Pugsley's hand polished and grainy review of the Woody Vapes E-118 Tornado 75w TC Mod

Trees, who doesn’t love trees…we love em so much we kill millions of em at a rate that would suggest we can’t stand the bastards, in fact…they get a pretty bum deal most of the time…

Sometimes they fight back…

Occasionally however they are loved by the kind of people that see the true beauty in wood, people who love wood a little too much…

These people, are the kind of people that would start a Company making solely high quality wooden items for the masses and even naming their company in such a way that they couldn’t ever do anything else, A perfect example of my rather long winded intro is Woody Vapes, and on this occasion I introduce to you their rather not so interestingly named E118…aka…the Tornado 75w TC Mod courtesy of my good friend @June from Gearbest

Hello once again my cloudy saplings, today I branch out into the world of wooden box mods, A world firmly rooted in today’s Vaping age as a highly coveted part of any collection, as unique as they are expensive and as beautiful as they are impractical, for the true enemies of wood being liquid and fire it seems almost ridiculous that we should make anything that gets wet and is powered by electrical heat out of it…but here we are, it’s not going away any time soon and with the slowly growing trend of Stabilised wood, Resin Hybrids, Hand polished wooden mods it seems likely that you will own at least one in your vaping career at some point…and so you should.

When I first received this particular mod I knew literally nothing about it, I just knew it was wooden, 75w, single 18650 and had temp control functionality, so I was a little confused when I opened the bag and looked at it…“where’s the buttons??” was my initial thought, if this is variable wattage and Tc how can I only have a screen and a fire button??..I put the battery in anyway…still none the wiser, I put my new Maze 24 RDA on and…“oh?”…

A little diagram on the screen pops up asking me if it is a new coil…rotate wheel left for yes…and right for no…

What??..oooooooh…Well…that’s just a bit clever, they’re are no buttons because the fire button… is in fact… a fucking dial.

Well slap my thighs and call me roger…never seen that before, that I like…that I like a lot.
The dial is used to turn up and down your desired wattage/temperature AND used to access the menu AND to turn it on and off AND to fire the thing…it’s a multi tasking maniac of a button!.

And the stuff that that’s sat in?..well…if you don’t know your Oaks from your Sycamores, That happens to be a lump of your finest Ormosia Henryi Prain…what?..you mean you don’t have furniture made from this wood??..what’s wrong with you?..It’s an oriental tree of which I know absolutely fuck all about other than it looks like a nice piece of dark Oak, Maybe it’s magical…Maybe it has properties that enhance the flavour of your finest liquids I DON’T KNOW…but, it looks nice and grainy, and it has clearly been sanded and polished by a man who loves his trade…

This is why, they are so expensive, these aren’t pushed out of a sheet of metal or cast in a factory, these are ‘Made’

Each being lovingly prepared by a craftsman who treats each piece with love and attention so that you can own a unique item that took years to grow and hours to finish by a man that needs to be paid, And companies that hear people complaining about the price of their wooden mods must literally lie there and sob their hearts out…

So yes, the Tornado is a quality item which wasn’t cheap when it first appeared (around £90) but has since fallen to around half that of late which puts the price point at a very reasonable amount indeed for what you get. And it really is a quality piece of kit there’s no denying that. It only houses one 18650 though so if you are a high power user then this mod is obviously not aimed at you.

For the purposes of this test I kitted my Maze out with duel twisted 30 gauge, 9 wraps with a 3mm ID and ohm out at .54 for the pair, high by my usual standards but I knew it would struggle with anything lower, It coped admirably using a freshly charged VTC4, around 40 or 50 watts was fine but i cranked it up full throttle and it did give excellent vapor production, And I also found the dial very easy to use, with only one draw back though…using it balls out all the time you will go through batteries at a rate akin to

I went through 4 in a morning of exclusive usage and I did notice a substantial drop in power once the battery got to half way on the battery life indicator, but it is a single battery, I think using this mod with a tank, single coil, around .6 to .8 ohm you’ll be golden but for me, it just lacked the kind of punch I am used to receiving with a duel battery, but not everyone is into massive power and huge clouds, if you’re not then…this is a very nice looking mod to own.

