Pugsley looks for the details in the Devil with the Asvape Lucifer 240w Mod

‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist’

I absolutely love that movie…and that line…and although I am not a religious person in the slightest I would have to call bullshit on that I’m afraid, because if the big D himself was trying to stay inconspicuous he needs to fire his PR team.

I’m old enough to see the rise and rise of popularity for the king of darkness over the last 2 decades…evil it would appear…now rocks…


Although it has to be said that when it comes to this cloudy world of ours…a world born from the need to save lives and make for a healthier population…you’d think the devil would steer clear…


However…there’s also a good chance he’s just bored of the depths of hell smelling like a dirty ashtray due to the ever expanding population of tar drenched souls over the last 100 years…can’t say I blame him to be fair…I mean what’s to like…even the Devil can be house proud


So it comes as no real surprise that sooner or later…we were going to get a mod endorsed by the unholy one himself…how long do you think it will be before he dips his fingers into the liquid market with a range of evil and inappropriately named juices…

giphy (2)

(shudders)…now that’s just downright fucking dark…

Welcome back my little marshmallow misty mouthed minions, today we go back to a company who’s name is synonymous with something I’ve been dealing with a lot lately …

com-resize (45)

We have just recently acquired the windiest baby in the world…it’s really quite impressive…that company is of course …Fartcloud…sorry…I mean Asvape…(real mature)…a still relatively newish company who’s products thus far…have not just been (ahem)… full of hot air.

I have a handful of their devices now and I find myself…regardless of their little quirks…drawn towards them at an almost unconscious level, they are more often than not built really well and are designed in a way that puts most manufactures designs in the shade…or in other words…they’re cool as fuck…and today…is no different.

Courtesy of my long time sexy Shenzhenian sponsors Gearbest, I present to you…The Asvape Lucifer 240w mod.

It would appear the Devil got wood…

The Asvape signature slash cut flip top packaging…lovely retail presence.


Mod porn…plain and simple.

The Lowdown

The Asvape Lucifer is a 240w almost ‘Old skool’ device powered by 2 x 18650 batteries in series and made from a solid hybrid block of stabilised wood and resin…really not a lot else to tell you in this section to be honest…and if all you do is vape in TC then you might as well just switch off right now…because when I say old skool…I do mean old skool.

The Build

The whole design of the Lucifer screams of top tier mech mods from yesteryear and for all intents and purposes that’s exactly what it is…except obviously it’s not a mech, its a regulated box mod and it does have some control thanks to the front facing potentiometer

And apart from the little red LED above it that flashes for on and off and shows if there is a fault… there is nothing else on it in terms of display. It does however have all the safety parameters in place such as Power-off protection, Low-Voltage Protection, Short-circuit protection and Temperature protection so in terms of overall structure…think of an E-Type Jaguar that’s been fitted with air bags, ABS and an engine management system…it’s super classic…but super safe modern classic, and I’ll tell you right now…in terms of my personal style of vaping…albeit irrelevant to the review…it couldn’t be further up my street if it tried…for a start…this thing is solid, super heavy…and beautiful…

Each unit is completely unique and crafted to fit the hand perfectly, some real thought has gone into the shape of the Lucifer and the finish is silky smooth…which is lovely when it’s totally dry but can be a little like holding a wet bar of soap if you have a little mishap with your liquid…so if you do have a little leakage from time to time…which you no doubt will…then just be mindful of how you handle Lucifer’s wood…


On the top we have a lovely flat top plate which starts at the back of the 510 and slopes down to a point following the contours of the body and within the 510 is a gold plated spring loaded pin.

No issues at all with the threading or the pin and the fingerprint friendly plate will house tops up to 28mm without overhang so 30mm tops will look fine if you’re not too fussy, I myself have the Sherman RDA up there which is 28.5mm and it suits it perfectly…

Also within the curved top plate is the very unique ‘devils eye’ fire button.

This has been a bone of contention with some vapers by all accounts and I have to say I really don’t know why, yes there is a tiny amount of button rattle and some might even say it looks a little tacky with it’s red transparent plastic eyeball but it’s beautifully clicky and perfectly placed…

The only problem I have with the button…and bare in mind it’s not actually a fault with the button…is that due to the lack of venting on the Lucifer…the tiny gap that is causing the slight button rattle…appears to be doubling up as a heat vent. If you are caning the Lucifer at high wattage’s the button can emanate a fair bit of heat from around the sides (not the button itself)…it’s not the batteries getting hot, it’s the top of the mod and seeing as there is no where for the heat to get out…this seems to be the only escape…it’s a weird one, it hasn’t caused any issues or burnt my finger in the slightest but I’ve never felt it before on another mod …but then…other mods tend to have better ventilation…speaking of which…let’s look at Lucifers ass…because the old skool is about to go super old skool cool…

The second bone of contention for vapers with regards to the Lucifer…is the battery doors…although this one I kinda get, the Lucifer has classic dual vented screw caps which yes…are an utter pain in the ass which make you do this every time you realise you need to change the batteries…


But it’s not all bad news…firstly, as far as battery doors go…beautiful looking, and secondly, this is by far the most secure way to keep your batteries in, there’s is no way in hell (oh yes… very good) that your batteries are gonna fall out via a dodgy battery door pinging open when you least expect it to, they may take a little longer to install and the caps may even have been designed for little tiny Chinese fingers but…once they’re in …they’re in…and if you’re thinking ‘well I could just leave the batteries in and charge them internally’…forget it…no on-board charging or USB…like I said…Old skool.

