Pugsley's inspired by Pugsley review of the Stentorian AT-7 Mod

‘Inspired by’ …

You could go into a car garage and the salesman could walk up to you and try and sell you a red 4 door family saloon by saying it’s ‘inspired by’ Ferrari …

“How is it inspired by Ferrari?”

“Well sir…it’s red…”

giphy (6)

“So you’re trying to sell me a car with the promise that it’s inspired by Ferrari…because it’s red…??”

“And…it’s got wheels…and erm…you can drive it…on the road…like a Ferrari…a red one… sir…”

giphy (9)

“…and does it have a V12 race tuned engine?”

“…no sir…2 litre diesel…but it does have an engine…and so does a Ferrari”

giphy (7)

Literally…most manufacturers presume that the vast majority of consumers are this guy…stupid…(I totally am by the way let’s just put that out there…I am a salesman’s wet dream…and not in a sexy way)

And it would appear…that this way of thinking is starting to leak into our precious vape market, Is it immoral?..maybe…deceitful?..perhaps…but you could also call it thinking outside the box, something I am very much a fan of by the way…whatever it is, and whatever you think about it…the item I am reviewing today is positively dripping with it…

Hello once again my sweet steam sucking space cadets, Today I have yet another collaboration for your worthy attention, only this time between 2 different vape companies, (because that always goes so well) Stentorian…bit of an enigma, I had heard originally that they designed the mod we are looking at today out in California…yet the only information I can unearth is that Shenzhen Stentorian Technology Co Ltd are actually a trademark of Wotofo…the other company in this collaboration…and it’s Wotofo that apparently were responsible for the manufacturing and distribution…so as ever…when researching companies in China…I have come away utterly confused. My guess…Wotofo create another company (Stentorian) Trademark it, then feed it with Wotofo’s vast resources, people under the Stentorian umbrella then go to silicone valley, find a design team that build custom gaming computers…and voilà …What you get is a Wotofo mod…that is ‘Inspired by’ a custom water cooled PC…somewhere in California…maybe…

Courtesy of my long standing gluttons for punishment Heavengifts …The Stentorian (All Tech) AT-7

Firstly, I’ll tell you what it is…The Stentorian AT-7 is a 3500mah lipo powered device capable of giving out 100 watts…It has an auto detect function that reads whatever you put on it and gives you the optimal setting that it thinks gives you the best vape, It’s also choc full of safety features to insure that everything goes swimmingly, It charges in 2 hours and is powered by an American made AT Chipset…simples.

The design of the AT-7 is ‘inspired by’ the world of top end custom gaming computers with a clear perspex window on both sides making an apparent ‘water cooling’ system visible on the front accompanied by a few nice looking LED lights and a plethora of microchips, processors and general circuit wizardry on the rear…and…as far as being modelled on a custom PC goes…it pulls it off rather well…

Now…when this device first did the rounds on social media and various other forums I for one was completely taken in by the ‘First water cooled vape mod’ sales pitch that was being flaunted around the place, I was actually gobsmacked truth be told…“What a completely fucking mental idea!..having liquid inside a high powered vaping device?!?..what could possibly go wrong…???”…I thought to myself…

All the while schmoozing with my suppliers to get hold of one…I just had to have it…I have an inner geek that collapses on the floor inconsolable at the mere thought of owning a device such as this…unfortunately…this inner geek also happens to be a gullible idiot that could be sold literally anything with a catchy sales pitch…because…unfortunately…the whole thing…was a load of big fat swinging …


Using the term ‘Inspired by’ in the pre-sales pitch you see…is exactly that…inspired by.

We’ve seen this approach before of course with the Smoant RAbox, And I had a similar reaction when I first clapped eyes on that too…“An open chassis??..with exposed electronics???..what could possibly go wrong???..I want’s it…” …but at least on the RAbox it did serve a purpose…kind of…

All the pipework you can see…the apparent ‘cooling system’…is I’m afraid… all just for show…you can take this thing apart and the water cooling pipes are just some plastic chrome plated pipes glued to another piece of plastic…it’s totally fake and serves no purpose…other than aesthetics.

