Problem with the bill address in bullcity vapor

my life in Thailand i have credit card from here i can’t pay order with bull-city vapor

because this site request US credit card at same address

but i have address for drop the order for Shipping USA to Thailand how can i pay the order and drop to my shipping address any body know ? please tell me if u can recomentd other website receive other credit card from Thailand please tell me thank for help sorry my english is very bad

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Their automation (payment) may not allow a PO box etc (your drop box address?) Send them an email-> It’s almost midnight in Bull City maybe you will get a response 10 hours from now


I just did an order thru them earlier… But I live in the US, so im just typing for no reason.
Sorry you are having problems. Hope it gets resolved quickly.

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Unfortunately if you can’t put in your Thailand address in the billing information we are unable to accept payment from that card. At this time we are unable to accept any other forms of payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

the bull city support answers me am so sad

Maybe you can order from you can use Paypal with them.

this site hight price capella 30 ml = 13.99 did you have any website for me please recommend thanks

Wizard Labs mark down some of their Inawera Flavors.
8ml .99 regular price $1.87
1oz $3.99 regular price $7.29

Cactus, Strawberry, Watermelon, Apple, Honey, Mango
Plus more cant remember them all.

Not sure if or how this would work, but some people have had success with using a prepaid visa card.

There’s a list of vendors here that might be able to work with you.