Pugsley's 80's Moustache Wearing Mid Life Crisis Review of the Ijoy RDTA Box

An odd title you might think, trust me when I say that it probably won’t become any clearer…:confused:

Hey Troopers, back to the front line with another pile of word poo for your entertainment and all being well you may very well come away from it with a smidge more knowledge about the Innovative Ijoy RDTA Box …I can’t completely promise that though…:grin:

So…about 2 months ago maybe, I made a ridiculous comment about an idea I had for a Mod…

It was accompanied by a picture i took of my Aromamizor lying across the top of a mod with the drip tip stuck on top to one side, can’t find the picture anywhere but it was on ELR…somewhere…anyway…it was brushed off as ridiculous by myself although the idea was sound, the bit across the top of the Mod was wasted space I thought, you could have a tank there, and then your mouth would be nearer the coil enhancing the flavour, it was a fleeting moment of madness and was treated as such

WELL…imagine my reaction when I was asked by our good friends @Heaven_Gifts the gargantuan giveaway gurus https://www.heavengifts.com/ if I would like to put one of these in the firing line for a right good probing…

“what??”…you say :confused:

“I literally have no idea where you are going with this” :sleeping:…I hear

well let me enlighten you my young Padawan, this…has one of these…

It has a tank…on top of the f&*king mod Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now does it!..eh!..EH!..and you all poo pood my idea…If I was months earlier and…(probably millions of pounds richer)…I totally could of patented this and THEN it would of been called the ‘Steampugs Mod Tank Thingy’ and when asked to review said product I would of replied like this

saying this to Ijoy :rage:

Alas…it was not meant to be, a missed chance to make my name in Vape history and become famous for at least a week.

SO…was this (totally my) idea any good? well…if you’re still here…which lets be honest would be a bloody miracle…you are about to find out.


Just kidding, actually yes, but with a slight sprinkling of meh…the idea is utterly brilliant you see, I mean for a start it’s 12.8ml!..12.8!!..that’s almost half a 30ml bottle in one go! not sure how that’s gonna wash with the impending doom in May 2017 (UK) but for now, that’s practically a whole night without a refill! oh and the refill?..yeah you don’t even need a dropper for that, you can just pour it straight in through the MASSIVE fill hole under that big silver threaded plug on the top, no muss no fuss, but what if it’s dark you say??..you could make a terrible mess, oh no…no no no…it has a LIGHT in it, yep…you read right, it has a motherfunking light right there in the tank so you can see how much is in it through the side vents every time you hit the rather large fun button (which indecently can be turned off in the settings should you require a stealthy moment).

So…what’s with the ‘Meh’ then…well…obviously this is a poly tank, or Acrylic, a big chink in it’s armor, I could not find any information regarding the actual material of the tank therefore can only assume that there is a chance it may not play well with certain liquids, I don’t actually know this like I said but if you were into harsh liquids such as anything with ecto cooler, or strong menthol’s, you may run into trouble. Not their fault, you couldn’t make it out of glass anyways, but if the tank goes…well…

And you can’t use any other RDA, RDTA on there it doesn’t work that way, you couldn’t just use this thing as a mod and slap any old tank on there.

So, what else does it offer, well in true Ijoy style the plethora of decks available is astounding…:astonished:

I mean if you can’t find something there to tickle your taste buds then you my friend have a problem. I went with the velocity style IMC-3 deck that came with it for my test which was as you would expect a ‘piece of piss’ to build on (that’s ‘easy’ to you none UK folk) :laughing:

I also used the fused clapton’s that it came with and spaced them out a bit…

They looked chunky enough to do some damage I thought, I wicked it up with nice long tails and tucked them in the tank, couldn’t be easier, so far so good. Now on this occasion I decided to really test what this mod was all about, long periods of time before a refill, and as it was my birthday weekend I actually took it out with me for a test run on a bloody good knees up and didn’t take a bottle with me (fail…I ran out at midnight).:disappointed:

Now, what I wasn’t prepared for, was the attention this thing got, I mean really, I was out with one of my oldest mates and he was out with a neighbor who owned a vape shop so obviously he was armed with a decent set up and the pair of us spent most of the evening sat outside bars talking shop and chugging away, but it was this that stole the limelight…or…tank light as the case may be …“WTF is that!” said numerous onlookers as they approached our table, there was my friends mod sat there all…

and next to it was my attention seeking whore doing this…

Which leads me to the look of the thing, the design, the overall appearance, the first impression this thing seems to give, I mean for me personally, when I see this…

I see this…

and when I see this ^

I see this…

which inevitably leads me to this…(shudders)

Smug life.:sunglasses:

It’s probably my age right?..I see something red, garish and shiny I instantly think ‘middle aged cookie duster with a mid life crisis’. because I am in tune with that…It’s to the Vape world what a red sports car is to a middle aged man…(ahh…the title…at last)…oh yeah…it’s also available in Ferrari yellow…go figure.

OR…this thing looks like a toy, if Woody or Buzz were vapers I would imagine their set up to look just like this, Unfortunately they are toys, and as such are just simply not allowed to enjoy such delights…

hey…we don’t make the rules buddy…but I feel your frustration.

So with all that being said, does it perform to the expectations of a middle aged technology savvy lip thatch wearing critic or is it all show and no go and purely made for an 18 year old who would gladly pay the price just to ‘peacock’ his female peers, I mean the thing even carries a condom, you must always practice safe vaping people!

The last thing you want is a load of Artery Nuggets running around the place…

The packaging to me is better than most and has definite retail presence but in my opinion is aimed at the younger audience…

but at least they have made the effort in that respect.