As is the circuitry in the rear window…just like it was on the RAbox, except with the RAbox the idea was that it was kinda dangerous lookin…risky…open to the elements…shouldn’t be done, and I guess you could argue that having a liquid cooling system in a high powered electrical device is equally as ‘dangerous’ …but it just…doesn’t feel like it…I’m not saying dangerous is good…far from it…but the ‘feeling’ of dangerous, even though you know it’s safe(ish) can hold a certain appeal to some people…

But this…doesn’t…it just looks kinda cool.

So now that that’s out of the way…the fact that it’s all just a load of bollocks…let’s take a look at what is actually real on the AT-7 in terms of being a 100w lipo powered vaping device that looks unique…and it really does look unique regardless…you can’t take that away from it.

For starters this thing is big, pretty much exactly the same size and dimensions as a RAbox…

Pocket friendly this thing certainly isn’t, As a desktop mod though…different matter…

It’s clearly marketed towards the kind of people that like to spend their spare time throwing vast amounts of cash at their over powered absolutely bang up to date technologically supreme to anyone else’s gaming computer…

com-resize (18)

And that also happen to…vape…

You see it’s a fan mod, Your main interest will be computers and not actually vaping, sure you vape…but you don’t vape-vape…because if you did…you’d probably hate this mod…computers however…make you wanna wobble your joystick…

giphy (3)

No Control!..none…whatsoever, not even a screen to tell you what it’s doing, in fact the only information it gives you is whether the battery is charged…needs charging…or there’s a fault, with lights. White good…whitey bluey colour (??) needs charging …and red…


It’s unhappy.

Like I mentioned earlier it has an auto detect system, meaning…whatever top you screw into it’s head it will decipher the settings and adjust accordingly giving you what it thinks you want…you have zero input other than your coil choice.

This alone will totally fuck with seasoned vaper’s, How can anything choose the right settings for something as subjective as vaping…I mean I’m the first to admit…I have been known to struggle making the correct wise decision from time to time…

giphy (11)

But as far as how I like to vape well…

giphy (1)164

And the AT-7 is…well…wrong…a lot…I’m sure it’s intentions are true and it means well but for the best part…

giphy (13)

It’s massively under powered…100w?..meh, questionable, the RAbox hit harder in it’s soft mode…and that wasn’t great, I tested it with the Aura RDA at 0.3ohms, It vaped fine, It gave clouds and more than enough flavour but it didn’t bitch slap my coils, And when I put the Aura back on the Smok G150 mod at 100w it gave you a real hit, so much more slapping.

The next questionable factor was the battery, 3500mah apparently, I just don’t see it, It didn’t last long enough for me, considering how low the hit was I would expect a whole lot more battery life out of it…but it’s just not there.

Other points worthy of a mention is the width, The 510 is bog standard but due to the bevel around the edge of the mod you can’t sit anything more than 25mm up there without overhang, which is a wasted opportunity for something with so much bulk.

The Fire button is HUGE…it covers the whole side of the mod and man is it CLUNKY, It’s also very excellent, I mean you can’t miss it, doesn’t matter where you press it it still fires lighting up the front window and AT-7 logo but seriously…I like clicky…I’ve never known clunky…perhaps they’re twins…clunky would be the naughty one if that were the case, bit simple…ate too much cake…

giphy (12)

But it works…and it works well…clunky or not.

This next bit will only interest those amongst you that think ‘hard drive’ is a sexy term…

com-resize (17)

The Specs

Inspired by water-cooling circulation system (I emphasise ‘Inspired’)
Innovative brass tube radiation design (looks chrome, actually plastic)
Built-in 3500mAh RC quadcopter battery (hmm)
Massive PCB for stable performance (Phworr)
Auto-adaptive smart power output (Stupid)
2 hours fast charging (15 minutes is fast charging)
Ergonomic design fire button (Cake eating clunky)


Chip: American AT chipset
Size: 90 x 74.5 x 30.5mm
Thread: 510 thread
Battery: Built-in 3500mAh battery
Max Wattage: 100W
Output Voltage: 4.2V
Resistance range: 0.1 - 3.0ohm
Charge: Micro USB charging

It comes with

1 x AT-7 Box Mod
1 x Uer Manual
1 x USB Cable

giphy (8)

My final thoughts on the Stentorian AT-7 are…HUGE missed opportunity, From a company who’s name means ‘A loud and powerful voice’ you would at least think they’d come out with something a bit punchy, You could of so easily put a wealth of functions on this thing and made it so much more, Don’t get me wrong, I use Lipo powered custom PWM mods generally so push-and-go mods are right up my ally but at least I can turn the fucking thing up or down, This is a futuristic looking device that screams technology yet gives you hardly any and if you’re going to make…for all intents and purposes…a lipo mech mod …then at least give it some umph and don’t make the auto detect so frickin limp…It’s ‘Form over function’ on quite a grand scale.

I do however love the look and feel of it, It’s a very VERY well made device, feels solid and durable and for something so huge it actually feels very comfortable to use. The wizardry on display really sets it apart from the rest of the herd and nowadays that is a very good thing, I am ALL about that, It’s trying to be different and purely based on it’s looks alone it will undoubtedly sell a shit ton, and if custom computers are your thing, and you vape tanks in the mid sub ohm range and would rather not deal with any kind of settings then you’ll prob cream your knickers when you finally get one in your hand…

tenor (2)

So all that’s left is the price…I wouldn’t say particularly good news in that area either, You see all those parts you see…the ones that don’t actually do anything, cost money, so does the American AT chipset, There is a lot of manufacturing that goes into the AT-7…it’s also unique…unique is expensive too…

Originally…and unbelievably…the Full blown retail on the AT-7 was £104.94/$134.85 but thankfully that has dropped already, I would imagine…because of public feedback, it’s simply not worth that amount of money, Currently Heavengifts have it with 33% discount making it a more palatable £69.96/$89.90, and if you use discount code APUGS15 at checkout you will receive a further discount making it £59.46/$76.41 plus shipping from China, find that deal here…

Stentorian AT-7 100w Mod

Do I think it’s worth that?..well not for me personally but there is definitely a niche audience for unique futuristic looking devices and at least with the current discounts available it’s not a massive outlay if you are absolutely in love with it’s unique appearance and simple operation.

As always if you would like to see how the AT-7 scored against other pieces of awesome vapeology then feel free to hop on over to my house at Steampugs and while you are there come and meet the new ever growing Steam team, All of whom…you may well recognise :thinking:

Until next time.

Eternally Vapeful



Another great review! I especially like the part about the name Wotofo. I always thought it meant WTF. Which would make more sense regarding this mod.


Great review again, Pugs! Its too bad they couldn’t have oomphed this up a bit more. Looks pretty cool but sounds disappointing.


Great review, as always :+1:


Loving your addition to the specs :joy::+1:

Another beauty of a review beaut :+1::grin:


You say it so much better than I do and your pictures are amazing. :star_struck:
I’m not a reviewer and have no ambition whatsoever in that direction but I just had to say something about this particular mod for all the reasons that you so artfully mentioned in this brilliant review :+1:
I won this mod so I am enjoying the way that it looks without feeling a stinging pain in my wallet and it fits my big hands perfectly.
It will do well with people who have more money than sense who like to look cool at a party, it will be right up their alley


Thank you dear :wink:

best get writing eh…:grin::ok_hand:

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Cheers! very much appreciated :wink:

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Thank you as always my lovely :wink: :kissing_heart:

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Thank you very much :wink:

you were pretty much bang on with your review though, I agree with everything you said you did an awesome job :wink:


Cheers Walt :+1:

I had an ex like that once. Once.

Great review!


lmao…thanks brother :wink:

Me too :neutral_face:


Great writeup on this dud of a mod. It could have been something but instead became nothing kinda…


Thanks brother, yeah so much potential …under delivered :frowning:

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First impression is important but this looks like it’s made to sell from the shelf of your local B&M Vape Shop or from pics online …therefore the importance of a hands-on review. Well done, once again. Easily read and entertaining and the reality comes across. Yeah? Like an Up/Down wattage power button? I actually liked my Cuboid’s “Auto” feature which worked very well, but I could always up/down the thing to where I liked it best. I’m one of those PC Building goofballs and this caught my interest for about 5 seconds. Heh I did build a watercooled PC once …once. Thanks for keepin’ it 100 :sunglasses:


I was wondering about this mod and your review told me all I needed to know. Thanks bud, always enjoy the humor and info to make an informed choice :+1:

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Thanks brother :wink:🖒

Much appreciated as always brother Darc :wink::ok_hand:🖒

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Great review brother. Respect your honesty on the device.

And you made me PMSL.