Pugsley's mythologicaly set in stone review of the Geekvape Medusa RDTA

Some say…her last husband left her because he just couldn’t look her in the eye as he was too scared of being taken for granite…

That’s it…that’s all I’ve got…one shit dad joke…I like to start my reviews with at least a witty story, a play on words perhaps…but no, not even so much as a meme…nothing…the world is barren of Greek mythology themed humour…

It would appear that Mythological puns really are my Achilles heal…

I mean whats Demeter with me?..

I refuse to Apollo-gise for that…

I was just Troy-ing around with you…

It took me a Minotaur two to think of some…

I’ll stop trying to be the Centaur of attention now…

I guess I’d better Kraken with it …

Deal with it.

Hello again my vape billowing fruit sucking plume monsters, back again with more of the same.

And today’s sacrificial lamb comes from yet another of Shenzhen’s big hitters Geekvape, A company renowned for supplying us with a myriad of top quality tanks, RDA’s and vape accessories such as the Ammit, The Avocado, the Griffin (meh) and the Tsunami (yay)…and now they present to us another corker, a multi purpose top that is somewhere in the middle between an RDA and an RDTA…not the first to try it, The Pharaoh almost got there, but maybe…just maybe…Geekvape are the first to actually get it right…I guess we’re about to find out, from my Chinese Chums at Heavengifts …The Geekvape Medusa RDTA…or RDA…depending on what mood you’re in…just don’t look directly into it’s eyes…

The Medusa is a 25mm affair with a 3ml juice capacity, a velocity style deck and a few nifty little tricks up it’s sleeve.

Before I start taking this thing down to it’s brass tacks however let’s touch upon the reason these kind of hybrids are springing up every now and then, it’s really quite simple, those of us that ‘drip’ do so because it offers the best flavour and cloud production, but you sacrifice on the convenience of having a tank full of liquid on tap, taking an RDA ‘out and about’ with you is a fiddly, clumsy and occasionally messy pastime, where as taking a tank out with you…for the most part…‘will do’…but if you predominantly drip…it’s never quite the same…HOWEVER…having a tank that gives you the same flavour and cloud production as an RDA well…that there is the golden ticket to vaping nirvana.

Few have tried to accomplish this and in my personal opinion even fewer have come close to the mark…so what makes this offering any different from the rest…well…it’s close…it’s damned close actually.

We’ll start with the look of the thing…although you’ll have to forgive the quality of the pics, my DSLR decided to pack in and is in the shop so I’m limping along with my phone… it’s a stocky little snake haired bitch at 25mm in diameter and only 38mm high and comes in both black like mine or Stainless, and the body is emblazoned with a ‘tribal’ snake pattern around the bottom chamber to add cohesion to the Medusa theme and I do love a bit of decoration.

I think they could of gone of bit more on the snake and a little less on the tribal…chaotic…circles though…still… A for effort.

The power play on the Medusa is in fact what it does when you line up the…incredibly hard to see…padlock symbol and arrow around the bottom section…

Confused the shit outta me at first let me tell you…certainly wasn’t gonna happen without my specs on…but when you do manage to master it the head comes right off this mythological upstart…

Don’t get confused…I’m using the middle ring as a stand on that pic.

The deck looks like your standard kind of RTDA Velocity deck, very large post holes too so you’re all good with the chunky twisty mothers, however…there is one little issue you might come across with your build…you’ll notice there’s a gap around the deck base, well the middle ring locks onto the base and has a lip that bridges the gap to stop your liquid from pissing out of the juice well, and seeing as you have to place this ring section over your coils to lock it in place it narrows your build area quite considerably, I managed 3mm ID coils but the ring did scrape over the coils when putting it back on so keep your legs snug to the post’s…like…I didn’t (dick)…something to consider anyway, The build deck itself however is very easy to build on as you would expect and I love the blue anodized hex grub screws especially when you bring out the colour of your coils to match.

Once you fill the well with your finest you can lock the middle ring back in place.

And there you have it, for all intents and purposes a normal RDA just with a 3ml tank hidden underneath (minus wick space) and the third section which is just a top cap can be popped off at anytime should you just want to drip as you go…time to see the snakes on this fiery tempered witch by shoving some serious wattage up her ‘wrong n’

The top cap, along with the rest of the Medusa, is incredibly well engineered, domed on the inside giving excellent vapour concentration flow and flavour…

And to describe that flavour…I am literally going to (ahem) turn to stone…

I’m not even sorry.

The air flow is dealt with by adjustable side vents on both sides, nothing weird there then, fully open this thing can throw some serious fluffy’s but for me I found half way was a good balance and really brought out the way above average flavour this thing is capable of producing.

There is one thing however that I wasn’t overly keen on with the Medusa…she’s a bit of a hot head…

I’ve lived with worse…but still, the top of the Medusa causes me a couple of issues, firstly, the Ultem drip tip, as nice as it looks is wayy too short to be comfortable, for me anyway, some people might dig that but I’m not one of them, and it’s due to the shortness of this drip tip that the second issue showed it’s ugly head. As I was trying to take a picture of a bit of vapour creeping out of the drip tip I fired it a few times without sucking on it, obviously I was well aware that this makes the chamber hotter than it would normally be due to no air being pulled through it…but I didn’t think at the time…and when I was done I just picked it up as normal to take a blast…turns out the Ultem drip tip doesn’t quite meet the edges leaving a ring of the metal chamber exposed…so as soon as I introduced it to my kissers…

Lesson learned…the Medusa can get hot if you cane it anyway so the same thing can happen.

The drip tip isn’t a complete dead loss however, as it happens…I’m presuming purposefully…it fits your average 510 drip tip right in there, which is exactly what I did…while my blistered lips healed.

SO…something that has a similar effect on me as looking straight into Medusa’s eyes…the specs…

Dimensions: 1-7/16" x 15/16" (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
RDTA and RDA Drip Refill System
Simplified Inner Structure
Compact Design for Increased Flavor
Medusa Logo
25mm Diameter
510 Threaded
Gold Plated Contact Pin
3.0ml Deep Juice Well
Ability to Refill or Drip
Dual Post Velocity Style Build Deck
Adjustable Side Airflow Control Ring for Optimal Flavor and Vapor Production
ULTEM Wide-bore Drip Tip
510 Drip Tip Compatible
Quad Airflow Slots
PEEK Insulator
SS316L Set Screws

My final thoughts on the Geekvape Medusa RDTA would be that it is…in my opinion…without doubt one of the best RDTA’s out there at the moment for flavour, I’m not 100% crazy on the look…especially in black…but that’s just personal opinion, the very flat top doesn’t really do it for me and the drip tip is best used with another 510 drip tip in there…which…unfortunately for me makes it look even slightly more weird but…as far as functionality goes it is right up there, the ease of using it just as an RDA is great although if you over drip the liquid can come through the air vents if it you tip it too much but refilling the bottom juice well is very easy once you master unlocking the middle section.

Geekvape created a great RDTA with the Medusa and if you like the look of it you will absolutely love the way it vapes, and if they bring out a V2 with a couple of small improvements I will definitely be at the front of the queue for one, and for a price point of around £20 it’s also a bit of a bargain for such a well engineered product.

You can find them currently on sale here…

Geekvape Medusa RDTA Black

Geekvape Medusa RDTA Stainless Steel

Use code APUGS15 for a 15% Discount :wink:

But for now I am going to continue sucking on this ice cube until my lips become a normal size again…

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Until next time.

Yours eternally vapeful



Another Top Review… Cheers man!


Always welcome Grubby lad :wink:

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Loved the review Pugs. Great little device, can’t wait to get my hands on one. Should be here Monday.


Thanks man :wink:

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great review , always worth the read pumpkin :wink: another thing on my list i just got the lynx finally lol


Jeez princess you took your time with that one didn’t ya lol :astonished:…think that was my second ever review :laughing:

Thanks man :wink:

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The review is great, but I’m not so impressed with the RDA, yes RDA.
It’s definitely not an RDTA, it’s an RDA with deep juice well and cotton channels similar to those in an RDTA.
If they had just made it an RDA, without the cotton channels it would have been much better.
It’s difficult to fill when it’s wicked up, dripping through the top cap is not good as the juice doesn’t run down into the well.
The flavor is pretty good, but it’s not as good as the Goon, Apocalypse, or Skill.
If I’d have tried it before I bought it, I would not have bought it.

lmao i am now comfortable enough with coils and wicking to invest in rba / rda /rta etc lol so now its catch up time

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hey man, what are you filling it with?..once you unlock it and take the top section off it’s really easy to refill? there’s a gap all around the edge, the juice isn’t mean to go into the well through the top it has to be put in underneath.
each to their own I guess but I have a few RDTA’s and so far this def has the best flavour and I get a good 20 or so hits off it before I have to refill which isn’t bad at all, and it is also machined incredibly well.

i may be wrong but isnt it a little unfair to be comparing it to these others , from what i understand those three are in an entire different class and not only in price , i personally like hearing an apples to apples comparison then again maybe these 4 are :apple: to apple

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well yeah the Medusa is a lot cheaper than all those he mentioned but they’re trying to come up with something that has the same flavour production as those but with a liquid capacity and it’s not far off the mark has to be said.:+1:

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Yes, but unlocking, removing the top section is hassle IMO.
I have to admit that I’m fussy.
I usually use EZ Dripper bottles (greta holder for car too, I find they are the easiest and most convenient way to drip to an RDA, straight through the drip tip with one hand.
I’m also not a fan of the very short drip tip, RDAs get quite hot with my style of vaping (0.09 - 0.11 N80 Aliens on a mech mod, or if I use a regulated mod 110-120W) and the very short drip tip means I can feel the heat if I’m not careful.
There are plenty of RDAs that are not as good as the Medusa.
But for me, why would I vape it when I get a better vape from other RDAs I own ( I own a lot, I’m a bit of a compulsive vape gear buyer).
Currently, I have 3 Goons, 2 Apocalypses, and 2 Skills ( all originals) that have different juices in each, so I don’t really need much else.
I need to curb my vape gear buying addiction!:wink:
But all of you good reviewers don’t let me!:grinning:

For me personally, price has nothing to do with a flavor comparison.
Flavor is all about the design of the RDA and of course the coils used, I used the same coils in the Medusa as I do in the other RDAs I mentioned. How much companies choose to charge for their designs has nothing to do with how well they vape IMO. It’s how they’re designed that affects the vape quality.


Absolutely bloody brilliant beaut!

Love love love reading these :+1::smiley:


Thank you my lovely, always a pleasure :grin::kissing_heart:

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you are probably right , im a rookie when it comes to rda type devices just started really enjoying them the last couple months once i switched and started using cotton bacon V2 instead of the square pads lol

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i loved everything about this RDTA it looks amazing but i hate that i have to take it apart each time i want to refill it

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Great Review Pugs! Very punny :laughing:

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Thanks man :wink:

Your the man @Pugs1970, its easy to see why companies want you to review their stuff…your freakin hilarious lmao! I think my favorite thing is the photo of the front of the box where it says " been filled with an eliquid that contains nicotine". Its like the end of a sentence and they forgot to add the first part! Hell I could just add in “We’ve” and it would perfectly describe most of us here! Great job man good luck cooling those lips. Just lick the wrapper of some Big Red chewing gum and stick it to those kissers…it will feel 100 times better!