Pugsley's not at all scary review of the Vapecige VTX200 200w Mod

When I was a kid…clowns were funny, you went to see them at a circus, or you hired them for your birthday parties to act like cockwombles and make balloon animals…it was innocent, harmless fun…obviously until we kids inevitably turned the balloon animals into massive willies and ran around the house like a bunch of tiny Dirk Digglers…

But now?..Whose fucking idea was it to turn a children’s entertainer into one of the freakiest, most horrific and scariest things on the planet?!..Not to me obviously…I’m far too mature and steel hardy to be even remotely nervous of these …these…these things…these are just people I got funny balloons from when I was a kid…and nothing more…

I’ll be in here with Mr Snuggles if anyone needs me…(shudders)

Welcome once more my fluffy little fun freaks, back again with another mini review on yet another device from my little box of tricks, if you read my last 2 reviews you’ll know the drill, I’m clearing the decks, new stuff is temporarily on hold, and all the stuff that was pushed to the back of the queue in favour of pre-releases and new products is now getting a look in…and as it turns out…I’m kinda enjoying myself with it…there be some gems in this here box…so…the horses shall not be spared…onwards with my bad self!.

Today’s offering comes courtesy of my chummy bum chums from the East…Heavengifts, so may I present to you without further ado, the Vapecige VTX200 200w TC Mod…

Oh sure…it all looks perfectly innocent there, nice rainbow colour screen if you like that kinda thing, satin black finish…all unassuming and almost friendly in appearance…then you turn it around…(steady your nerves Pugs…it’s only a picture)

Fucks sake!!..gets me every time…son of a…

The Lowdown

The Vapecige VTX200 is a 200w device powered by dual 18650’s and kept in check by the Vapecige IM200 chip, a chip that I reviewed previously in the Creator mod, and I stand by what I said…it’s a good chip, it has all the options to satisfy the majority of vapers out there with a full TC suite for all the popular wire options, a TCR setting, bypass and variable wattage in .1w increments…it fires quickly…and down as low as 0.05ohms…I don’t have the electronic testagraph (yeah…pfft…that’s totally what it’s called…) so I can only speak from experience, and I have no issues with the way this thing performs…like…at all…

That large fire button incidentally, is one of the clickiest I have ever come across.

The body is what separates the VTX200 from it’s other family members such as the Creator, you see…where as the Creator is constructed almost completely of some metal alloy or other…the VTX is entirely made…from your finest…ABS plastic…

I know, I know…not everyone’s first choice of material for their devices, but there are some good points to using plastic as the primary construction material, firstly…this thing is super light, I mean…seriously light, a mere 73 grams compared to the Creators rather portly 150g…less than half…and another good reason is…erm…is erm…pffft…I got nothing…

Thanks Pennywise…you strange…motherf…maybe without batteries it might do, who knows…I’m certainly not fucking testing it, and if you fall in a lake…and happen to have your VTX with you…with no batteries in it, and it does float…then please… feel free to drop me a line…and explain to me why the fuck you’re out with your VTX and no batteries…? k…thanks.

The finish on the VTX plastic casing however is a rather lovely satin smooth black, which is very pleasing to the palm, especially with the shape of the VTX, similar kind of shape to the classic RX2…great in the hand…not so good in the pocket though due to the battery placement adding to the overall bulk.

It’s a nice shape sure, but when you consider that the VTX is twice the thickness of more compact bottom door mods like the Epsion, Savage and Alien…it makes it an inefficient shape for a carry around…just my opinion you understand…which means close to fuck all when you think about it…but there is one really good thing about mods that are this shape though…lots of real estate up top for girthy tanks and RDA’s…right?

WRONG…fucking idiots…why would you do that?!?..look at all that wasted space!..PUT IT IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE!..give me strength…at least it’s not a press fit and it does have a nice springy pin, 25mm and you’ll be golden…but nothing more…this makes me sad…

But of course…the mod itself is very generic, it’s USP however…is the pretty picture painted on the battery door…

FUCKING HELL!!..I really need to get a grip…like seriously…

STOP IT!!..FUCK!!!..where’s that fucking specs list…I actually welcome the fucking thing…jeeeezus…

The Specs

Main features:
● Supporting 2pcs 18650 batteries
● TC range: 200 - 600 Deg.F / 100 - 315 Deg.C
● Wattage range: 1 - 200W
● Suitable atomizer diameter: 2.4cm
● Thread: 510
● Resistance: 0.05 - 3.0 ohm
Product Details Accessories type: MOD
APV Mod Wattage: 200w
Battery Cover Type: Magnetic
Battery Form Factor: 18650
Battery Quantity: 2pcs ( not included )
Brand: VapeCige
Material: ABS
Mod: Temperature Control Mod
Model: VTX200
Temperature Control Range: 200 - 600 Deg.F / 100 - 315 Deg.C
Dimension and Weight Package size (L x W x H): 14.10 x 9.10 x 5.10 cm / 5.55 x 3.58 x 2.01 inches
Package weight: 0.1980 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 8.20 x 4.30 x 3.80 cm / 3.23 x 1.69 x 1.5 inches
Product weight: 0.0730 kg
Package Contents Package Contents: 1 x Mod, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Package Box

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Vapecige VTX200 would be that…it’s aaalright?..Very very generic, it’s super powerful at 200 watts,the chip covers practically everything but the super lightweight ABS body might put some people off. I personally prefer heavy devices and this for me would have been a perfect carry around if it was made in a similar shape to the Aliens and Espions of the world, due to how compact they are…but this is kinda bulky. It misses the point with the 510 too, if it was centered then yeah…huge brownie points, although…saying that…a big RDA…and especially a big RTA, would probably make it too top heavy…So…the main…and obvious feature, is the design, and yes…it’s a bit random…but not at all terrifying to a manly butch male such as myself, and on top of that, there is a choice of 5 none terrifying clowns to pick from, as well as (I’ve just discovered) …5 really wacky and dramatic colourful designs…

Hmm…number III has the words ‘Never Quit’ on it…

Not sure if that’s…quite…appropriate…

Anyway… there is one…very expected…and very welcome…redeeming feature…

The Price

The VTX was never going to be an expensive product, it wasn’t made to be expensive, it was made to give vapers an affordable way to enjoy the rewards that come from the IM200 chip, and it does exactly that. At time of writing, Heavengifts have this on sale for £30.13 / $42.60, and with my discount code APUGS15 that comes down to £25.61 / $36.21 …25 quid for a device with the IM200 chip is a bargain, find that deal here…

Vapecige VTX200 TC Mod

And if you’re mesmerised by pictures of not at all scary clowns…

You will more than likely be powerless to resist.

Do I recommend it?..There’s no reason why I shouldn’t…let’s put it that way…especially for the price.

As always, If you would like to see how the VTX scored against other bit and pieces then feel free to hop on over to Steampugs where not only will you find a myriad of excellent write ups from the Steamteam…but also a shop choc full of highly discounted vape gear and our new forum…so come and say hello.

Until next time




But that is what it’s all about at the end of the day, isn’t it. When you push the button and suck on it, do you like it? Best test there is.

Mod looks fine to me. Clowns could go. But then I don’t have a lot of room to talk. I’m a friggin Ogre. Maybe I should get one. It could be my Mr. Snuggles.


The part where it said the mod is actualy made from ABS plastic makes this an interesting device.
More of them are plastic but if i bring my Charon along with me, that thing is bulky but also has some weight.
I like that its alot lighter.
Clowns are not my choice tough :smiley:

Nice (and scary) review @Steampugs and thank you for sharing :+1:


HAHA, wonder how much it would cost to have a cute puppy or kitty painted on it? Another fine and entertaining review (you been busy), thanks Pugs :smiley:


I’ve had mine for 2 months now and I love it. Lightweight is nice and I don’t mind carrying it because of a little bulk. It’s got a great feel in the hand and did I mention, it’s really lightweight!


Chummy bum chums. Not sure what that means, but I like the sound of it!
Thank you for another witty, made-me-giggle review!


Well…at the end of the day Ogre, that’s all you’ll ever get from me, leave the technical to reviewers such as yourself, I hope I give an honest opinion of what your average Joe (or Joan) will think about it, I am in awe of the shit you do Ogre, and I can’t wait for our first Colab…:wink:

@Brunkezz very nice of you to say thank you :wink:

You’re not wrong my grey friend, got about another 15 to do so I can clear the decks and get newer gear in, it would of taken me months at one a week lol…and thank you once again sir :wink:

@ceeceeisme it definitely is one of the lightest mods I have tried so far, I mean it weighs next to nothing, it will appeal to some for the same reason you mentioned I think…and thank you :wink: :+1:


Man Pugs, you are in top form on this one!

GREAT job!


When it comes to these reviews take the cheesedick advice of number III and never quit lol


Thanks brother :wink: glad you liked it :clown_face: :+1:


cheers man, I’m not done just yet lol :wink: :+1:


Frickin’ Clowns! heh A review can be good for a product without gushing. Nobody is going to like everything about anything, but @Steampugs as always you lay it all out there so we can decide. Like folks said above about their own VTX200s, it’s enough to feel good in your hand and be lightweight and 200Ws is plenty of power and it’s actually kinda cheap …I mean affordable.

Coming up with an original design that just knocks it out of the park is a tall order, and you can see they put in the time …this is where Subjectivity rules (CLoWnZ?!), but Art Appreciation aside, this looks about the same price as some single Batt mods. That might be all the comparison shopping that needs to occur to pick up a nice dual 18650 VTX200 for the same dough.

So thanks for another KooKy Review :crazy_face: …lemme get caught up on your gettin’-caught-up Reviews


Love the clowns! And great review as always my friend.


Always a pleasure Mr Darc :wink: , thanks for the awesome feedback yet again, you’re right, it’s the clowns that’s gonna make or break the success of this thing because there’s nothing really wrong with any of it in terms of a 200w Mod, does the trick for little money…and with it being plastic it’ll still look the same a year down the line :+1:


Cheers my Tin brother from another mother :wink: :grin:


Clowns scare me, …but I loved the review @Steampugs !!!


I just know what would happen if I got one of these clown mods. Finish vaping it downstairs then go upstairs to get some sleep, wake up in the middle of the night and there is the clown mod staring me in the face…Good GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOO :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::scream::dizzy_face::weary::tired_face:

Great review…well scary as shit but still great brother :laughing:


Thanks D-man :wink: much appreciated brother

@mjag I don’t know what you’re talking about…it’s not in the least bit scary…nope…not one bit…naha…

It’s gone right…?


lmfao as usual…great review Pugs…:rofl: