Pugsley's hefty, sexy and downright bloody lovely review of the Vape Cige VT Box 250

In retrospect…I think my reaction may of been a tad over zealous when my supplier agreed to send me my next item for review, Don’t get me wrong…as a reviewer you get what you’re given depending on what kind of relationship you have with your supplier…but every now and then…you can give a cheeky nudge nudge wink wink…a little bit of schmoozy woozy towards something that you really like the look of…something you’d absolutely love to review…The VT Box 200 was such a device, but no matter how hard I tried…no amount of ‘I love your font’ emails…or…‘I think this is terrible don’t you ever send me such a thing’ reverse psychology tactics were going to let one of these devices break free from the vice like grip of any of my suppliers…

Then…one faithful day…it would appear I earned my stripes with one supplier, for what seems like a lifetime of hint dropping, soul giving and on this occasion even offering one of my 2 children…I got her on a good day…or maybe she was drunk I dunno…but she put it to the powers that be…

Greetings my flamboyantly foggy masters of the misty mouthful…(wow…?) …back again with more of the same (…sigh…it was going so well)…today I am going to share with you something that…by now as you’ve probably guessed…was on my GIVE IT ME NOW!! list from the outset, Like any obsessive shiny syndrome sufferer I too have spent many an hour perusing the vast amount of online suppliers looking for pieces to add to my collection, and too… like many …I have always been bound by a budget due to my almost superhuman power…of being able to create children at will…(number 3 due in October)…but £150 was way more than I was ever willing to part with when it came to buying a mod so the VT box 200…regardless of the love at first site… was always slightly out of reach…short of having a framed picture of the device on my mantle piece I just had…to let it…go.

Talk about kicking a man while he’s down though…they only went and upgraded the fucking thing…‘you dirty bastards’ I thought to myself…followed soon after by a glance over to my 2 offspring and thinking…‘do I really need both?..I mean I have another coming anyway sooo…?’ …yeah…I wanted it REAL bad…and…one of the kids tends to smell funny from time to time…

Fast forward a week past my faithful acceptance day and I am looking out for the postman like a deranged Meerkat …

The day finally came…I saw him walking up the drive with a package that could either of been one of two things…my Firefly custom pocket watch…or my VTbox 250…(to be honest I didn’t care which but that’s a story for my Browncoat brothers and sisters)…I met him at the door…before he rang the bell…

So… I have a new postman now along with a brand spanking new restraining order…OH and I also have one of these…courtesy of the future parents to a child of their choosing …Gearbest…The Vape Cige VTbox 250 DNA 250

Where to start…I’ll get the glaringly obvious issue out of the way first…and that is of course…‘Vape Cige’ …it’s not the devices fault you understand, if you met the most beautiful girl/boy in the world and fell instantly in love only later to discover that their surname was in fact ‘Pigfucker’…you wouldn’t let that put you off…actually maybe if you were a woman and had to take that name in marriage but still…you’d attempt a compromise at least, I obviously hate it though…I don’t even know how to pronounce it…‘ciggy’?..‘sige’?..‘ciggay’…? fuck knows, it has the word ‘Cig’ in it…therefore it’s shit…so…ignoring that we’ll look straight at the offspring, The VTbox 250 is a 3s 1500mah lipo powered full fat 250w mod controlled by Evolve’s DNA 250 ‘wonder’ chip…even that line right there gives me a full on underpant rave…I pretty much would of completely overlooked the appearance of the thing knowing that that’s what it was, but no…on top of that …to me anyway…looks wise… it’s bloody gorgeous.

It’s almost industrial looking yet futuristic, it’s completely plain yet has all the right lines in all the right places, The aviation aluminium is coated with a satin black paint that gives it an almost hard rubbery hand feel (easy now…) that grips your palm like it’s meant to be there…yet still…I found myself looking at this thing for a fault…like anything that you want really badly, when you eventually get it you half expect to be disappointed…at least with something…call me a pessimist.

For those of you familiar with the Evolve DNA 250 chip you’ll know what it’s all about, what you can do to customise the user experience through the EScribe software is second to none…being a straight shooting wattage user however I am not one of these people but I do have friends that use it and claim to have perfected they’re own preferences …but you know…they do try and explain it’s benefits to me and…yawnfest.

