Problem with the Lemo 2

My Lemo 2 isn’t working on my Sigs or my Vapor Flask. It will work mech mod and Xpros. I don’t think it’s making contacts on the center pin and it’s not adjustable on the rda or the tank. Any suggestions.

So you can’t adjust the centre pin on either your Sigs or your Lemo2?

Maybe try a small magnet filler between the mod and the Lemo?


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Do they make magnets that small?

Not sure to be perfectly honest but hear people recommending them.


Unscrew the bottom portion where the airflow is and clean the pin out inside …I think you can adjust the pin on the above section with a flathead to make better contact …I’m not sure if this is correct but may help


Maybe some build up on the mod pin try a scratch or two on it w something?

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I got it fixed. I was able to pry a very small screwdriver under the pin and pry it up enough to make contact with 510 center pin. If it happens again gonna put a small droplet of solder to the pin to extend it a little. Thanks for the suggestions.