Private recipe links

Hey @daath, question for ya. When I post a private recipe link like this…

…is that supposed to bring you to the private recipe’s page?
It seems some people are not able to click over to the recipe. Looks like sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


are you using this to put the link?

Yes. (10 char :wink: )

Damn gremlins at it again lol


If you click that link in the one box above does it take you to the private recipe?

It did for me both logged out and logged in on 2 computers as well as my phone and tablet. But that doesnt mean it isnt happening, something like this occurred a few weeks ago to me and some others.

Waterfox 54.1 on W7
Firefox variant on Linux Mint
Firefox on both Android devices.

All up to date.

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Weird! Oh well, seems like it’s working most of the time.

The first time it didn’t. But now it went fine.


Doesnt work for me in Firefox Version 54.01 or Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 on Win7

Might be a bit before daath can respond, his connection is dicey as he is in the country in his Summer house.


VERY Interesting!
First time I clicked it, came back with “recipe is private”. Second time, right through to the recipe no problem.

Something’s definitely wonky (in my book) somewhere. Because you would think that, if it’s going to put the brakes on and say it was private, then it should stay that way. Simply attempting to open it again shouldn’t “bypass a lock”.

Or, the initial “private” message shouldn’t be appearing, as it’s actually supposed to be viewable the first time (as you have the “key”; a working link which is intended to bypass) which is what most people would expect…

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It should work 100% of the time, if your browser acts correctly and you use the private URL that looks like this:

However, on the forum, the “onebox” thing that is displayed instead of the link, changes the URL (it is a bug/feature I have reported to the forum devs). So I changed the code on ELR to make it work …better… As long as the “token” is in the URL it should work…

If you have problems with it, on the forum, you can share it without putting it on a separate line, like so: - That causes the “onebox” not to render, and the URL to be unchanged :slight_smile:


Sweet. Good to know! Thanks!

Nice loop Ken. Cheers for that.

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I wish it was mine. It’s just a rental, for the week - to appease my daughters, who were upset they didn’t get to go on vacation this summer as planned :wink:


nevermind as it was already brought up. I’ll shut up

Okay but please tell me you have a top hat and monocle! Otherwise my whole world comes crashing down… :slight_smile:

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Of course I do. I wear it at every High Tea.



I would really like some feedback on this i swear it tastes like bananas foster. but you tell me!