Private White Labeling of ejuice

So color me stupid but I had no idea until a few days ago that you could let a company make your juice, bottle it and sell the product without having your own clean lab. Thoughts on this guys? I’ve had some interest in a tearsofcrimson line but don’t know if it’s worth my time and energy?

YES ! I think you should…and I am very surprised that you had not already looked in to it.
The only thing I will color you…is Crimson !

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I didn’t want to mix in mass quantities which is why I decided to stay away from it. Now that I can have someone else do the mixing I’m looking into the pricing and such. Thanks so much OZO I’ll keep ya posted on what happens with this. A sexy romance line of juice hahahahah

You are an excellent candidate for this.
Like your books, if you don’t self-publish, they take the majority $$$$
But I think you should do it, at least check them out…you are
already familiar how this sort of thing works.
I would put a wolf on the label [werewolf] and not some naked guy… :heart_eyes:
You may not be able to buy Hubby a new boat from the proceeds…
but you could buy his bait !!
Then again, many of us would help you promote it [gladly] and when you
get filthy rich and buy all of Bourbon Street, you can invite us that helped
down for a stay [at a discounted rate] at the new Tears Of Crimson

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Naked guy may work, but [most] men aren’t gonna run around with a bottle of it…I WON’T
A naked lady…well male or female probably will.
A wolf would work for either gender, and you could have more than one label picture…
The problem doing it yourself at a large level is the legal responsibility.
Having an established lab throws all responsibility on them, and that’s why they
keep most of the $$$$

You are my favorite person in the world now LOL. I still dream of having that vampire club in New Orleans one day… Unfortunately I haven’t sold that 50 shades of grey book and made millions… Making a decent living though so not complaining… much. Bourbon Street… vampire bar!!! I was thinking of doing something like this for labeling :slight_smile:


Not set in stone, I have my daughter drawing up some characters to see which would appeal to more of a market LOL

I would like to peel her gloves off…and blow some vapor down the back of her neck…
but hey, that’s about my limit at my age :slight_smile:


I saw a vendor last weekend at VaporSlam in Charlotte NC that will bottle your juice. They had a table set up for diy with a lot of lab glassware and syringes. Told them they should have a scale and small bottles. In my opinion there setup would scare people off.

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can I ask which company or companies you found that do this? Thanks :slight_smile:

1 Like they were very nice people. Told them about using Elrecipes to use scales. They gave me samples and 2 t-shirts.


Thank you :thumbsup:

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Yes, this is very a much a thing!

Not long now and we’ll be launching this service @ our clean facilities :slight_smile:

I believe Molecule Labs does it currently however. You can see in This Video that they are bottling Cuttwood.


Interesting, not that i make anything anyone would want to vape except me. But i do find this interesting.


The ‘vaping’ is already on the ‘legal’ rocks, so I wouldn’t attempt it without a certified lab behind it.
Not near the same ‘risks’ in the legal world as [they] think vaping is…but,
years ago [VHS days] I used to make salt water fishing shows and sell them to the Saturday morning
TV networks. HOW fukn dangerous is THAT ?
Yep, the ‘legal eagles’ got involved…“we don’t think you should be walking on the boat barefoot”…
“you should wear a shirt”…“you can’t leave that knife laying on the cutting board, especially after just showing the audience that you sharpened it”…" can’t have open beers in the video"…“there is too much blood” etc etc etc
That was in the late 70’s-early 80’s…imagine the liberal police today !


Okay several companies do this… Donovan I would be very curious in how long it will be before you’re up and running. Yes I was looking for a certified lab OZO. No way am I putting my companies name on anything if I can’t verify the safety of the product. I want to keep fans not kill them LOL



Yeah, I would surely trust Donovan, Derek, all the crew at ECX…and it would be a huge plus
to have ECX behind you ! You, Michelle, would be a huge plus for ECX.
I would begin with these trustworthy folks and see what offers are available…FIRST !


I think they take safety very seriously which is important to me. I don’t have a time frame I’m fighting with so if this is something that will definitely come about I have wiggle room to wait. ECX also has the flavors that I’m already using in my recipes since I purchase a majority of my DIY through them.

Let me say I don’t think I’m a Master Mixer by any means. I have a few recipes I believe would work but it’s more of people coming to me after I came out of the closet on vaping so to speak asking why I don’t have a line for Tears. I try to keep my readers happy LOL

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Oxymoron??? Vampires and Vampirettes do WHAT ? [jus’ kiddin’]

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LOL my vampires and werewolves would NEVER kill a person gigglesnorts Although…