Protank4 wicking dilemma

Got the Kanger Protank4, in wicking the RBA I’m not happy. I’m getting not much flavour & I think there is a slight dry/cotton hit. Not a full cotton hit I had my first one of those with my RDA last night.

I’m terrible at wicking so far and definitely need practice. Do I get the wick right into the 4 tiny wells or should it just block the top of them. I’ve watched 2 or 3 YouTube bids but it’s not clear. Any advice?

You kind of answered your own question but if you are getting dry hits, you are probably using too much cotton.

You have to use just the right amount and it takes a while to get the feel of that. The only other requirement is making sure you have those damn juice holes at the bottom of the well that takes in the liquid covered adequately with your cotton.

I make my wicks just thick enough to have a tiny bit of the ability to slide them back and forth in the coil and just long enough to bend just a little bit at the wicking hole.

Don’t overuse the wick. Just block the juice opening. The problem I have is the RBA head on this is garbage. The one I have shorts in and out and will burst with power giving you a very strong burnt flavor. It will sit in the box until Kanger upgrades their head (fat chance of that happening). Too bad because I liked it for the week that it worked.

Send it back, obviously faulty. Every one else is loving there’s. Sounds like you got the runt of the litter.

You have to practice wicking your device. You will get dry hits for days if you do not. Are you priming your coils?

Also wicking is a finicky beast. Too much dry, too little leaking. Just right hits like a dream, you will figure it out.

Yep priming coils. Forgot once.

finding this skill very hard to master. Alright on my rda’s, bigger coils. That little RBA is a bastard. Will try again soon, with all suggestions. Watched videos etc. pay attention to the amount I use.

Watched the vaping bogans video on wicking.

Looks like the Koh gen do will be best option for me with my skills. He indicates it’s easiest to use. The UD batch I got was better. You agree?

I use these. There is a taste difference first 2 to 3 pulls, but after that pure heaven in a dripper. Now your Tsunami 24 that you got will benefit from the cotton in my opinion. Easy to wick, no juice holes. Also you will get good flavor. You just have to coil it right and saturate the wicking. You will have to remember to redrip the thing though. It is a learning curve. Once practiced and those first nasty dry hits you will learn. Also the RBA’S are finicky. They take practice. I had to learn every tank I had 10 times or more over to wick. It takes patience and time.

Did I mention subjective too. It might not suit your tastes.

Guys & Gals, in the meantime I’ve been using up the stock coils that came with the tank. I’m getting basically no flavour with them. Is anyone else experienced this with Kangertech coils. Or do they have a short life period. I can’t remember if the flavour was good with them 5 days ago. Oh my memory, please decide to come back to me. TIA.

You got 2 of these tanks right? Are you still using the original coils that came in them or have you changed coils yet?

Same, they have not had a truck load of use. Do you think they are finished perhaps? Plenty of cloud, just very little flavour.

I don’t have that tank but I have a pro tank mini and here is what has worked for me and an idea that has worked from others.

Remove the coil and take a safety pin or needle and poke holes in the cotton that you can see. This will allow for more juice to saturate the cotton.

If the cotton looks dark or blackened you can soak them in vodka or everclear over night and see if that helps.

If they are not in heavy use you’d should get 2-3 weeks out of a coil. Heavy use, anywhere from 3-7 days depending on the juice you are using. Sweet flavors will gunk the coil faster.


Yeah, I rewicked the rba for this thing. I think the coil was gunked.

It’s great, the trick is not too much not too little as you advised. But also not to push the wick into the intake recesses. The YouTube vid I watched said that you should. No good for me. I then found 3 vids 1 in German (but I got the drift with his pointy pointy (punkty, punkty) saying the wicks need to sit on top of the holes and leave it free to let the juices in. Well, what a difference as a test I only put like 40 drops into the tank. Gone in like 10 draws. So good, that is a relief the idea was to get away from stock coils for most my equipment.

On my way, thanks all.