Pugsley's iJoyful and triumphant review of the iJOY Cigpet ECO RDA

I’m just gonna put this out there…I have never been a fan of the label ‘e-cigarette’

For someone as deep in the rabbit hole as myself then words like ‘smoke’…‘cigarette’…‘cig’…are words of blasphemy, anything that links what we do now with what the vast majority of us did back then grates on me like nails on a chalk board…I hate it…that being said it’s admittedly easier to say than ‘nicotine delivery device’ but still…it’s not a fucking cigarette…and when someone says to me…(like recently)…“oh you smoke an e-cigarette?”…in my mind I slap you shitless…because…well…that’s legal…

And when I see the word ‘Cig’…being ‘fluffed up’ by pairing it with a lovable word like ‘Pet’ …well…who’s ever idea that was deserves to stand there and slap themselves silly …repeatedly…for several days…while I watch.

Cigpet indeed…stick a question mark after it and it sounds like your being offered a smoke from one of the cast of Geordie Shore…


And how are we all my lovely foggy and fine smelling soirée, back again with more of the same…seriously…I have a catchphrase and everything now (bell end)…Today’s offering comes courtesy of my very friendly …erm…friends (?) at Heavengifts and is manufactured by another of Shenzhen’s old skool vape jedi’s… iJoy…well…an iJoy spin off shall we say, the annoyingly named Cigpet.

Cigpet seem to have a more aesthetic approach to their vape gear and who can blame them, 9 times out of ten we all personalise our gear anyways so they’ve cut out the middle man and made their latest offerings more up to date with current trends, and on this occasion they have adorned their latest RDA with a pretty little hat…I give you…The Cigpet ECO RDA

I mean who doesn’t love a pretty hat on a pet…

Them…that’s who…you just know that whoever took that video got mauled to death seconds after…

The Cigpet ECO is a robust over-engineered 24mm RDA with more options than you can shake a shitty stick at, I mean they really went all out on this one, adjustable air flow from underneath and on both sides, a 2ml juice well and the deck itself offers a duel post design with 3 large post holes on each so if you fancy a quad coil build this thing is more than happy to oblige…

And for maximum conductivity it has a 24k gold plated centre pin which features direct to contact design resulting in minimum voltage drop due to the lack of redirection of electrical current…yeah…it totally has that…

And with regards to stuff I do understand…this thing looks pretty fucking awesome, I mean iJoy are so proud of this little puppy the CEO of the company ‘Willian’ has been so bold as to have his name emblazoned on every single one…

You simply don’t do that unless you are sure the product has what it takes to compete in this ridiculously over saturated market.

But does it have what it takes…that’s the question…

On with the test, I skipped the quad coil malarkey because…well…I didn’t have 4 coils the same at the time so I just chucked these in, billed as ‘Centipede coils’ from a box of assorted ‘Cournament coils’…pretty sure that was meant to say ‘Tournament’…from ‘Tubro Vape’…also relatively confident that that should be ‘Turbo’…Gearbest…gotta love em…regardless…they looked pretty sweet and ohm’d out at .2 on the duel…my ‘Goldilocks’ zone.

The deck was super easy to build on as expected although I wasn’t overly enthusiastic with the Philips head grub screws, I had a slight issue with one of them at first, the thread took some coaxing to grip but it got there in the end.

Obligatory glow shot…boom.

So pretty…nice even glow, that’ll be that 24k…pin…contact…thingy…then.

I got her all lubed up and ready for her maiden voyage, Once you replace the top cap however you come across one very confusing feature…you see the top cap is in 2 parts, you have the chamber…as normal, a bell housing if you will…and then you have another top cap which goes over this for the adjustable side airflow…

The issue I have with this is that the hole in the top of the chamber is exactly the same size as the hole in the top cap when you remove the drip tip? …so if you are like me and you kinda like ‘painting’ your coils you have to grip it from the base and remove the whole thing, I think they missed a trick here, if they had made the hole in the chamber bigger it would of been a whole lot easier to use as the top cap comes off very easily (the drip tip a little too easily), the chamber however is a lot stiffer and needs a good pull…

The airflow is a massive boost to the ECO, you can mix and match to your hearts desire between flavour from the bottom and clouds from the sides…or both…if you fancy. I tried each and every way and found that in full on flavour mode it wasn’t ‘unbelievable’ but adequate, it certainly didn’t bring anything new to the table but it was better than some I have tried lately, I think if you slapped a nice quad coil build in there it would do some wonderful things…but I didn’t… so…there’s that…It certainly threw out the fluffys though.

