overridden by price of user-set particular flavor if it was set.

Pretty good idea.