Problems With Valyrian 3 Tank

I was using a Zeus sub tank & just switched to a Valyrian 3. I’m not getting much flavor & a lot of air. I am using the single mesh coil that it came installed with. The first 5 hits (after letting it sit for an hour) had no flavor & it gradually got stronger, but it is still only a light taste. I have the other double mesh coil, which I’ve read has more flavor. Is it the coil or the tank? Is there a different coil that fits with the tank, that I can buy? Or if buy another tank - which one?


Before switching try scratching the cotton in the side hole s of the coil. It’s possible the juice isn’t being asorbed into the cotton. Scratch, prime, reinstall.


I will try that.

I did switch to the double mesh & it’s 100x better. So much more flavor!


Sometimes the the mfg of the coil leaves the cotton protection strips on the cotton. It makes a barrier once the mesh and cotton strip are inserted into the body of the coil. I do it to all the coils I rebuild just out of habit. Remember to prime the coil it will cut the waiting time to 5 minutes or less. If too much or not enough air adjust the air intake band .


I LOVE UWell… been using there tanks and nunchaku, Iron Fist, caliburn Etc for years…
I know that the crown V when I first got it, the first tank fill I was super disappointed.
Then all sudden IDK what happened now I love it.
I know that the valyrian has those super thick cotton coils maybe try roughing them up. Then again that may mess it up. I know with the crown 5 I had to give it a couple goes till now I love it… give it some time maybe?
sure others that actually have it, can give a better suggestion. Uwell is just my favorite though I think they have the best flavor. always wanted to get a Valyrian… but I’m not a fan of the 2 pk cool… Cheap😤


Yess exactly!