Pugsley’s relatively legible review of the Apepal Unique RTDA

Howdy Vape fam!..:grin::+1:…just when you thought it was over, and that you were free from my nonsensical codswallop Vape reviews I burst in leaving a Pugs shaped hole in the door and shouting at a barely audible level……

“I have something quite shit for you today”

Maybe that’s a little harsh, this is after all a (I presume) budget piece of kit that I won in a giveway from my good friend @June , and it’s name is….The Apepal Unique RDTA…. please…allow me to explain after I show you a picture…

“What’s wrong with that :thinking:??” I hear you cry, and understandably so, I mean it’s brushed stainless for a start, and it is not ugly, in fact it is quite a nice looking RDTA all things considered…but that is not my issue, my issues with this tank are nothing to do with the way it looks, unless….I…turn it……around….

That’s right people….That there, is a picture of a monkey…smoking a fucking cigarette.

No…no I am not. who in their right mind would put a picture of anything smoking a cigarette, on a device invented to stop you smoking cigarettes .(and yes…I know my Pug logo looks like he’s smoking a pipe before you start!..it’s an ePuffer okkkk…tut…:smirk:)

Well…for this reason alone I needed answers, I mean this ANNOYED me, I’ve never been annoyed by a tank before, I mean I’ve been frustrated when certain bit’s of kit don’t work as they should for no apparent reason, or are too fiddly to get my chubby chipolata sausage fingers in there to do the job clearly designed for Lilliputians but this….when I looked at this I wanted to ram my fist down that stupid monkey’s throat….cigarette and all.

So anyway, I investigated, I donned my favourite tweed dear stalker hat, curly pipe and oversized magnifying glass and went in search of the people responsible for this atrocity.

The address I was given made no sense to me, but I went with it anyway…

Strange place to have an office I thought, fun….but strange, anyway, with one eye glaring through my magnifying glass I continued my quest. I found the office and gingerly walked in and immediately I thought something was off…
“Excuse me” I said to the rather odd looking receptionist who quite frankly could of done with a good hair cut, “I have an appointment for an interview with your chairman could you tell me where I could find his office please”

Hmm….not a word…bit rude, maybe work on your people skills a little, I thought, hitting the hair removal cream wouldn’t go a miss either madam. I carried on down the corridor to another door and popped my head in, this looks more like it…

‘Slightly creepy’ I thought, but went on in, “Hello, I’m Pugs and I have been asked to do a review on your Apepal RDTA tank and I would like to talk to the person responsible for the inappropriate smoking monkey picture on said item”


“Hello??…….I said my name’s Pugs and…

“Ok clearly I have caught you on an off-day, I am sorry to bother you” i said as I edged my way backwards out of the office. This was ridiculous, no one will speak to me and why are they all wearing fur coats indoors?..this has to be the strangest business I have ever visited. Anyway as I turned round I saw a sign on a door that simply read ‘Design’…’I’m In!’ I thought, and opened the door and almost choked instantly…

“Hello I’m Pugs” I politely stated, “And I’m here to…”

“I know why you’re here” said the odd looking Pygmy fur wearing receptionist (seriously it’s like 80 degrees in here wtf) ….”It was Kevin’s idea….you’ll find him in the garden” (puff puff)

At last!…a lead!….right, off to see Kevin in the Garden, Maybe then I’ll get some answers and get the hell out of this Asylum…

Ahhh fresh air!….and that must be Kevin over there in the ….fur…coat

“Hey, you must be Kevin I’m here to talk about…”

“I know why you’re here” interrupted Kevin, “it wasn’t my idea….well it was…but i told Colin, I said eh Colin, this is a shit idea this is…but Colin’s head of sales, and he’s a knob so…he insisted…anyway…Colin’s over there…ask him”

“Pugs my good man, Loving the smoking monkey design I hear yes?”

Wow…he really was a knob, “erm no, I think it’s shit…that’s why I’m here”

“Well damn my good man, maybe you should speak to the design team they made it sound like a jolly good larf, Heaven know’s where Kevin and his team pluck their idea’s from wot wot you know what i mean harharhar, ask them they’re over there my good fellow”

I turned round only to find exactly where Kevin’s team pluck their ideas from…

“Please won’t you stay for a drink with the boys wot wot” Colin shouted….

“Erm no……no thank you”. And on that bombshell I decided I was indeed going to get nowhere in this quest for answers so I went home in the hope I could maybe….just maybe…find some redemption in this ‘unique’ RDTA.

So here i am back to some relative normality (excuse me?) and back to business…Smoking monkey aside I looked at the possibility that actually there is some good in this piece, I mean it’s £10……£10!, less than half the price of a Limitless Combo or Avocado…AND it has the same kind of Juice flow control as the Pharaoh…no really!..but alas…the problems don’t stop at the Monkey.

The centre Pin protrudes out like a dogs knob when presented with a large plump scatter cushion, it leaves like a 1 mm gap which makes the whole thing slightly wobble when you pick your mod up and when you try and take a hit it kinda feels like…

BUT……I will say this…once you manage to get the thing in your mouth it actually gives a pretty good hit!..go figure, taste wasn’t bad either, so there is something in the way of practicality here it’s not a complete dead loss. And then there’s the retail presence!..I mean like I have said before you can’t deny the power of good packaging …

Ah……ok……maybe not then.

I think the best way to look at this RDTA is definitely from a budget point of view, the thing works to a degree, and works quite well…ish, but for £10 you probably couldn’t get a different one with the same features, the smoking monkey is just fucking awful, the packaging is none existent as are the spares….seriously…nothing, but it Vapes well, the airflow is vast and it looks kinda cool…once you can see past the Monkey…which I couldn’t., So I phoned Kevin to let him know that the review had been done.

And that unfortunately it wasn’t a very good one, I told him where to find it and sent him a link. I don’t think he took it very well.

For a full rundown on the scores, Pro’s and Con’s that this RDTA recieved then please, Pop over to our review site…I double dare you.


So what you’re so subtly trying to tell us is to possibly avoid this one?. Yet another top notch review. Cheers oh vape gear guru.


My views are merely the meanderings of an ass hat :wink:

but yeah…pretty much…:wink:

Thanks Dr


No worries man. I sent the link to your site to a friend of mine in Cali, she has lots of friends that vape and is constantly on social media. Much better at spreading the word than I. Keep up the good work fella

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When I first saw this listed for sale a bit ago, the first thing that caught my eye was the logo, immediately followed by the name.

The only thing I could come up with to explain the idea behind the marketing of the “Ape Pal” was a dig at those who still smoke. Basically “if you’re still smoking, you’re a chimp.” But even if one were to accept such sophomoric humor (I usually do), the fact that they named it the Ape Pal (Apepal) means that it’s the pal OF an ape. Which puts the whole notion of making light of those still smoking on it’s head.

I think this is a great example of a company being too cheap to hire someone who actually understands the culture they’re trying to cater to. Uber fail, and on several fronts. Lol

Lost in translation indeed.

EDIT: changed “(I sometimes do)” to usually…let’s face it, I love Pugs’ sense of humor, and especially his reviews. And after re-reading the commentary, I wanted to make sure it was understood that it wasn’t a backhanded dig at him. Those here know that when I dig, it’s usually quite direct. lol (And almost always in jest.)


Exactly, but it is a cheap product, everything about it is cheap, I dread to think how many of these they had to make to be able to sell them for £10…:confused:

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That is so awesome, thank you!!! :wink::ok_hand:

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My pleasure, it’s the least I could do. She just asked me what kinda meds the nurses gave me because I’m helping someone out. With friends like that eh lol

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lmaooo, well who needs enemies, in that case I’m flattered that your helping me…even if it is out of character haha :wink:

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I had to stop reading several times just to catch my breath! Lilliputians! Hahahahaa!


seee that’s the reaction I’m looking for lol :wink:

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I had my boys share a link on FB. I’m not on there but I might make another dummy account. It’ll get deleted eventually like all the others have but at least I can share some stuff in a few of my favorite groups.

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awesome thanks :wink: lol

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I don’t like using foul language on here but holy shit… that was funny :joy::laughing:


Another awesome review, my good man! Keep 'em coming!

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Oh man, you are gifted. I forgot all about the product because I kept looking forward to the next funny. Outstanding!

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Oh… another goodn Mr Puggs!..keep em rolling in the isles!:+1::joy::flushed::joy::+1:

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Lol pizza was perfect for your description,top notch and honest.thats wat we need well done.


Thanks Guys!, so glad you like my drivel lol,
you keep likin em I’ll keep makin em :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The Apepal was (co)designed by Gearbest iirc? It looks like they had the right idea but the execution just wasn’t up to snuff. The smoking ape was indeed a hinderance I noticed from the moment they released photos, I have no idea what they were thinking…