Promoting Tasty Recipes But Aren't Highly Rated From The ELR Database

Made a Few Recipes that have little or no rating on here recently and so don’t necessarily get the publicity they deserve, but have still been excellent finished liquids.

There are plenty of threads promoting the top rated recipes on here. But I thought I would start a thread to promote the hidden gems on here that people may not notice, because the publisher may have a low count of recipes on the database or not many followers, , but are still worth mixing and hopefully a few others may contribute if they have found similar recipes also.

This one has a lovely lemon flavour, with a nice biscuity base (I would probably drop the Graham Cracker by 1%) but that is more of a personal taste and steeped it for 6 weeks to let it develop fully. This is the only recipe the poster has published, but is a pretty good one imho

Lemon Curd & Meringue Tart

Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 0.75
Butter Cream (CAP) 2
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 2
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 2.5
Lemon (INAWERA) 0.2
Lemon Meringue Pie (CAP) 6.5
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 2.5

Flavor total: 16.45%

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There’s a lot of good recipes out there like this one but they aren’t in the “hype” crowd so they go unnoticed!


Excellent thread idea!

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Another one I was impressed with as follows

cannoli be me

Ingredient %
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) 0.2
Biscuit (INAWERA) 2.5
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 1
French Vanilla (CAP) 0.7
Meringue (FA) 0.5
Torrone (FA) 0.3
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2
Vienna Cream (FA) 2

Flavor total: 9.2%

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Love the idea, keep it up!

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agreed, great idea. I love threads like these so I can adapt and add them to my juice calculator’s ‘to test’ categories. I have already adapted both of these to my stash using mostly RF SC flavors. I love me a good cannoli. I don’t do lemon so I adapted the first one to use honey for now until I come up with a better idea … maybe pear, orange or melon medley?

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Anything I can sub for the Cream Cheese Icing? LA is hard to get here in the UK.

Hi I am in the UK as well and there are a couple of renamed Lorann’s Cream Cheese available here.

Chefsflavours 10ml

Thee-cigshop 15ml

Ebay 30ml Got mine fromhere but 30ml may be a bit of overkill, if the flavour isn’t to be used very often, though

Not sure of a substitute, but the original is a good finished flavour and worth adding to your DIY stock imho, if you are planning any orders in the near future with the first 2 vendors


Vaping on it at the moment and the lemon really cuts through the biscuit nicely, so maybe a lime/key lime or something like Citric Mix (FA) or Citrus Punch (TPA) could work instead?

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I hate to toot my own horn but I love my cannoli recipe!


I’ve been really enjoying this Fried Ice Cream!

And this creme brulee!


I’m new to ELR, but I’ve been working on this flavor for over a year. Some variation of this flavor has been my ADV since I started mixing. Sorry to self promote, but I just hope someone tries it out and reviews it!