Problem with max vg and flavors

I have lots of newbie questions so let me introuduce myself!]

hello from Argentina, totally newbie here. Quit smoking and started vaping just about three months ago… I read u call that vapesary so mine would be on april 28th
All of this started like many of you did: trying to make my vapes healthier and save money at the same time so I decided to go DIY.
I´ve been reading lots of info about things to avoid like dyketones and butiryc acid, try to low my pg as much as I can, etc. I can go only max vg, and not 100% vg becaue not sure which of the brands of flavors u can get here besides tpa that are safe, so im going with those… so that adds a small amount of pg to the base.
I also read many articles of this site, really interesting! Tips and trics, among others, as well as the begginers guide to the calculator and some other articles really great site guys!
I think I “sorta” got it but I do get lost when asked the flavors percentage since my bases are max vg, I don’t really know how to sort that one out. So, I will read more top rated five star recipes but for now, I need I some serious newbie help adjusting those recipes to my “super secret” stash until I can get my hands into more flavors and get better at it. :wink:
I am adding my flavors now that ive registered as user on the forum, it’s a really usefull tool, and YET again not sure how to translate the related recipes that appear on each flavor to my max VG

I need help with recipes, and the max vg thing… should the flavor percentage be higher for max vg? how much flavors should I calculate for that?
Coffee tpa
dx bavarian cream tpa
dx milk tpa (the “dx” milk is sorta dubious… if anyone has anynews about this version being safe, I will buy it again)
cappuccino tpa strawberry ripe pa sweetener tpaCoffee tpa dx bavarian cream tpa dx milk tpa cappuccino tpa strawberry ripe pa sweetener tpa
banana tpa
banana nut bread tpa

PLUS I have max vg Base: max vg – I got these bases premixed at a local vaping store. He made them 100% percent vg on my request, next time I might add distilled water but pg is out of the question in all the cases below where applies the nicotine is also dissolved on vg:

  1. Max vg mix nicotine 12
  2. Max vg nicotine 9
  3. Max vg – nicotine 3
  4. Max vg 100% no nic…
    Any recipe link with those flavors and how to adapt them to max vg will be truly appreciated…

I was thinking of a really milky Cappuccino
I read Bavarian and strawberries mix well, not sure about the percentage …
not really sure how or what to do with the banana and banana nut bread flavors, I do like liquas banana and hangsen´s banana dessert…}

A shake and vape with those flavors would be nice too… yes I’ve been through the shake and vape thread only I’m not sure again with what % to use on max vg
:smiley: :smiley:

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When using the receipt creator function on ELR just check the box titled max vg. You can also adapt others receipts with the same box. You may need to up the percentages for flavors a tiny bit but I have found with steeping I usually do not need to.


I did notice the max vg box, but i have to manually fill the flavor gaps right? or am i missing something?
how much would you up the percentages? or is it a matter of testing and retesting??
a trully thankful noob

There may be something in here to help you



Hello, and welcome! I’m fairly new here, too, going on 2 months… Is this the flavor you mentioned above?

It looked like you meant to type tpa, but typed pa by accident, as I’ve not heard of a pa company.

Just want to make sure, because if it is, that is a PG-based flavor. There may be a couple more in your list, so make sure you know what you have. You can check the manufacturers’ websites for details, lab test results(if they have it listed), etc.

If you need more resources for pg-free flavors, look up Real Flavors (RF), Medicine Flower (MF), Nature’s Flavors (NF) (they’re a little less known here, but are high quality and have a whole line of PG and diacetyl-free flavors on their website)

These flavors tend to be more expensive, but you use a much lower percentage in your mix, so they can last a long time. You can find MF and RF at (ECX) in smaller bottles for less $ The MF at ECX is called Lotus Flavors.

Those are all pg-free, and you can check the manufacturers websites for diketone/diacetyl labels. Hope this helps!

Ps. I’m still working on a good method for 0%PG flavors mixed at Max VG. If you use distilled water (DW), use a very small %! (like 2% or less from what I’ve read) It can cause the liquid to pop or spit up into your mouth, and it is known to dilute (mute) flavors in mixes. Vodka is another method I’ve tried, but always with DW at either 9% vs 1%Vodka or 4% vs 1%Vodka, both have spitting issues. I’m thinking about trying 2%Vodka 98%VG, but I’m also thinking of just letting the alcohol-based flavors I use do their magic on the VG and just go Max VG, no dilution, extra long steeping.

