Pugsley's ectoplasmic review of the Lost Vape Paranormal 166

Strange happenings are afoot here at Steampugs Headquarters International Team house…or S.H.I.T. House …as I like to call it…

I can’t explain it…

I don’t want to understand it…

I pretty much shat my pants several times just reminding myself about it…like now…for example…

One morning I got up for work as usual, did my normal triple ‘S’ routine of shit, shower & a shave…I got dressed, I drank coffee, I grabbed my keys…and as I walked out of the front door…there was a noticeable chill…in the air…

‘Weird’…I thought…regardless, I zipped up my coat, got in my car and drove into work…

A few hours later, while I was sat at my desk enjoying my thirteenth coffee of the day…my phone pings…

A message from…somewhere?..Where did it come from?..Why was it telling me that something was…‘waiting for me at home’…well this was just too fucking much, at this point I was beside myself with the heebie jeebies, but I kicked up my skirt, grew some tiny testicles…and drove home to face this ‘thing’… in a calm and collected manner…like the brave soldier that I am…

I got home…gingerly opened the front door…looked down and…

IMPOSSIBLE!..Where did it come from???..Who put it there??? …WHAT DOES IT WANT FROM ME??? …

“Hey…drama queen…a parcel came for you while you were at work…I signed for it…and why are you crying??”

scoffed my clearly more manly than me other half…

“And shut the fucking door it’s the middle of winter ffs”…

Good evening and welcome my foggy little mist monsters…I should probably have saved this one for Halloween but seeing as it’s only fucking March…and this thing came out last year…it would practically be an antique in vape terms by then…so…here we are, confronted by pure…unadulterated…evil…be afraid…be very afraid…okay be slightly nervous then…no?..(sigh)… fine…courtesy of my good friends Gearbest blah blah etc etc ,I give to you the Lost Vape Paranormal 166…I cannot be held responsible if you all have a sudden and uncontrollable urge to stab yourselves in the lady garden with a crucifix when you look at it…

Dark and seductive…such is the way of all things that hold an inner demon…much like myself…(?)

In true Lost Vape fashion the retail presence is impressive to say the least, slip off the beautifully designed outer sleeve and you are presented with a leather flip top box emblazoned with a pentagram design that looks like it could well contain the heart of satan himself…

And as it creaks open, smoke and light pours out from inside along with a deep and demonic “MWAHAHahahaaaa”…okay it doesn’t…but it totally should…in fact nothing happens…at all…except the fact that you are presented with this little beauty…

Now…I was hoping to show you the cheeky little extras you got with the Paranormal…but it would appear that they have stopped doing it…or at least for this particular colour combo, you see in the former colours you got a pair of interchangeable magnetic side panels in wood, along with a suction cup to take them off…but…nothing…I frantically removed the cover, only to find an empty space…almost spooky.

The Lowdown

The Lost Vape Paranormal 166 is a dual series 18650 box mod powered by Evolves DNA 250 chip, giving out 166w and offers the full range of DNA features…all customisable through the escribe software.

The DNA chips are obviously very well documented and are some of…if not the best chips available in regulated mods today, so I wont be droning on about what these things are capable of…suffice to say…they are the shit…especially if TC is your ‘thang’ …however…what really rattles my chains with the Paranormal…is just how much of a head turner this thing is…

The build quality and appearance of this thing is next level, but you would expect that from the same company that brought us the Therion, which is easily their biggest selling device to date…but not without one slightly annoying flaw…the way you fit the batteries, or more specifically the one at the back, which was a bit of a pain in the ass and could cause damage to your battery wraps when you forced it in, but Lost Vape listened, and this time, we have a spring loaded bottom door, which is one of the tightest I have come across…

It’s a huge improvement from the old system of fitting them in through the hand grip and it’s nice to see that Lost Vape appear to be willing to bend over backwards for their customer base…

The hand feel is excellent thanks to the padded leather finger grip running full length down the spine of the device, complete with heavy stitching…

The side panels on this particular model are a resin ‘bone’ effect and along with the ‘artificial turtle shell’ decoration ring around the top it’s nice to know that the Paranormal won’t be possessed with the souls of dead exotic animals… albeit…that probably would of fitted the theme better.

Up on the top we have the exquisitely made 510 complete with a spring loaded, nickel plated pin…

It’s good for 25mm tops but anything more and you will get overhang.

Along the brushed alloy front panel we have the fire button, control buttons, USB socket and the screen…

Not a huge fan of the fire button if I am honest, it’s super flush which may make it look super clean…but it also makes it just that little bit harder to use, especially if you have chubby digits like myself, it works perfectly well, but I would have preferred it to protrude ever so slightly just like the function buttons do, but this being the only slight con I can give the Paranormal…in the grand scheme of things…it’s barely a con at all.

The display is the standard one you find on all DNA devices apart from the newer colour variations, and is very bright and easy to read…

All in all I would go as far as to say that…

The Specs

Main Features:
● Wattage range: 1 - 166W
● TC range: 200 - 600 Deg.F
● Resistance range: 0.05 - 3 ohm
● Powered by Evolv DNA250 board firmware upgradeable
● On board reverse polarity protections
● Dual 18650 cells setup for long-lasting power ( not included )
● Artificial turtle shell decoration ring
● Gun metal and stainless steel finishes
● Electroplating paintwork firms appearance
● Customized leather panel wraps with foam cushion
● Slight-out bottom battery sled for battery replacement
● Spring loaded nickel plated brass center pin
Product Details Accessories type: MOD
APV Mod Wattage: 166W
APV Mod Wattage Range: 151-200W
Battery Form Factor: 18650
Battery Quantity: 2pcs ( not included )
Brand: Lost Vape
Material: Zinc Alloy
Mod: Temperature Control Mod,VW Mod
Model: Paranormal DNA166
Temperature Control Range: 200 - 600 Deg.F
Type: Electronic Cigarettes Accessories
Dimension and Weight Package size (L x W x H): 18.00 x 10.00 x 5.00 cm / 7.09 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
Package weight: 0.4740 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 2.75 x 5.50 x 9.15 cm / 1.08 x 2.17 x 3.6 inches
Product weight: 0.2100 kg
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Paranormal DNA166 Device, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x English User Manual

