Private flavour references

I am transferring from a 13 page monster of an offline mixing spreadsheet to ELR.

When I view/print a recipe I was used to seeing the flavour name and a reference number so I can easily pick the right bottle. (A la method @daath suggests.) Very convenient.

I can’t do this in ELR it seems. Recipes display/print with just the flavour name.

I thought of putting the number as the first 3 chars in the flavour notes and printing the stash as a lookup table. A bit cheesy.

I really want the flavour name and ref. number side by side on my tablet screen as I mix.

To get what I want immediately, without asking for website mods, for every kosher flavour I’m adding to my stash I add a second “alias” flavour which ends with my reference number then the kosher name so:
I add “Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA)” and then “Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) [035]”.
This is:
Quick & easy
Works a treat
Still lets “What Can I Make?” work fine …err… obviously.


  1. It’s a workaround/kludge not a fix. I don’t like depending on kludges as they always break in the end so I’m slightly worried that a “de-duplicater” will furtively rename my aliases. My stash is private so I guess I’m safe?
  2. I cannot publish my recipes (if I ever create anything noteworthy!) with my alias flavours. Well, I could, but I’m sure I’d get beaten up.
    2a. Any attributes of the real flavour will get lost in the alias. (I just look at the real flavour for notes etc. if need be.)
  3. My method would be deeply offensive to Ted Codd. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts gratefully received!

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@MixedUp2 Your stash isn’t private as it contributes to the database we all share. You could add it to your own notes but that may not help your personal mixing process. Any ideal process has the fewest steps, so duplication is indeed your nemesis.

I made a landscape spreadsheet of my inventory. I use a letter and then a number on a tiny sticker I put on the top …just barely fits as it can be 3 characters (A43?) but it works. I can fit 100 flavs on one page, so my 200 flavs fit on two sheets. I printed them both out and put them back to back …trimmed a bit to gain some edge space for laminating between two sticky clear laminating sheets.

It seems dumb to go with printed paper, but it is immediate and in-hand while I am retrieving my flavors from my airtight ammo boxes (Harbor Freight). The printed sheets are opposing and upside down, so I can easily flip horizontally to read the reverse. This has cut my mixing time dramatically and removed all headaches related to finding flavors where I can only view the tops. Surely there are better ways and other ways, but I can quickly open shop, mix, then put away …most importantly reduce the time required retrieving flavors with the least effort and fewest steps with no electronics required (well my scale). Here’s a screencap of my spreadsheet


As @BoDarc correctly mentions, your approach will pollute the flavor database, and as you have probably already noticed, your custom named flavors will be merged into the correct names when JoJo or I fix duplicates… Sorry about that :slight_smile:

You gave me an idea though - I will make it so if you check off an option in your settings, printing a recipe (possibly even just viewing it) will print the first word in the flavor notes - will that work for you? Simply put A42 or 23 or YAY into the notes (plus whatever else you want there), and then it will just show the first word…

How does that sound to you guys?


Sounds great. It still won’t make what I mix taste good though. You got a fix for that one lol


Thanks daath that would be an excellent solution and very much appreciated.

I have removed my offending alias flavours.

Yes , it sounds like a great idea

Thanks for taking the time to write the tips BoDarc. I like the “no electronics required”! Sadly though, anything written on paper seems to run away from me in seconds and, whilst I’m building up my stash, stuff on paper keeps needing reprinting.

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Heh, … Therefore the laminating. My first one i just printed and immediately got wet

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