Phew! Hope this helps! if I got anything wrong, someone with more experience will probably set it straight! Happy mixing!

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Phew! plunder! Thanks for the info… It did help like lots!!
it is actually TPA. and ta was indeed a typo… and i do know about their pg based flavours. but they are still the company i can trust the most of the big brands you can get in argentina, i dont complain at all, i can still have at least tpa that lists most of theyr test results etc… so by avoiding certain flavors i should be fine at least until i can get something better or organiceven… read about it but are not available in buenos aires.
I do mean to include distilled water in my base the next time, but now all i have are pre mixed max vg + nic when applies. I have plenty of it and by my mistake i didnt ask to include distilled water, but thats great advice and also what it says at the link @Lolly recomended… whichh happens to help a lot :slight_smile: which bring us to my following questions;

  1. any suggestions for a good flavor at that amount of vg ? which should be the percentage of total flavours… do you recommend to set the percentage higher than in most recipes? I see that most recipes on the site are 5050 or 7030.
    any good clues adapting that to “max” )i say max and not 100% precisely because the tpa flavors have pg) vg taking the pg from TPA flavors into account?

  2. should i let it steep longer? How long
    and last but not least… do you recommend i add that distilled water the next time… i ask because of your experience with spittbacks

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ehm,i was finishing editing that answer… there are lots of things to improve for sure, but for now i just want to add a huge THANKS! to all of you who answered

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I’ll write more later, but maybe @Maureeenie can help with your DW questions, or @Amy2, both have varying opinions and lots experiences on the subject of max VG mixing. There are more out there, too. Use the search function for topics like Max Vg, PG-free, Distilled water, Vodka, Steeping, etc.
Everyone will likely have a different methodology, and there are many variables, such as what type of set-up you use to vape; tanks, rda’s, rdta’s, mods, wattage, type of coils, etc. will all factor in to how you mix your e-liquids, and whether or not you need to dilute your VG and methods for doing so if you need/want to.
Check this link for ECX shipping info. Argentina isn’t listed, but they would like to ship to you if they can.

That’s all for now. Hope this helps!

Edit: on percentages, I’ve read different opinions. Some say regular percentages and at least a month to steep, 2 months being better, but some flavors fade, so add them in a couple of weeks before the steep is over. Test them out along the way. Try it at 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months if you go that far.
And some say to increase the percentages to go Max VG. I don’t know that there is a magic bullet sweet spot for that, as the flavors all have different sweet spots of their oiwn. Start with Single Flavor Test mixes(search for that here, too) Then you’ll know what each flavor’s desired percentage looks like as a single flavor e-liquid, you would adjust that down to mix with others.
It’s a long process of trial and error, refinement and waiting, waiting, testing, waiting and testing and waiting to get results. Especially if you need a month or two to figure out the results. Read as much as you can, watch instructional videos, ask lots of questions, but stick with it! When you get your first “good” e-liquid, it’s a great feeling.

Edit: And take notes! Haha! That’s important. They don’t necessarily have to be technical, just write your thoughts each time you test a steeping mix.
Eg: 2 week steep: the cream flavors are just about perfect, but the strawberry is starting to fade a little, might increase SB by .5% or add to mix at the 2 week mark next batch, or decrease cream % a little, etc.
Or, something like that. Notes are subjective, everyone has a different style, but they are very important. Check out a lot of recipes in the database and read their notes to get an idea.

Holaa ill get back to you later too… Thanks a lot for the info and
patience,… So Many questions so litterae time…
Ill do my homework ten no promise to get back wirpth the resulta what ever
they may be.:

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litterae = little, i really do hate my tablet text

basically ANY general suggestions for a starting percentage will be appreciated, the flavors are merely so you have an idea of my possibilities

thank you!
as we discussed the other day, most people add “something” to max vg, like
they do in the link lolly so kindly sent… i cannot add it at least not
for a few months until i finish my first batches of bases buttttttttt since
the flavors have theyre own pg percentage perhaps that helps with texture
and flavor. I will be following maureeeenie adn amy2 and you three guys,
the ones that answered if you dont mind
plunder for the links and good thought and will… the links with natural
flavors are even cheaper that what i pay for TPA and other brands like that
here… but i dont think they can ship to argentina just that easy… i know
its hard to import vaping items, not really sure about liquids and food
stuff, but in case they are not allowed here i might lose the shippment and
even if we can ship, i just guess the delivery fee would be too high.
thanks anywayyy!!
did see a couple of youtube videos on eliquid, would love more if you have
links, please

sure, will write down everything, i already have my ecig reducing nicotine
notebook, i will set up a different one for my eliquid ALCHEMY recipes…
as for steeping, i will do my hw on that one too, but have you tried any
good shake and vapes? id like to have something to start vaping my own
safe(ish") juices as soon as possible so then i can take longer with the
rest of the batches
next monday the last items necesary arrive… spiderweb and bat wing… :stuck_out_tongue:
haha, small jars so i can mess up and not lose so much liquid
i will start with single flavours, as many recommend in the forum and
so… of the above list, what percentage would you start with ? minimum, i
mean, i will paste them again:
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
wrong edit before, here it goes on the right post, noobie mistake

Coffee tpa
dx bavarian cream tpa
dx milk tpa (the “dx” milk is sorta dubious… if anyone has anynews about this version being safe, I will buy it again)
cappuccino tpa strawberry ripe pa sweetener tpaCoffee tpa dx bavarian cream tpa dx milk tpa cappuccino tpa strawberry ripe pa sweetener tpa
banana tpa
banana nut bread tpa

basically ANY general suggestions for a starting percentage will be appreciated, the flavors are merely so you have an idea of my possibilities

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Hello! I’m out of town right now but…

Use coffees, cactus and other powerful flavorings at micro percentages. Those still take over the mix regardless of PG. All others start by increasing by 1%. Remembering you are making it to your preference and we all like it a bit different.

Welcome to the club, my friend.

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pleased to meet you, and thanks for the advice… i have some varieties of
coffee and other flavours, ill start from micro percentages as you say…

If you click on the flavor in your flavor stash, you will find recommended percents and more details in the notes section.
You’ll see lots of different recommendations for single flavor batches, but that’s subjective. I saw anywhere from 2% to 24% for that one flavor. 24, I think would be wasteful, as once you pass the ceiling of the highest percent of a flavor, it can mute the flavor, oddly enough. But, if you try 24% and like it, that’s just fine. It’s yours! No rules, just suggestions.
There is a general consensus of starting a non-concentrated flavor at 5% as a starting point(highly concentrated flavors (MF) from .5-2%). It’s the 5% rule. Most thorough mixers do a range of %s to test a new flavor in different bottles, the test them out at 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 week , a month. You will find your own version of this. With max VG, you might try one at 5% and one at 10% to start.

Steep time tends to be longer with max VG, but you will find a next-day recipe to use while you wait.
Try fruits for short steeps. Creams, cookies, pie crusts, etc, can take a while to form a good balance.

Bear in mind that I’m still quite new to mixing, so take the more skilled mixers’ advice more seriously! Writing all of this has been kind of an exercise for me, and i hope at least some of it helps you.

thanks, im absolutely dazzled and bewilderedddddddddd with your answers
guys, thanks all of you… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
yummie for those last flavors ! totally excited and awaitng to receive
10ml jars on monday so i can trust testing…
how long do you let it steep before deciding it is too soft and you want to
add more… 3 days or a whole month?
im referring to Maureeenie micro additions of 1% at a time

Just as a note to your post the 24% is most likely the % from a one shot or similar.

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sorry lolly i didnt repply earlier, great link! im really grateful with all of you guys for helping, in the link they recomend to either use some pg or add DW which is not an option for me right now, but i will definetely have thhat link at hand :smiley:

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ps, thanks for taking the trouble while youre abroad :smiley:

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guys do you have to have any kind of special machine to mix the shake and vapes or is it a manual process?

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