It comes with stuff too…as per…:+1:

So…now the performance…well…again…there is good and bad news here, To start with it has the same IWEPAL chip as the maxo which has the ‘user’ mode involving total control of your power band, imagine a graphic equaliser of power over 6 bars, you can start high to help with the ramp up or just bang em all up and blow your face clean off your face…:anger:

.and who doesn’t want that? I love that function, the downside of this however appears to be a slightly noticeable down slide in battery life…as to be expected.

The RDTA side of things is no slouch either, it has great air control using the same ‘slit’ method as the Combo but for reasons I can’t put my finger on seems to suffer slightly with flavour production?, the thing can chuck some clouds though that’s for sure, I think if you played around with different coil set ups you could more than likely find your sweet spot with it, I only tried the coils it came with for test purposes but I can see no reason why this area couldn’t be improved with a bit of fiddling…and as in life, most things can be made better with a bit of fiddling :smirk: … (unnecessary)

So to conclude this literary madness I can say this, The Ijoy RDTA is a BRILLIANT idea, but not without it’s flaws, it will last you all night if you aren’t drunk and showing off…ahem…without a refill, it feels heavy and well made, unlike its ‘Toy’ like appearance it does not feel plastic and cheap…but it is cheap, I’ve seen this between £45 and £60, that’s for a whole set up…and it kinda looks cool…maybe not Ferrari cool…but…


This set up is great for the intermediate vaper, one who is learning to build and still goes out at night with their mates and doesn’t want to take ‘luggage’ with them, and also doesn’t particularly have a bunch of cash to spend on a set up, it’s kinda big, about the size of a Smok X cube 2 but will still fit in your pocket, it has all the bells and whistles such as temperature control, it handles all coils, it’s 200w, it takes 2 x 18650 batteries and it does everything you would expect for something the price of a half decent mod on it’s own…so, yes, I am a fan, or at least I will be once I find the right set up for it, will the tank last the test of time though?..That is my only real concern, and only time will tell on that.

If you want one to look cool, remember this…there was a time when smoking was seen as ‘cool’

But it was also seen as safe back then…because slow suicide is awesome right…? with Vaping we aint doing it to look cool…because you can’t…

So do it because it’s better than dying young, it tastes better, you smell better and you feel better.

If you wanna look cool…buy a red Ferrari.:thumbsup:

Just don’t grow a moustache. :neutral_face:

One of these funky things can be purchased here…
Ijoy RDTA 200w TC

And if you would like to see how this piece of kit scored against other awesome vapeology then please by all means hop on over to my house
Steampugs - Ijoy RDTA Box
And I’ll stick the kettle on :wink::+1:


Gee thanks. I suppose the next thing you’ll be on about is me goatee. Tut.

Nice review, as usual. Though I would recommend trimming your tails next time, as I think the length of your tales (reviews) are quite alright! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m so thankful you caught that early on lmaoo, I have to re edit the review for every forum and I was only 3 edits in!..

Thanks man lmaooo, glad you liked it…

I really don’t hate moustaches lmaoo

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I didn’t figure you did. :wink: Was just playing.

Also, the only thing I wasn’t quite clear on was (sort of important) if it’s a squonker? It seems somewhat implied that it is, given that there’s a reservoir. But then, in pics, I don’t see a bottle (or portion that appears ‘soft’).

What am I not processing here?
Is it basically like having a theorem deck whose tails go into the reservoir area? Or how is it fed if it’s like a squonker? /confused

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no no, it is just an RDTA, the tails go down into the tank, check the picture up there from Ijoy where it’s broken apart and you can see the tank…it goes across the top of the mod…

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Ah yeah, I scrolled up again while you were replying. Just caught the second pic (where you showed the coils) of the deck. First glance through it obviously didn’t sink in that those were gaps, and not a “black part” that was part of the topper. :rolling_eyes:

Need to slow my reading down and watch the pics closer evidently. My bad. Lol

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It actually has a MOTHERFUNKING LIGHT!!!

Totally brilliant. That is all! :+1::smiley:


Great Review

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It’s more like a Genesis-style system. The tank is underneath the “dripper” and the wicks are dropping into the tank.

I have one for review as well, but Pugs has beaten me to the punch. I’ll punch him for it later. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lmaoo welllll you got me on the g-priv haha


Thanks precious :wink: lol

Awesome review pugs ! Need to re-watch firefly now tho :grinning:


ditto, just queued it up on netflix


Thanks for the entertaining review! :joy: had a few good lols

The thing actually looks pretty useful to me. Love the many different decks to choose from!


Great review as usual, but 12 ml??? I get bored way too fast to suck down that much of one flavor at a time. And I will continue to grow my mustache, thank you very much. Catching vapor on it is better than catching soup.


Great review.

Lmfao @ “cookie duster” Dude still sports a pornstache. He does have it a little neater now.


It’s my absolute favorite show, I collect merch and everything I love it lol.

and thanks :wink: glad you like the review

Thanks man it’s definitely a good selling point :+1:
@Lostmarbles lol I really don’t hate mustaches lmao…no really, I’m sure yours is lovely :wink: lol

@TheTinMan1 thanks dude lol :wink:


Another absolutely enthralling review @Pugs1970!!! :clap: I loved it and I really like the concept of this mod/tank system, but I can’t party with a PC tank!!! I hate them…I have had three and all three cracked within a few days of having them, and I am not even sure what juice caused it to happen because I don’t do menthol or cinnamon or any really harsh flavors that would be the usual suspected tank crackers :confused:


I am really not sure what its made of I can’t find that info but I am presuming , time will tell.
Glad you like the review tho thanks Tracy :wink::+1:

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