The Controls

Nothing to know…simple as it gets, 5 clicks on and off, dial in your power…job done, let your brain kick back and enjoy the vape without getting tied up or obsessed with finding the exact 0.1w increment sweet spot, just check your ohms on your coils before screwing it on and make sure they’re above 0.15…The Lucifer uses the US made VO200 chip so if there is anything wrong the LED will flash as the safety parameters throw a tantrum and it simply won’t work…I use dual fused claptons in the Sherman that Ohm out at 0.21 on the pair and I have the potentiometer set at about 65%…and I can tell you right now…this motherfucker hits like a holy knuckleduster…


It claims to be good up to 240w but it is only a dual 18650 device and that’s walking the tightrope of safety in my eyes but I like a hot thick vape and I haven’t even tickled what the Lucifer is capable of…haven’t had to.

Seeing as I have been a bit of a devil worshipper towards Old Nick thus far I am hoping for a bit of leniency with regards to the specs list…

com-resize (46)

Fine…I don’t quite fancy making a deal with the Devil and it’s a simple device anyway so I am at least expecting a short ride to the end…

The Specs

Main Features:

Comes with a max power of 240W
Power-off protection
Low-Voltage Protection
Short-circuit protection
Temperature protection
Supports 2pcs 18650 batteries ( not included )
Voltage range: 3.6 - 6V
Resistance range: 0.15 - 3 ohm
Material: stabilised wood and stainless steel
Thread: 510
Available in Silver and gold
US made VO200 Chip
Step-less adjustable power dial

com-resize (47)


Product Details Brand: ASVAPE
Type: Electronic Cigarettes Accessories
Accessories type: MOD
Model: Lucifer 240W
Material: Stabilized Wood,Stainless Steel
Mod: VV/VW Mod
APV Mod Wattage Range: Over 200W
APV Mod Wattage: 240W
Battery Form Factor: 18650
Battery Quantity: 2pcs ( not included )
Dimension and Weight Product weight: 0.2030 kg
Package weight: 0.3920 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 6.00 x 3.00 x 9.50 cm / 2.36 x 1.18 x 3.74 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 5.00 x 16.20 cm / 3.94 x 1.97 x 6.38 inches
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Mod, 1 x English User Manual
I feel violated …


Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Asvape Lucifer would be that just like all Asvape Products it is exceptionally good coupled with only a few quirky cons, which always seems to be far out-weighed by the Pro’s…I mean at least they’re consistent, Sure it would be easier to use a normal sliding or hinged battery door but to be honest…that was the biggest con with the Asvape Michael so they clearly can’t make them either and given the choice of the two I would definitely go with the screw caps, and as for the heat from the fire button?..well…it’s not that bad…just …noticeable…and that’s only if you cane it…which I do…a lot.

I have been using the Lucifer for well over a month now and out of my daily rotation it is the one that gets the most attention…by far, it is just a pleasure to use, it’s incredibly simple, it accommodates girthy tops, it’s sooo pleasing to the eye, it’s solid and heavy and the wood just feels incredible in the hand…

giphy (1)

Asvape’s business model of supplying us with above average quality vape gear at an average price still rings true, I had heard some chatter about build quality problems that some people found but I have absolutely no issues with the way the Lucifer is put together. If you are like me and just want a mod to wack a shit ton of wattage up your atty’s back side in a safe yet aggressive manner and can’t really be arsed getting tied down with too many options then…you’ll absolutely love it…I mean just look at the thing…it’s gorgeous…but…it is also a massive chunk of hybrid stabwood…which generally…makes for an evil price tag.

The Price

£250??..£200 minimum?..that’s what you’d expect to pay for a finely finished piece of one off hybrid stabwood resin in today’s market, but Asvape don’t do expensive, they just do good quality at an affordable price so that would go against what they stand for…currently you can get the silver version at Gearbest for £102.23 / $135.44 which for any solid hybrid stabwood mod…is frankly unbelievable, find that deal here…

Asvape Lucifer 240w Stabwood Mod - Silver

It’s also available in Gold which doesn’t float my boat as much as the silver one but should you lean towards it then expect to pay about 20 quid more…find that one here…

Asvape Lucifer 240w Stabwood Mod - Golden

I don’t think there are many vaper’s out there that look at a block of stabwood resin hybrid and think…‘ew’ …and if you do…I’m not sure I trust you as a logically thinking person because it’s just fucking lovely to look at, and at that price I dare say the Lucifer could entice even the holiest of vapers amongst you.


Well done Asvape once again…nice job.

As ever my doors are always open over at Steampugs if you would like to see how the Lucifer scored against other bits and bobs and while you’re there come and say hello to the rest of the Steam Team and check out their reviews. And why not treat yourself in the Steampugs shop where you will find bargains galore and even the odd discount code.

Until next time.



Nice one Pugs, I do love my Michael and the only time the battery door is clicky is when there are no batteries in them so maybe they fixed that?
I’ve seen a review where you could hear the batteries rattle inside when shaking the mod but I don’t have that either.
This one looks lovely but is way out of my price range so I will have to win one in a giveaway :grinning:
That is definitely a hint


Marvellously done! It’s a beautiful looking thing. I really like the fire button! Also quite like the simplicity of it.


Thank you :wink: yeah I love the Michael, the two of them have been my favourites for a few weeks now, awesome devices.


beautiful isnt it?..love it, I thought you might like it dear :wink:


Awesome review and amazing looking mod, Asvape sure are moving along nicely and producing some fine gear, cheers :+1:


Cheers Grubster :wink: yeah I’m becoming a bit of an Asvape fangirl has to be said, love this thing though, so well made.

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Another great review pugs.

Love the simplicity of it and it is drop dead gorgeous to boot, now you got me thinking of buying another one…you are the devil :wink:



Thanks brother :wink:


Awesome review dude, that thing is fucking slick!

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Thankyou my dear, yes its become a firm favourite with me i have to admit :heart_eyes:🖒

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