Priming coils

Using the Smok T8 coils in my Big Baby Beast tank and they don’t seem to last long even tried the Q2 as I use 80/20 liquid and they seem same. I usually leave coils to soak for 5 mins and start them off at 40w but that still does not make them last any longer. Only buy genuine coils.

Just wondered if anyone has a magic formular to make coils last longer.


I do not know about making coils last longer, but there is a way to clean them to get some more usage out of it.

1.) Soak the used coils in Everclear liquor over night.
2.) Rinse them solidily/heavily to get the liquor out. I would even soak them in water over night too.
3.) Dry them out. Leave out for a day or two.
4.) Only vape again when completely dried out.

Good luck.


Try a different brand coils.


Yep, I’ve done that it works just to make sure the downtime is long enough that they’re dry. If you’re burning them out try a different configuration…my gf is running the one coil that has two holes in it. She gets a solid month out of them.


Smok has that reputation. I started off on Smok coils and it was a little black hole in my wallet.
Invest in another brand or make the change to RTA or squonk on an RDA. You’ll be much happier and so will your wallet.