Pugsley's closely related and simple review of the Obs Sub Tank and Sub tank Mini

‘You can’t pick your family’

Although I am sure there are those amongst us that sometime wish we could, Jerry Springer made us aware of them…Jeremy Kyle seeks them out for ‘entertainment’ value…The kind of family members that didn’t so much ‘fall far from the tree’…but just kind of sauntered off on a tangent one day whilst chasing butterflies…married each other…and grew their own odd looking buck toothed twisted family tree, a tad ‘More sick’ than ‘Sycamore’ …

Don’t worry…I really am going somewhere with this…(I think…?)

And a rather frivolous and over excited Hello to you all once again my slightly oddly entertained and dubiously curious cloud breathing flavour fanatics…(ooft)…Today’s topic of conversation revolves partly around two words that make the hardiest of Vapers amongst us break out in a cold chill, words spat out in passing between two seasoned long in the tooth ‘chasers’ with scowled expressions and tortured memories…“SHHHH!!..SHHHH!! …they might come back again…keep your voice down!”…

I’m going to share these words quietly with you, If you are strong in the ways of the twisty wire…stainless steel yourselves for a moment…

‘Stock Coils’


For those that haven’t fled in absolute hysteria…I feel your pain, I’ve been there, you spend almost the price of a new RTA on a 5 pack and the first one lasts a day, resulting in a tank shaped hole in the window and dark stain on your finances, it’s just one of those things, not everyone feels confident enough to build coils, It’s a dangerous concept that some just can’t imagine getting to grips with, Or you just might be new to vaping in general, and it’s these Vapers that today, we are here to help…because we’re like that…

The Obs Engine RTA, Arguably a contender for the tank of 2016, a Tank that most of us have come to love for all the right reasons…the main reason being of course…they just ‘got it right’… it’s easy to build, easy to wick, never leaks, easy to fill, good flavour, good vapour production, nice design, well built…the list goes on…actually it doesn’t I pretty much nailed it there… but unless you have the skills and the knowledge to maintain the thing, it isn’t going to be much use to you, which is a shame, because it means you will miss out on an awesome piece of kit…

Or does it…?

You see…the Obs engine RTA…it would appear…has a dark secret, one it doesn’t like to talk about too much, it has a family…the kids it tried to deny…‘those’ kind of family…the ones I mentioned earlier…oh they’re Obs alright…just a bit…‘simple’…through genetic inter family relations …

Courtesy of my good friends at Heavengifts …The Obs Engine Sub and Sub Mini

There’ll be no DNA test being requested that’s for sure, Even if Daddy RTA tried to deny it…no one would believe him, no RTA would ever want such a thing as ‘Stock coils’ for their kids, It must torture the poor bastard …but here they are, months later…turning up on his doorstep…demanding acceptance…married to each other…probably.

The Obs Engine Sub tank and Sub tank mini for all there simple innards are Obs through and through, they share the same look to the untrained eye, The Obs sub has the same 25mm base and has a 5.3ml tank…a mere 0.1ml bigger than daddy (must get it from their mother) and the Mini is it’s 23mm sister with a 3.5ml belly …(for now…will prob be pregnant soon though)…It also has the infamous top airflow …360 degree …airflow…thingy…

they even have the same top fill as big daddy Obs…and doesn’t leak your finest liquids everywhere…

In fact the only way you would tell the difference…apart from the ‘jaunty angled’ Obs logo, was if you if took them apart and gutted these Obs ‘youts’…

And here lies the simple heart of the matter, here is where big daddy Obs wishes he hadn’t gotten drunk that night…

But is it all really that bad, I mean people learn lessons don’t they?..it’s no secret within the vaping world that other manufacturers have a less than savoury reputation when it comes to quality control with their stock coils, and even when they work as they should the flavour has never been on par with a home made set up…

Obs however have chosen to go down the notch coil route with there 17mm 0.2ohm stock coils and you know what…they’re actually not bad…like…at all…

I’ve been sucking on Obs’s son for three days now and I kinda like it…

The cloud production is excellent, and he’s a tasty little mullet haired bastard…

