Prime Example of vendors having different flavor names

I just ran across this while updating the WF SC additions (which is done BTW), but as all too frequently happens…I get pulled into a totally unexpected direction (thanks to seeing an outlying flavor that SHOULD be a quick fix. Ha. Yeah right… lol)

Here is the ACTUAL and proper flavor name from the manufacturer (currently):

However, these are examples where it is currently being sold as a different name (though I KNOW they aren’t the only ones. So please don’t think I’m “picking on” some of our respected vendors here, as frequently they’re really good about things):

Rice Treat

Crispy Rice Cereal

Rice Cereal Treat

Only LNW has it correctly listed at the moment…

Now, this is not to say that FW hasn’t renamed things at some point, but the point is, when folks wonder WHY something might be merged, this is often the reason.

There are also times where a flavor was renamed for legal reasons (fear of copyright infringement, actual legal action, etc)… but hopefully some of you can understand a bit better why we have the issues we sometimes have.

Oh, and whoever’s keying in Wonder Flavors (WF) that ALREADY EXIST in the database…PLEASE STOP. You’re failing to understand that WF has TWO SEPARATE LINES (regular concentrates, and super concentrates). And your entries are only complicating matters, when I’ve had WF SC and WF both in perfect shape a couple of times now. (And NO, I’m not talking about new flavors)


Until changes are in place to prevent users from manually entering flavor names, you and I both know this will continue to happen. And not just WF but any/all brands. With the push to ban vaping we may see more users turning to DIY. Once they land here at ELR, the manual entry issues will only be compounded.

It’s doubtful that the vendors will ever standardize their labels to coincide with the manufacturers and many users follow what their labels says. Nature of the beast.
Thanx for the continuing effort, but as stated above until the change is made on this end the whole thing is merely a practice in futility.


You’re right. And I’m so close to giving up as well… But I just feel like I’d be letting folks down.

On top of which, after putting almost three years into it, it’s doubly hard to throw in the towel. I’ve still kept fighting though. But yeah, I’m feeling pretty “road worn” man. =/


My towel was high-speed wall tested! I can totally empathize.


Ok forgive me as I try and grasp this, (n00bie) I was recently looking at one of my recipes and it said I am missing flavors? Missing flavors to my own recipe, how can this be, I think it was Passionfruit (cap) or was it Passion Fruit (cap) , I’d have to look at the bottle. Anyway I had to add it to my stash both ways. I think this is not the only issue I have had with flavors in my stash.
Is this what you are referring to?


Not really… But I appreciate you asking.

When it says that you’re “missing flavors” in your own stash/recipes, I’ve seen it be a direct result of not having keyed in the numbers.

I’m not sure which of the two is responsible, but the “missing flavors” message usually goes away once you enter figures in the “amount” and “price” sections (of the flavors you’re reportedly “missing”. :wink:

Amount 15ml
Price $1.59

Hope this solves the problem!


I did a quick browse through your stash and made a note of flavors needing corrections. I’ll send it in a PM.
Meantime, you might want to read through this Guide…


+1 on this right here…There are also times where a flavor was renamed for legal reasons (fear of copyright infringement, actual legal action, etc)… but hopefully some of you can understand a bit better why we have the issues we sometimes have…Without out overstepping my boundaries I can say the Hersey company will come after you lol


@Sprkslfly Thanks for your reply , I didn’t think I needed to do this, will enter that info when time permits. I enter my info from my invoices and now I see that Bull City invoiced me for passionfruit(cap) , I checked with cap and indeed it is listed as Passion Fruit(cap) anyhow I have a few entered / spelled differently for the search “what I can make” feature.


@TorturedZen Oh my, you looked through my stash, how embarrassing…
But seriously, thanks for taking the time out of your day (or evening)
As far as the guide goes, I believe I have read (or skimmed through it) I will revisit that guide. Thanks for adding shortcut in the post. Big smiles! :sunglasses: