Pugsley's full flavoured and tightly wrapped review of Phillip Turton's hand crafted coils

Framed, Stapled, Twisted, Clapton, Spaced, Alien, Helix, Corrugated, Mohawk, Fused, Stacked, Ribbon, Stainless Steel, Kanthal, Titanium, Ni-chrome…I could literally be here all day listing words that to the unknowing would be exactly that…just words…but to those who ‘build’ …or even those that don’t but spend hours after typing in the words ‘Coil Porn’ into google drooling over the resulting images then…that list of words means a great deal …probably more than it should to some of us lets be honest…I myself am of course included in that sub category, I build…kind of…in a fashion…OK I’m shit at it, but I have learnt enough to know that the skill and finger shredding patience required to master this art far outweighs any amount of perseverance I…or indeed most people… could ever muster…perfectly illustrated in this picture of me last year trying to perfect the art of using 30 gauge wire to make a straight forward fused Clapton…I’d had better days…

Hello once more my twisted dragon billowing flavour junkies…it feels like it has been too long…like…a week or something…I trust all is well after our little Chinese holiday…not that that would of changed anything in your normal day to day occurrences of course…except maybe those of you that are still waiting on the slow boat for your new ‘toys’…but for me it was a mental break from providing you poor tortured souls with more drivel plucked from the clutches of this show we call vape…show…business…or something…?

But wait no more!..for today I have a first for Steampugs, A bit of home grown talent from the realms of Coil Building and supply…a service that for us fat handed ham fisted blind bastards can bring another level to our favourite pastime, a level that believe me…is worth pursuing.

You see…whilst on my steamless sabbatical I was approached by a certain individual who makes my attempt at coil building look like a drunk kitten playing with a ball of wool…

An attention to detail and a drive for perfection that you just don’t come across every day, and he wanted MY opinion on his hand crafted products…it’s times like this…when I absolutely love this job…it’s also times like this when I want to smash someones face in for being so unbelievably fucking talented…so please, allow me to introduce to you… the work of this talented ballerina handed wire wizard…Phillip Turton…coil maker extraordinaire.

Believe me when I say that I am breaking you in slowly with what this guy is capable of but those of you who get slippy over stats then in this particular review you will be happy to know that I shall be very forthcoming throughout…I know right?..it’s like I’ve had a break or something…

Firstly we have a framed staple with 2 x 26g Ni80 , 6 x 0.4mm Ka1 Ribbon wrapped in 40g Ni80.

Followed by a fused clapton cored with 2 x 26g Ni80 and wrapped in 40g Ni80.

You’ll notice the use of 40g wire…ever tried building with 40g wire?..ever tried looking at anything wrapped in 40g wire?..this is me after an hour of attempting to use 30g wire…

but 40g?..it’s like trying to wrap with fucking baby hair.

Or to put it in another kind of perspective, within this pack of coils that Phillip sent me he also included a pair of everyone’s favorite, Alien coils…now these were wrapped in 35g SS 316L and cored with 3 x 28g SS 316L…I had to ask him…“Phillip…I thought you were sending me some Aliens?”

“Erm…I did you blind bastard”…is what he replied…or something like that…If he didn’t say it …he was certainly thinking it…I could tell…“It’ll show up on the pictures don’t worry Mr Magoo”…rude.

He was right though…when I pulled the pictures up and looked at the perfection that was before me I reacted in a way best fitting someone who has just seen a talent and skill that is both awe inspiring and far better than he could ever dream of achieving…

If you yourself have dabbled in the world of coil building then there’s a fair chance you know the feeling well…you sit at your work space, you’ve watched countless build videos and spent a months wages on practically every wire known to man…you’re ready…and after your 5th attempt you totally nail your first clapton…no gaps…no cross overs…and enough to make two coils…ah yeah …

You rule all…you’ll convince yourself that it’s the best clapton you’ve ever seen, and the flavour?..ah man the flavour…but then something strange happens, you turn into the most talented over skilled coil builder the world has ever seen…you are absolutely more than capable of skipping pages 2 to 499 of the coil builders hand book and go straight for the jugular…you are THAT good…so you google 'How to build a triple twisted helix multi core corrugated stapled motherfucker Armageddon apocalypse mohawk end of days bloody bitch bastard demon coil"


That’s the end of your coil building career.

But guys like Phillip refuse to accept this, they push on, they practice and they practice again and again and again and…jeez even typing it drives my ADHD through the roof…but that’s why I will never create something like this…the aptly named ‘Chubby’…a name that becomes oh so very clear when you read the specs…

Almost just looks like a swollen piece of Stainless doesn’t it, you know why?..because at the core of this little monster is 20…yes 20!..stacked 0.4mm by 0.1mm Ka1 ribbon wire …FUCKING 20!..

There goes my whole coil builders hand book straight out of the window…and yes…the whole thing is cocooned in 40g mermaid hair…how do you even see what you’re doing??..how!!!..nano bots??..microscope??..well trained Tardigrade’s??..I just don’t get it, It’s beyond me. But why?..why go to all this trouble for something that you are ultimately going to burn and ruin that shiny SS finish…well…I can’t quite explain fully what this kind of coil can do for your flavour, it’s something you really have to find out for yourself but I could taste things in my liquids that I couldn’t before, you can pick out the different layers and actually taste…I mean really taste what these flavours were meant to be…that’s why people like Phillip make these amazing works of art…he’s not just showing off…well…maybe a little…the bastard.