The build of the ECO is best described as ‘chunky’…it’s very robust and heavy and gives the impression that you could really punish the thing and give it some serious welly which I am very much a fan of, I have become a bit more inclined towards the heavier metal materials as apposed to the lighter alloy bodies that have cropped up lately in such tops as the Mad dog and the Skill RDA’s…I don’t know why, I mean they do the same job and the alloys tend to handle the heat better but to me personally it just doesn’t feel the same… this Pet however… is all about the Metal…

In the box you get the full works…almost…2 clapton’s (would of been nice to get 4 seeing as it’s geared towards a quad build…they’ll get this coil business right one day)…some strips of Muji cotton, spare O rings, a few of the shit grub screws and a nice screwdriver…which is also shit.

And as for the next list of brain numbing words and numbers well…for something with so many options and good things going for it you’d of thought they’d of sold it a little better in their specs list…


Capacity: 2mL
Gold plated 510 pin
Size: 24mm x 40.9mm
Thread: 510

It comes with

1x RESIN DRIP TIP (capitals…oh yeah)
1x Shitdriver
1x Accessories pack with too few coils for my liking
Not that I’m complaining you understand…and it’s also available in the following finishes…

You have to admit…that’s a nice lookin RDA…bare in mind that no two resin drip tips will be the same…love that polished SS too.

My final thoughts on the Cigpet (grrr) ECO RDA would be that Cigpet certainly know that there is a market for customised gear and they have made a well crafted product…I wouldn’t say ‘perfectly’ engineered but very very good (for iJoy…no offence) and it has options to please almost any vaper, it’s heavy duty, it chucks clouds, gives ‘good’ flavour and it’ll take whatever coils you throw at it and all for around £20…that’s not bad in any language…the name Cigpet though…I just can’t get along with that.

The Cigpet ECO RDA is available here …

Cigpet ECO RDA in Black, Gold & Silver

Cigpet ECO RDA in Stainless Steel

and if you use my code APUGS15 at checkout you will be looking at parting with £20.17 for the Black, Gold and Silver and £19.69 for the Stainless which in my opinion is not only the slightly cheaper but better looking RDA.

And here endeth today’s pile of literal claptrap…I hope it was all you ever dreamed of and more.

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Until next time

yours eternally vapeful




Loved it bab! Please write a book of witticisms :+1::grin:


Thank you my lovely :wink: lol


I second this! You’re undeniably the Sir Terry Pratchett of vape reviews! :laughing:


woh…now that’s a compliment i fucking LOVE Terry Pratchett the mans a legend :wink: thank you dear


I love him too. It’s likely that his style resonates with you due to a similar level of wit. You should absolutely write more, about all kinds of things too if the muse strikes you.


it’s been a few years since I’ve read a Prattchet, I absolutely love ‘Death’…totally my favourite character…you’ve sparked my interest again :wink:

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Great review sir, as always! Thanks.


What, no glitter with all that slapping? :grin:


figured it was the wrong post for anything ‘fabulous’ you know :wink:


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Top job as always buddy. I’m with you on the names too, e-cig or anything of that nature gets my blood boiling every time. Although that really doesn’t take much even at the best of times :grin:


ha, cheers fella, winds me up no end, and its aaall the time, a guy said at work ‘I can always tell where you are Pugs I just follow the smoke’…

I just stared at him with a crimson face ‘It’s not…fucking…SMOKE’ …



I’ve found the best way to explain that line to someone is to punch them in the face and then ask why is there strawberry jam running out of their nose. “It’s looks like strawberry jam, and is the same colour as strawberry jam. Ergo, it surely must be strawberry jam”. Drops mic and walks off.


lmaooooooo…I FUCKING love that…I’m totally using that haha…brilliant

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Use it wisely and often lol

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I had to spend the weekend in my mom and dad’s motor home. He mentioned me going out to smoke several times and it really wore on me. Finally I asked him to smell the sleeve of my shirt. Then I asked him if it smelled like I’d been smoking. He still has an issue with it. Grrr.


Family eh…

you can’t pick em…well you can…but it’s REALLY expensive…


Another top review :thumbsup:


Thanks Brother :wink:

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