Pugsley's mind over Manta review of the Advken Manta RTA

As per usual when researching a little bit of background info on the manufacturer I am reviewing for I have come away no wiser than when I started…confusion…it would appear…is big business in China…

I’ve never reviewed anything by Advken before and I’ll admit right now…I couldn’t of named one single device from their back catalogue …I know I know…you vape geeks out there will be all like ‘ACTUALLY I think you will find the Advken were the people behind the blah blah and the blah blah how could you not even know that you uncultured peasant’ …wotevs…regardless…my brief research threw up a few surprises for me…and like I said…more than a little confusion surrounding one particular iconic RDA…The Kennedy. They currently sell the Kennedy V2…which led me to the obvious train of thought of ‘Oh …no way…Advken are behind the Kennedy…oh wait…no that was Kennedy Enterprises…oh actually…it appears to be Kennedy Vapor…’

giphy (1)

Who the fuck knows…all I know is…Advken are selling the V2…Which puts pay to my ‘Advken…the people behind the Kennedy’ speech…So there’s that…(sigh)…And also something you might recognise from your Fasttech searches of yesteryear…albeit not quite so equally Iconic…


The Coffin shaped ‘Vampire box’ mech mod…also Advken…


Did I forget something?..

Ooooooh yes of course…There’s also the ‘flip top’ Mad Hatter RDA …how could I possibly forget…


So Advken do have a pretty solid resume spanning back a number of years…you’d think they might have at least sorted themselves out with a decent website…but alas…It is shit…Their gear however…not so much…

Hello once more my crazy cloud billowing carebears, Tis I once again with some more babbling nonsense about yet another little contender that appears to be making some serious waves in our little ‘Vapeverse’ And this time from ‘Old timers’ Advken, The company that are probably not behind the Iconic Kennedy RDA …regardless…the item I am reviewing today stands on it’s own merits…and deservedly so, Courtesy of my long time suffering bosom buddies at Heavengifts …I give to you…The Advken Manta RTA…


Let’s find out shall we…

The Lowdown

This big fat flappy fish is a 24mm diameter by a frankly stumpy 46mm in height, dual coil, bottom airflow RTA which inside it’s swollen belly can squeeze in a rather greedy 5ml of your finest…5ml!..fat little bastard, This gluttony is all down to the fact that it comes complete with it’s very own bubble glass…something which is more often than not an optional extra in the world of the RTA…me likey…It does come with a spare straight glass which sacrifices slightly in capacity but you will more than likely only ever use that one when you break the bubble glass…let’s be honest…

It comes in your industry standard Black, Gold or Stainless Steel and possesses a sunken top fill system that can easily adopt any bottle you choose to probe it with…all…very…normal…and…not ugly.

Under it’s bottom as an adjustable 510 that appears to be well threaded and insulated and erm…all that…stuff…(shrugs)

Upon it’s noggin is…as you expect these days…an ultra stubby Ultem 810 drip tip…

Pretty sure there is a creepy little man somewhere in this world who owns an Ultem factory rubbing his hands in pure…unadulterated…glee…


The Innards

Once you gut this fish you are presented with an (industry standard…?) …yes…how did you guess?..industry standard gold plated dual coil build deck with 2 posts and four holes set out in completely the wrong way around…

When will they learn…I know I know it’s a tank so it’s kinda difficult to get the outer post holes higher than the centre two because of space restrictions and the shape of the bell housing but still…it is what it is…and what it is still works very well…It does however have a rather unique airflow system which not only comes up underneath the coils through the dual-dual vents but if you look at the centre post you will also notice another little hole which also sucks air in through the bottom giving the coils a very thorough licking. All in all… It’s a very well machined deck, The square post holes are impressive in size and the side winding hex grub screws are well threaded but…as you can see…even though square holes lend themselves to flat wire coils very well…they are side winders, so it will twist your twisties upon insertion, round wires though…not an issue…I got around the twisting issue by fighting fire with fire and using an already twisted clapton round coil…yeah…have that you fishy flappy fucker.

Building on the Manta is super easy and the wicking…even easier, just trim your tails, poke em in the generously sized juice channels and paint on the magic…

Now…the coils I used were actually rather big…too big really…between 3.5 and 4mm…hence they took a lot of cotton, sticking with 3mm would probably of sufficed…however I was being incredibly lazy and rather than start again I instead just sat her down in the barbers chair and gave her a little ‘tidy up’ …looks rather like a couple of little rabbits have scurried inside my coil at exactly the same moment…(what…?) …I put the whole thing back together with the thought of ‘I’m probably gonna have to start again’ running through my mind…however…this was not the case…It would appear that the Manta is indeed a very forgiving…very friendly fish indeed…almost…too friendly…


The Test

I can tell you right now…even with my over zealous cotton feed the Manta out performed many of my 24mm tanks, the flavour is well above average and for something so small the cloud production is impressive to say the least.

I had not so much as a sniff of a dry hit even when chaining it and thanks to the ‘Tardis like’ tank capacity this thing can go some distance between fill ups. The massive cloud production is down to the airflow which is pretty phenomenal for a small tank…It’s fully adjustable through 3 wide holes in the AFC ring as well as the air coming up through the centre post… and on full bore this thing can suck through plenty of air …and seeing as it all goes past your coils, up through the domed top cap and short chimney before it hits your cake hole the flavour drop is barely noticeable…

The Specs

RTA specs…they’re small right…


Size: 24mm x 46mm
Capacity: 5ml/3.5ml
Drip tip: 810 PEI drip tip
Thread: 510
Color:Black, Gold, Silver

It comes with

1x MANTA RTA (810 PEI Drip Tip)
1x Cleaning cloth
1x Spare Normal Glass Tube
1x Alien Screwdriver
1x Accessories Bag


810 PEI drip tips
Dual Coil Design with Curved Posts
Top Refill System with Big Refill Hole
Vacuum Gold-plated positive and negative posts
Air-flow Control System (3 adjustable airflow holes on the bottom base with 1 hole on the positive post)
3.5ml/ 5ml with different tubes

Now I know how Steve Irwin felt…(wrong fish mate)


Final Thoughts

Well…it just so happens that I was looking for something like this for an ultra portable, inconspicuous, totally pocket friendly set up that doesn’t need constant fill ups to go with one of my mighty mini’s…and the Advken Manta RTA fits the bill rather nicely…

I don’t think that’s a particularly unpleasant pairing…


The flavour really is wayy above average and I’ve had some astonished looks at just how much of the fluffy’s this little thing can put out. The build quality is on point and the deck is incredibly forgiving and easy to build on, It takes an 810 drip tip, It’s small yet out performs tanks with way more stature on both flavour and cloud production…And on top of that I did not experience any leaks whatsoever…what more do you need? yes…it’s almost completely industry standard in every way but the standard on this occasion…happens to be very high, I would indeed recommend this tank to all.

The Price

45 quid!..60 dollars!..well…at least it was, something distinctly fishy (pun absolutely intended) about that price for any 24mm RTA regardless of the quality…Thankfully the powers that be have disembarked that particular crazy train and now the price is a third less…or there about’s. …£29.38/$39.90 …Still a touch on the high side but £30 for a top quality dual coil 5ml RTA isn’t completely outlandish these days…and if you use my 15% discount code APUGS15 then that drops a little more to £24.97/$33.92 …find that deal here…

Advken Manta RTA - 33% off plus further 15% at checkout

With all the discounts in place I think that’s a pretty sweet deal and I for one…have become somewhat of a fan…I have even been known to get into character whilst using the Manta on the odd occasion …


Yes…that’s me…I’m tiny.

As always if you would like to see how the Manta scored against other pieces of awesome vapeology then please feel free to hop on over to my house at Steampugs where my doors are always open, and while you are there come and show some none sexy love to my ever growing group of reviewers…the Steam Team…your feedback will make them feel all warm and fluffy.

Until next time




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You failed to mention the exterior finsih which seems out-of-the-ordinary …is it shiny? Anywayz, another great spot of infotainment. It’s refreshing to see ongoing innovations like the added central airflow hole …interesting. More new and improved hardware. Cool!


Thank you Mr Darc :wink:
Tis a bit on the glossy side has to be said…AND you get a polishing cloth with it…although…you wouldn’t want to sit there polishing it…that would look a bit odd… ((:fist:))


Your always making me giggle, stop making me sound like a little school girl! Nice review bro!


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I really like the look of this tank but was waiting for a good review, the wait is over! Good stuff pugs, gonna order one myself.


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