Kinda really like his branding too, I mean…not that he needs to but he is trying to give the overall perception that if you buy some coils from him, you’re getting the full package, He’s gone the extra mile…I used to buy coils from a guy on ebay and he used to sellotape them to a playing card and stick em in an envelope…real classy like…but Phillip has had rather neat looking little pillow boxes made up, so even before you see the coil that you purchased…you feel like you’ve bought a quality product by someone who has a real passion for coil building and wants to be taken seriously and furthermore…want’s you to believe that you have made the right choice as soon as you take delivery…something you WILL discover anyway once you try one.

A few of my prized possessions there …what?..you think he’s the only one that can show off?..my page buddy …

Normally at this point I would give you my final thoughts on whatever it is that I am reviewing but I have so many, like I said at the beginning this is just a taster of what’s to come, Phillip is constantly practising and perfecting new coils every day, the ones he sent me were…and I quote…“The coils most people ask for”…but he has sent me a sneak peak of what we can look forward to in the not so distant future…


Regardless of my own bitter jealousy, This is just the start of things to come with Phillip Turton, he will be a regular here on Steampugs and once I get my arse into gear…(you mean you’ll ask Neo to do it)…I will put him as a permanent feature on the home page so you can contact him with your requirements whenever you feel the need to stock up or treat your new toy to a shiny new crown…and you will…if you don’t…you absolutely should.

Which brings me to the cost, well…again…I know how much wire costs, I know how much wire is required to make a pair of these coils and I absolutely know how much time and effort has gone into producing something of this quality …well…I know how much time and effort went into producing the kind of shit I came up with so this?..a ridiculous amount more…so… if I told you that his coils start at £3 for a pair …that’s right, I’ll more than likely never build another coil again…

A Standard price list is available for you to peruse at your leisure on his Facebook page here…

Phillip Turton Coilmaker Price List

Oh and to add insult to injury…at the time of writing he’s doing a special offer where as if you spend over £15 he’ll throw in a free pair of fused claptons… until the 15th Feb 2017…which gives you about a week to flood his inbox with orders …he deserves nothing less than to work his over talented nimble digits to the bone…(seriously does getting bitter get worse as you get older?)…

My FINAL FINAL FINAL words on these coils will be this…They’re pretty fucking amazing, I’ve bought coils off many people in my 4 to 5 year vape history and I have never had anything even close to this quality before, the way they change your flavours is phenomenal and you also have the added bonus of popping the hood on your favourite RDA and showing off the engine like it’s a fully chromed supercharged V8 …to anyone who asks what you’re using…for very little money.

There is however one thing that I have never asked you before…I am asking you to help him out…because that’s what us vapers are known for… Yes Phillip is an amazing coil builder with many hours/days/years of experience but that was only for himself and his close group of friends…but he’s branching out, He’s trying to get his foot in the door of a service that already has so many nowhere near as gifted coil builders offering a similar service so…my lovely friendly ever giving always helpful Vape fam, Even if you don’t order a set for yourself… if you could take a minute just to share either this review or his page on anything where you might think it could benefit him in someway…just to get his name out…get him some eyes…that would be amazing and we would be eternally grateful for that…gotta keep the wheels oiled, the more orders he gets the more he can perfect more and more different coil types which can only be good news for us Vapers…ALL my coils will be coming from him from this moment on and there will be more reviews to follow as quickly as the menu grows…so watch this space.

Phillip can be contacted via his Facebook page here…

Phillip Turton Coilmaker

He’s a proper nice bloke (annoyingly) who responds quickly to any questions/requests you might have.

I’m off to give my Chubby a damn good seeing to.

Don’t forget to hop on over to my house Steampugs to see how they scored :wink:

Until next time

Yours eternally vapeful



I don’t even build, but wow… wow…


I can COMPLETELY Vouch for what Pugs has said about the Chubby coil. I swear to god I can taste every individual flavour in a complex juice. the TWENTY ply ribbons act as flavour pockets, and the wrap is so SMOOTH, it looks like silk.

My pair of chubbies were not cheap, (especially as I only kept one for myself) BUT, the money I spend on vaping is money I spend on giving myself the best flavours, nicest experience, and biggest smiles I can. and lemme tell you, in these coils, every penny is well spent.

it was almost a shame to vape such a work of art, I say almost, but they are even more gorgeous when glowing !


They are somethin else man that’s for sure, amazing talent :ok_hand:


the chubby will only fit in somethig like the lynx or the other one by digiflavor im assuming ??? , i dont build and believe to build like that its an art if his things ever make it to the U.S.A ill buy some but the shipping would probably make them too expensive


btw like always good review


yeah more than likely…worth asking though, I mean at that price…it’s unreal

and thank you :smiley:


and am i correct about the type of rda it will fit ???

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it would def need spring clamps or something similar…rekon it would fit in the Armageddon or the aeronaut maybe…


i still need to pick one up ( spring clamp )


Great review again!

Every time I see a beautiful coil on a Pharoah I just cringe because mine leaks so freaking bad. The flavor from the Pharaoh is incredible. So much so that I want to buy another but if it leaks I think I would go ape shit.

Keep them coming Pugs. If anyone gets shipping info for stateside please let me know.


absolutely brother :wink:

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Great review and amazing coils! :thumbsup:


Wow. Just WOW! They are truly beautiful looking coils. I think I’d want to display them in a cabinet rather than use them! :heart_eyes:


Cheers Neo…feeling more human now? :wink:🖒


Theyre amazing Lolly :ok_hand:


Slightly better… I bought a new Drill! :smile:

There’s nothing quite like a good tool to make a man feel himself again eh…

no wait…that’s not…(sigh)…nevermind…:disappointed:


I forgot about this great review before I posted this: Great coils @ a great price

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20% off till end of March!

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