The crown on this beast of a mod is a real nice 510 connector, heavy duty and placed absolutely perfectly…

In all honestly it will take anything up to 28mm tops with no overhang what so ever…but personally…I have been using a 30mm Buddah because the very slight overhang is excused due to the overall appearance of this epic marriage…

Soul mates, I have some pretty amazing looking rigs but these 2 together…something about it that just looks perfect to me and has easily made it into my top 3 best looking rigs of all time.

I’m not going to bore you with the controls or the 0.91" oled screen because those are both as straight forward as you would expect and obviously it has all the bells and whistles of a high end modern day mod such as temp control and settings for all your different types of builds…it’s all there…all of it…and I am absolutely gushing over the quality of this mod…

I’m not even sorry…and I am also not finished fuckyou very much…

The fun button is large and in charge and one of the best I have ever used, it’s completely rattle free and has a very satisfying slight ‘click’ to it, as do all the buttons… and I believe it’s one of the best features of the Vtbox and lends itself perfectly to the heavy duty appearance of the whole device.

If there was anything bad I could say about the VTbox…other than the manufacturers name, it’s that maybe the 1500mah battery life isn’t amazing…especially if you use it constantly at over 100w…which I do…in fact the Buddah loves it towards the 150w range and beyond but it still outlasts my 1300 A-spec Turnigy in my PWM mod which I change 3 or 4 times a day easily and seeing as it supports 2 amp charging it hasn’t really been a major issue…still…worth mentioning…and at this point I haven’t been able to find a better option with changing the stock battery for a more reputable manufacturer…but the truth is…

I wouldn’t change a damn thing about this device…and I don’t think I have said that about any other piece of Vapology thus far.

In fact…I am that enamoured by the Vtbox 250 that I am willingly going to give you the specs list and say to you…hey…you enjoy this bad boy…

Accessories type: MOD
Model: VT Box 250
Material: Aluminum
Mod: Temperature Control Mod,VV/VW Mod
APV Mod Wattage Range: Over 200W
APV Mod Wattage: 250W
Adjustable voltage range: 0.5 - 9V
Temperature Control Range: 200 - 600 Deg.F / 100 - 300 Deg.C

Product weight: 0.326 kg
Package weight: 0.452 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 9.80 x 5.50 x 3.00 cm / 3.86 x 2.17 x 1.18 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 14.00 x 8.50 x 5.00 cm / 5.51 x 3.35 x 1.97 inches

Package Contents: 1 x VapeCige VT Box 250 TC Mod, 1 x USB Cable

now…wasn’t that beautiful…

No…not really…but this is…

You know what else it is…

That’s right…mine…you can get your own, for a little over £100 with the currently 50% discount they are offering, and you can do that here

Vape Cige VTbox 250 DNA 250 - 50% discount

In any of these colours…and I highly recommend that you do.

My final thoughts on this truly wonderful device would be…well…is there really anything I could add?..I think I’ve made my feelings on the VTbox 250 pretty damn clear, for once…something that I placed high on a pedestal even before I owned one actually turned out as good as I hoped it would…I mean how often does that happen, and all from a company I knew very little about… from Shenzhen…obviously…It’s made to an incredible standard and feels like it would last a lifetime, it has more power than I will ever need and does everything I would ever want it to do…and it just…looks…epic.

Of course…there is a slight chance you could snag yourself one for around $34…by entering the $100 giveaway we currently have running on Steampugs, how fucking cool would that be!..just click the link below and follow the instructions, it’s completely free to enter.

Steampugs Celebratory $100 Giveaway

And remember, while your on the site you can always peruse the shop where you will find this epic device along with other mouth watering bargains and even the odd discount code, gotta feed those future giveaways people!

Steampugs ‘Top Picks’ Link Shop

I’m off to caress my VTbox 250 lovingly and selfishly…and no…you can’t have a go…

Until next time

Yours eternally vapeful



Excellent review again. And that is one sexy looking piece! I want it.

Thanks for the review Pugs!


Always a pleasure treasure :wink: Cheers!

and yeah…it’s sooo good dude :ok_hand:


It’s very beautiful, espesh in red :heart_eyes:

Beautifully reviewed petal :+1::smiley:


Thank you my lovely :wink:

Not a mod for a night at the opera, but better suited for a day gettin’ down and dirty. Man, that thing looks beefy. As usual after reading one of your reviews: I want one!


well…on this occasion I absolutely recommend :+1: this things awesome :wink:

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Tryin out the new Pharaoh RTA on it today…look pretty slick together have to say :ok_hand:


Haha awesome review as always and that mod is very nice, if you ever get bored of it you know what to do… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Neeeeever gonna happen :joy: