Pride vaffle

Pride Vaffle is an international fundraiser to support the Ali Forney Center in their fight against LGBTQ youth homelessness.

Participants can win prizes for the US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.

Each $5 of their donation entry will award the participant a Pride Vaffle ticket. Pride Vaffle donation page link is

To enter participants MUST be of legal vaping age in their place of residence and they NEED to email their receipt from their donation + their full name + their preferred username + their country of residence to

Pride Vaffle live stream event will be hosted on Fresh03 YouTube channel on Pride Day, June 29th 2019 starting at 9:00AM EST !!!

Join us and our esteemed guests from YouTube and Instagram: @grimmgreen @wendyvapes @michelelynn_dulldime @jenbergercoleman @djlsbvapes @tenacioustxvapes @lavenderintheclouds @breezetones & his amigos and many more !!!


A modded Kayfun from Addy Tuney

WakeModCo BigFoot kit and occular RDA from Mech_Mod_RN

Whole SC line of Wonder Flavours X 2!!

40 flavorings of your choice x5 from Flavorah

£50 gift certificate x2 from Chef’s Flavours

$50 gift certificate from BullCity Flavors

20% off coupon from Twisted Messes

Mystery vape swag from Erik Vinyl and Vapor

Coils from Breezetones

5 shortfills x2 from The FUU

5 shortfills x2 from Mr Hardwick’s

Coils from Nick Devine

Vape Mail from Chris Empire Vape Co

Wire from Advanced Vape Supply

QWIN Kit from District F5ve

And more to come!

More info and questions to @queer_your_vape on instagram.

Thank you,

Cécile aka Queer Your Vape


I have a couple of questions. First, what does LGBTQ stand for? Also, what is Pride Day?


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer, better known as the LGBT community/movement.
Pride Day is a gay pride day.


OH… I see. They help young people that are LGBTQ and get kicked out of the house or another circumstance that renders them homeless. That is a great idea.


Great Stream today … Anything for the kids is how I see it … And when this community puts things together I am always amazed at the turn out …


Aw, man, I’m so sorry I missed this, but thanks for the link to the charity. I’m sure they’ll be happy to accept donations at any time. lol This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, and what an awesome (and incredibly needed!) show of support for LGBTQ youth.

This vaping community at large, and ELR specifically, continually amazes me with the attempt to bring a little positive light to the world at large.

@Dan_the_Man If you’ve never been to a Pride Day Parade or event… oh sir, you are missing out!!! My health has been rough the last few years, and I was just telling my brother last week, of all the things I miss out on, Pride events are at the tippy-top. You’ll never have more wild fun, or meet more amazing, gloriously cool, and truly inclusive welcoming people in your life than at a Pride event. I’m about to hit my mid 40s, and I still keep in contact with people I met at my first Pride parade in like… maybe 2001-ish? They’re just joyous; think Mardi Gras with heart. You’ll have a blast if you find a local event next year and go. :wink:


Thank you, that means lot - I am so thankful for all those that supported this fund raiser - this community never ceases to amaze me!!!