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Puffed Rice, like Plain Rice Krispies?

@Plunderdrum although NOT a perfect puffed rice substitute, OOO’s Honey Puffs PROBABLY will work for you. Just doing a S&V solo, no steep, and it’s a good flavor. There is honey in there, but it’s low enough in the mix that it could easily be push/pulled/covered with little to no effort. The Honey Puffs does impart a lot of a Honey Puff cereal, but not exactly. THAT little bit of info is EXACTLY what will probably let it work for you. It’s almost like a middling between a rice, and honey puff. It’s actually got a very good, almost buttery note to it, and that will help it for you.

I’ve never used Hilq rice, but do have, and recommend FE’s Sweet Rice, and that could be added here, to pull more to the rice profile. I’d recommend getting possibly both the Honey Puff’s and Sweet Rice, small bottles, see how they appeal to you.


Your knowledge and ability to relay said knowledge is priceless. Thanks!


You’re welcome @Plunderdrum. Rice (etc.) can be and is tricky IMO. Real, raw rice, crispy rice, somewhere in between.