WTF!!..Fucking creeping up on me like that!?..Should be called the spectre list not the fucking specs list…jeeeezus…

I’m old you know…you could literally kill me…motherf…

Anyway…as I was saying before being given a near cardiac arrest…I would go as far as to say that the whole build quality and appearance of the Paranormal is one of the best I have seen to date, it screams quality and kind of reminds me of a much bigger high quality lighter that you would see certain types of ‘Gentlemen’ buying from a jewellery shop in the 50’s, it’s that kind of vibe…(most people will literally have no idea what you are on about…just sayin)

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Lost Vape Paranormal 166 would be this, it’s sublime, simple as that, the attention to detail and the build quality is nothing short of impressive, couple that with the performance of the DNA250 chip and you just simply can’t go wrong. From the moment you open the box, you know that what you have in your possession is a high quality product, and in a market that is over saturated with cheaply made ‘disposable’ devices it’s refreshing to see.

Lost Vape actually listening to their customers has created a master class in mod manufacturing, yes the DNA75 in the previous model was underpowered for a lot of vapers, so they upped it to 166w with the DNA250 chip, and yes, putting the batteries in the Therion ran the risk of splitting your battery wraps…so they made a bottom door instead…and all I can say to that is…well done, and thank you Lost vape, you have shown the correct way to evolve your catalogue, simply by listening to the people that actually use your devices…here’s hoping others follow suit.

Of course…all this quality comes at a price…

The Price

At present Gearbest seem to be out of stock of all colours, which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest as this thing will have flown off the shelves…even with the £110 / $151.88 price tag, but keep your eye open for flash sales when they restock because the Paranormal is definitely something you should have in your arsenal…find it here…

Lost Vape Paranormal 166

Surprisingly …my whole experience with the Paranormal was relatively evil free…I actually enjoy it quite a lot as it goes, but then I’ve never really been much of a believer in ghosts and have generally found peoples claims of ‘I caught a ghost on tape’ to be in most cases…explainable…

A little tongue in cheek ghost humour there…

Oops…aaaand a little more…just because…

And as always, if you would like to see how the spooky little bastard scored against other bits and bats, then our doors are always open over at Steampugs so feel free to pop on over where you find a plethora of fine reviews from the steamteam as well as a shop choc full of highly discounted vape gear.

Until next time



Love my Paranormal, like you pointed out it fixes a lot of the issues with the Therion, mainly the battery door.

When is the first meeting at the S.H.I.T house? I want to make sure I load up on fiber, can never be too prepared.

Great review as always brother!

Edit: Forgot to add there is an update with the International version of escribe that finally adds preheat to the power mode, works real nice.


FUNNIEST. LINE. EVER. :rofl::tada::rofl:

And a brilliant review too :hugs:


Baaahaha, love it :rofl:
ooh I’ll have to give that a go man cheers for that, and cheers for the comment man :wink:


Lmao thank you my lovely :wink:


Lolly you are a sick puppy , but that is just one of the things I love about you!:+1:

Your a sick little wanker as well @Steampugs , great review as always!


I aim to please brother :wink: lmaoo…thanks man …I take that completely as a compliment lmao :rofl::+1:


Of course that is a compliment!


Great review …and @Lolly beat me to the Lady Garden quote! I have an HCIGAR Vt166 and I probably use that mod the most. It also has a somewhat flat fire button but it’s in a little raised bump on the panel. I would guess that’s to prevent accidentally firing in your pocket, so perhaps qualifies as a “done-on-purpose” design feature IMHO. The Think Vape folks have gone all out on this one tho …fancy! An you went all out on this review …funny!


Is Think Vape and Lost Vape connected or was this a slip. I do know some models look similar.

We are all a bunch of sick puppies , I blame it on the English Invasion!

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slip… I even scrolled back up and re-read and then typed it wrong seconds later …I need a vacation :sunglasses: …funny the words I mixed up were Lost and Think

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I didn’t quote just so we could edit , my friend! Been there ,done that… I think I lost the tee shirt though!:rofl:
Blame it on the Lady Garden!!! Been the demise of us men since the beginning of time!


Yeah bro but the Lady Gardens aren’t like they were back in our day …nowadays they don’t grow bushes. [/waves at @Steampugs …see what ya started?]


Another great review Pugs. Keep em coming.


Nailed it once again! Great mod! Great review!!!


Thank you @Steampugs for another entertaining and brilliant review.
This looks a very nice mod. My only concern would be wear and tear as I can see the leather/ stitching becoming tired after a while.


Yeah I know man, I get the fact that it stops the auto firing in your pocket business but I also think flush fire buttons should be slightly bigger for those fat fingered amongst us lol, and as always I appreciate your comment brother Darc :wink: cheers!

@louiesquared Thanks man :wink: nice of you to say :+1:

@SmilingOgre and thank you too kind sir :wink: :+1:

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Thanks @Chewy, it does seem to be pretty good quality leather, and fitted well too, also what I did notice is that the more I used it the better the leather looked, but to be perfectly honest this thing is so nice that if I had shelled out all that money on one it would more than likely not be a pocket mod, id be tempted to keep it at home I think.


Hilarious review Pugs!! :+1::+1: Absolutely brilliant!!


Dude, you have an awesome tallent. How hard do you have to work at it, before it’s done?