Problem with my asmodus miniken boost

Sup people I really need some help i have an asmodus miniken boost mod that’s only like three months old an I think the power output is messed up cuz it is burning my juice I always have a burnt taste but then I put my tank on another mod it’s fine an tastes good I’m using an Aspire Nautilus 2 with 1.8 bvc an only going up to 13.5 watts I prime my coils iv tried three new coils just to see if it’s the coil an they taste burnt after a day or the same day it has to be the mod when I turn the watts down to 10 it tastes ok but then I get no flavor is there a software update I can do to try an fix the prob I used to love it but now I don’t even wanna use it I don’t know what happened iv bin useing the same juice for months So I don’t think it’s that cuz like I said I just switch my tank to a different mod it tastes fine it has to be the mod can really use some help … Thanks

What other mod are you using that works OK? I don’t know anything about the Minikin but try comparing the Minikin’s settings with the other one that works fine. Sounds like the Minikin may be mis-reading the resistance on your Nautilus.
Also, the Minikin is a temp control mod so make sure you’re not in the wrong mode for your atomizer.

I’ Tried it on my girlfriends vaporesso but I can only use watt mode on the tank the coils r Kanthal It’s reading the same ohms on both mods 1.84 an when I fire it I put it to 13watts an it fires around five volts I just think my mod is putting out more watts them it says on the display

Any recommendations for a rda tank Maybe I’m taking longer drags on it an holdin the button to long It may be time to move up to sub ohm tank I quit smoking three months ago an at first it was making me cough an I couldn’t take in alot now it’s easier

Yeah the Minikin and Nautilus tank are kind of a mis-match IMO. Are you doing MTL or direct lung hits? Maybe a MTL sub-ohm tank would be more suitable.

I started out MTL but now I do DL Any suggestions on a rta It was kind of weird I’ve been using it for about 2-3 months without a problem than one day I put a new coil in and the taste of burnt the same day so I replace the coil thinking it was just a bad coilAnd it just isn’t the same flavor anymore just always has a burnt taste I’ve been 13 Watts for the longest

Vandy vape has the berserker MTL RTA which has gained a good reputation quickly. If you’re capable of building your own coils, that would be my recommendation. If u want to get into a subohm tank/RTA I’d recommend the SMOK tfv8 baby beast, extremely popular tank which has a RBA deck if u buy the right kit and also had premade coils if u get lazy. Me personally I’m reload RTA all the way!:+1:t2: Hope that helps.

I was given a Smok V8 kit with the Big Baby Beast tank. Have always been, and continue to be, an RDA/RTA/RDTA kind of guy but I gotta admit…that thing, for what it is, hits like a freight train! The only problem is that there is limited control. Like… a firing button… and that’s it. It’s basically a mech mod with safety features.
As long as you are able to handle fairly big DTL hits I would recommend this. In the long run tho a rebuildable is more cost effective.