Prize Review Justfog P14A

Just got this baby in the mail from Atouchmall! Actually Larger then my Tesla Nano 120 on the right.

Just kidding, having a little fun taking bad pictures. This one is more accurate.

This thing is CUTE! It actually does put out a nice amount of vapor (compared to a pen or some other starter set-ups I’ve tried) and the replacement coils are cheap (5 for $11). My wife, still a smoker for now, is willing to give vaping a shot with it so it’s worth a million bucks to me. Thanks @AtouchMall!


Hi Brandolf, glad that you like it, Justfog is a good brand, P14A is the newest item from them. Hope you and your wift enjoy it. Have a nice day.


Aww, it is cute! Good luck to the wifey!

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