So what’s in the box?..well…nothing…you don’t get a box, you get a draw string ‘sack’ which actually…I also very much like, I mean you get a box, you take your mod out and you stick the box away somewhere with the rest ‘just in case’ something goes wrong with it and you need to send it back…although that’s where the box will live forever…you know the drill…but with this, well…you don’t want to be chucking this in your bag or have it stuffed in your pants with a load of scratchy coins, it’s too nice for that, with a sack you actually have something to carry it in, and if you put it in your bag then it is protected, so I will in fact use this sack for my mod all the time, and that’s pretty cool.

You get an authenticity cert and a USB cable for firmware updates also, I mean even the cable is a better quality cable than you normally get.

So all in all I like this Mod, who doesn’t like things that are well made, of great quality and unique, it’s a winner for me, the dial is its power play, it looks and works brilliantly, it will take your Ti/SS/Ni/ & Kenthal and it will serve you with Temp control should you desire it, it runs off a USA made GENE chip which…I can’t really find any info on to be fair nor do I own anything else with one in so…who knows on that one… it’s hand made and currently can be purchased for around £45…do you think you could pay a craftsman £45 to make you one of these?..no…no you couldn’t, it’s a bargain.

It’s not for everyone though, if you like a bit of

out of your device then stick with your duel battery mods, this…this is more for people like …

people who just love a little bit of wood…


I’ll just throw this here for those of you that probably iron your socks…

Output power: 5 - 75W
Output voltage: 0.5 - 8.5V
Over current protection: 30A
Over temperature protection: 82 Deg.C
TC Range: 200 - 650 Deg.F / 95 - 345 Deg.C
Multiple Protections
Using single 18650 battery ( not included )
Wood construction, lightweight and comfortable for using
One Button design, convenient to operate
OLED display
510 thread

and I’ll leave you with a link where you can pick up one of these beautifully made Mods at a currently insane price…
Woody Vapes Tornado 75w TC Wooden Box Mod Special Offer

And if you ‘wood’ like to see how this device scored against other items of fine Vapeology then please feel free to hop on over to my house at Steampugs and I’ll stick the kettle on.

I’m off to skip away through an enchanted forest, hug a tree and play with my wood.

Yours eternally Vapeful



Another great review Pugs!

Love the looks of wooden mods. And this thing looks sharp!


Thanks man, yeah I love it, it feels nice and well made, I’d love it more if it had 2 batteries though lol


That is a beauty I love the color and the simple look of it ! The name is boring and not too intriguing but I guess that’s another thing.

Nicely done Pug’s and comical as always :wink:


Thank you dear! :wink: yeah I mean you have something that looks this nice, why on earth would you name it the E-118…:confused:

Tornado is bad enough lol

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Fab as always @Pugs1970 :+1:

It is a lovely thing to behold…but crikey the battery consumption! :weary:


Thanks you dear, yeah it’s only if you’re a high power user like me, I mean if you were an MTL vaper or just used like 1.2ohm coils and such like it’ll be like everything else, but if your gonna gun it, all the time…yeah, you’ll fly through em


You know what I changed it, I put my serpent mini on there with a .43 coil in, it’s happy at around 30w and I haven’t changed the battery , its still Half charged and I was using it a fair bit last night, I’m liking it a bit more now :wink:


I think we kinda got spoiled by the devices that has come on the market in the past couple of years , I know that I have. A single battery device has limitations for sure but if you build your atomizer for it they can preform rather efficiently.
You will always find some very nice high end mods that only use a single battery.If we build accordingly, around 25-40 watts , it will make a nice dense vape and it will be rather efficient.
Thanks for the review!


Always welcome sir, yeah you’re bang on. You can build Accordingly its just not what I’m used to, I do like it though, the finish and overall quality is excellent and that wheel is a game changer :ok_hand:

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Great job! Looking forward to the next!


A lot of that would have perhaps been better sent in a PM but some good points there nonetheless

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Oi. You’re probably right looking back. I was obviously joking with the specs/socks bit, but point taken.

I was just trying to mention a few things that might help take things to ‘the next level’. I think his reviews are awesome and I know that a lot of work, effort, time, and thought goes into them!

The last thing I wanted (or would want) is to make him “look bad” or feel bad.

Apologies Pugs.


We all know, its all love here :wink:


It’s all good my man :wink: :+1:


https://g.co/kgs/D5RVaD :+1:

Edit to actual link…I’m crap at this


Love is ageless. The old version.