Ok ok …I’m freaking myself out now…even I have a line…somewhere…

My point is, that for a stock coil, this is the best I have tried so far, and I’ve tried a few, there’s is a slight cotton taste at first but after a few short blasts it was gone and the full flavour of the liquid was …dare I say…almost as good as an RTA taste?..and in the Sub mini…well…the odd thing is, the little thing inside the little sisters tummy was identical to her brothers…

So all in all I have to say that if you’re a vaper without the necessary skill-set to build your own coils and are more than happy to buy stock ones then…I honestly can’t think of a better way to do it than with the family Obs range of tanks, you get all the pros of an already renowned and well established tank without the stress of learning how to build…well done Daddy obs…your kids did you proud…

you can stop trying to deny being their father now…

Give it up man…you’re not fooling anyone…hang your head in shame…embrace your legacy man!..think of their poor mother!..after all…she was your sister once!..probs.


ok ok …swift topic change… here we go with some wavy little lines in the shape of numbers of letters that mean less than something to me but…apparently you like them…weirdo’s

Obs engine Sub


Size: 25 x 54.5 mm
Capacity: 5.3ml
Material: 304 stainless steel + Glass
Coil: 0.2ohm OCC (40-100W)

It comes with

1 x Engine SUB
1 x Spare glass
2 x OCC coil

Obs engine Sub mini


Size: 23 x 54.5 mm
Capacity: 3.5ml
Material: 304 stainless steel + Glass
Coil: 0.2ohm OCC (40-100W)
It comes with

1 x Engine SUB Mini
1 x Spare glass
2 x OCC coil

My final thoughts would be…yes…why not?..I mean they got it so right with the Obs engine RTA that this is a no brainer for vapers that don’t build, I am only on my fourth day with the stock coil I’ll grant you that, so I can’t really comment on the longevity but I’ve had them last a day before the flavour goes with other manufacturers, and these still taste new, if it dies after a week I shall let you know but I am honestly not expecting it.

So…well done Obs…you did it again.

The price point on this is ever so slightly cheaper than Big daddy obs, and you will pay an extra dollar for the black paint, although I can help you slightly with the price if you use code APUGS15 at checkout here…

Obs Engine Sub Tank - Silver - 33% off

Obs Engine Sub Tank - Black - 31% off

Obs Engine Sub Mini Tank - Silver - 33% off

Obs Engine Sub Mini Tank - Black - 31% off

I’m off to shower the filth of this review off my innocent naive mind, and later, I’m gonna be finishing Obs’s son off and see how long he lasts…

Don’t forget to hop on over to my house at Steampugs to see how the Obs family scored …(not with each other)

Until next time

Your’s eternally vapeful



There is something slightly off balance about you Pugs. That’s why I love you.

Great review once again! I always look forward to them.

This looks like a great tank for those that don’t build. For me it combines two things I don’t like, notched coils and stock coils and they rolled it all into one. How is it on spit back on refill? Seems to be a common issue among users of the RTA before they get wicking down pat, a mouth full O juice after filling.


I’ll take that as…a…um…comment …:grin:

I primed the coil slightly, stuck it in filled it up, left it 5 minutes and it was golden…no spit back…no popping…absolutely no issues whatsoever.
I still wouldn’t buy one I’m really not the kind of Vaper this is for but for people who don’t build it’s peeeerfect :ok_hand:


Another Great review pugs :thumbsup:

Do you know if they will be releasing the ceramic coil they had in the ace for the engine sub?

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Thanks man, appreciate it :wink: I actually don’t no, I’ll put the question forward when she comes back from the holidays for you though man :wink: :thumbsup:

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So…couldnt find anything about the ceramic coils…in fact… .finding the coils at all was sketchy, but I did find them here for $7.50 per 3 pack

So $2.50 a coil, about average, the one im using is still going strong though 🖒

The OBS engine RTA is such a solid tank that im sure these sub-ohm tanks are going to be just as good, especially for people that dont build

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They’re exactly the same apart from the coil, and i keep forgetting which tank ive got on, pretty impressive 🖒

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Just wondering if you continued on with the Sub tanks or moved on to different tanks? Curious as to how the coils lasted.

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Hey man, no I sold both those tanks pretty soon after, the coil lasted for as long as I had it which was about 3 weeks I think and as far as I know the guy is still using the same coil (he’s prob ask me to change it for him)…:+1: