Pugsley's over confident review of the Geek Vape Peerless RDA

Over confidence…the kind that makes your skin not only crawl…but suddenly fall from your bones like a slow cooked spare rib, saying you’re the best at whatever it is you do before you even do it in my opinion is a quality only seen in the Kanye’s of this world…I mean there’s only one person Kanye loves am I right…

So when an RDA lands on my desk simply named …‘Peerless’…and it’s an RDA I know very little about…well…I get a similar reaction to the one I get when I hear Kanye tell us who he thinks he is…again…

You see there are an abundance of top shelf RDA’s in my collection, RDA’s that deserve to be there, RDA’s I don’t particularly want to upset…(edit:-he totally talks to them when no ones around)…then this cocky newcomer kicks the door in professing to be unmatched, unequalled, unique and unsurpassed…and well…before I have even opened the box the first words in my mind are…“I’ll be the fucking judge of that”…Peerless indeed…

Hello again my chuff cap chugging fog fetishists…(seriously?) …Today I bring to you another RDA from those crazy vaping geeks …erm…Geek Vape …? Only this time…this particular item clearly has designs on itself, or as my mother would say… “EEE… IT’S NOT BEHIND THE DOOR WHEN IT COMES TO THINKING IT’S THE BOLLOCKS”…hmm…even when I write it I still don’t quite know what she means …but then she does call me Kevin from time to time…whoever he is…?..regardless…courtesy of my good friends at @Heaven_Gifts …I give to you…the Geek Vape Peerless RDA.

Forgive the packaging, obviously this is just the sample they give to reviewers…good job really otherwise people would just unknowingly steal them…The cocky little cretin on the right however…we shall get down and dirty with and see if it is indeed…all mouth and no trousers…so let’s dim the lights, slap on some Barry White…and get all sexy like…(you worry me)

The Peerless is a 24mm RDA sporting the finest in lightweight Alloy sleeves (others are available) and crowned with an Ultem fixed chuff cap…looks wise it’s right on the nose.

Under the hood we have a 24k gold plated twin post deck with a stepped post hole design that has clearly been engineered to give more building options than you can shake a shitty stick at…

This however… is where the confusion starts to set in a little bit with me, the 4 main post holes are nice and wide with a deep enough step to stop your build from wandering and are obviously geared towards your chunky flat builds, never a bad thing, The extra 2 post holes on the top are for your smaller coils…except they’re wider…BUT they work via a special milled grub screw that is only threaded halfway so the bottom half of the screw that goes through into the bottom hole is more of a peg…you follow?..hmm…regardless…this didn’t work for me, I couldn’t get any pressure on my smaller coils by only using the top holes and seeing as I have the attention span of a…erm… I just opted for something flat and chunky in the bottom 4 instead…I can see what they wanted to do with this deck…it just doesn’t quite get there…someone with more patience than I could probably get some kind of funky quad build in there I have no doubt.

I have to say…I am definitely digging the gold deck though…wait…does that make me a gold digger…??

Now…the airflow…this brought the second wave of confusion with me, it’s very similar to the now kinda old Mutation V4 airflow…actually it’s pretty much identical, again not a bad thing, The mutation was my go to RDA for quite some time back in the day…nine holes in each side and an angle cut inner sleeve…you know the drill…

The confusion I spoke off first came when I thought the airflow was kinda tight at first…I checked where I had the inner sleeve…should of been wide open…then I realised, there was no way I could have both sides wide open??..

what …the actual…fuck.

This was a dual coil RDA with a single coil airflow??..

The 3 cut outs on the inner sleeve are equally spaced so when one is open…the other is closed…is that simple enough for you Kanye…?

I have no idea what this is all about…like…at all…why would you need this on something that is not made for a single coil?..oddly, you do get another top in the kit, without the yellow chuff cap, this has a goon drip tip sized hole (ish)…and this cap has the correct airflow setting for dual coils…OR single coil…very weird indeed…I mean you could put a single coil in it…but you wont…so why put the best tip on the cap that no one will use and ONLY does single coil air flow??..It’s a nice cap too, very comfortable and doesn’t get hot…nobs.

With the correct airflow applied the vape was good, not incredible, but nice, smooth almost, and the flavour was…ok.

Something very much in the Peerless’s favour is the inclusion of a squonk pin…however…(sigh)…this being the reviewers sample I didn’t get one so…yeah…I’m sure it’s lovely…in fact I didn’t get any spares at all…tut.


So I guess it’s that time again when I let the item talk for itself and tell you what it’s all about…something I’m sure the self acclaimed ‘Peerless’ should be quite accustomed to…the specs…

1 x GeekVape Pearless RDA
1 x Spare Wide Bore Top Cap

1 x Squonk pin

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Spares bag

Dimensions: 24mm x 32mm
Unique Build Deck
24mm Diameter
510 Threaded
Designed to support both Standard and Complex Coil Builds
Additional Post Hole to Support a Wide Variety of Coil Builds
Designed for both Single and Dual Coil Builds
Special Split Bridge Post Design which creates a Open Liquid Chamber for Additional Wicking Surface Area
Nine Hole Adjustable Side Airflow System
Includes Extra Top Cap for Wide Bore Drip Tips
Includes Bottom Feeding Squonker Pin for Squonker Style Mods

I’m reading them…but all I’m seeing is

My final thoughts on the Geek Vape Peerless RDA would be, it’s a good RDA, it didn’t blow me away, but it was…nice? I love the look, and oddly for me I love it in the satin black, that gold ring around the base really set’s it off and although you probably won’t use it the Ultem cap looks impressive, but then with the right drip tip in the additional cap…once you find one that fits that is and doesn’t just fall off…it still looks the part…

The flavour is good, the airflow is adequate although twisting the inner sleeve to adjust it is too stiff and it doesn’t really give you enough to hold onto when you try, it squonks…apparently…which I think will appeal to a lot of vapers, The deck is kinda confusing but none the less easy to build on, it has a very deep juice well, it comes in a variety of colours…

And it’s cheap…around the £20 mark give or take.

Geek Vape have certainly given you the options with the Peerless, it can cater for a lot of vapers and I think that is where the Peerless shines…choice…but I think it will be the biggest hit with the Squonk squad.

It’s good…but ‘Peerless’?..no sir…Peerful and a good value RDA maybe.

You can sit there on my top shelf and blow your own trumpet all you like Mr Peerless…But Mr Goon and Mrs Tsunami will have different ideas about you being there.

You can grab yourself one of these in any of the different colours available here…

Geek Vape Peerless RDA Colours - Discounted Price regular price at time of writing is £18.31 … use code APUGS15 and grab it for £15.56

Or if you fancy something a little shinier and like me aren’t really a fan of the lightweight alloy sleeve you can have it made in 304 stainless steel in either Black, Gold or Silver …here…

Geek Vape Peerless RDA SS 304 in Black, Gold & Silver - Discounted Price regular price £21.72…with my code…£18.46

OR…if you fancy the special edition Brushed Stainless, it’s available here…

Geek Vape Peerless Brushed SS special edition - Discounted Price regular price £20.17…with my code…£17.14

Like I said…it’s all about choice.

The Geek Vape Peerless RDA is good…just not as good as it think’s it is.

If you would like to see how this RDA scored against it’s rivals then please feel free to hop on over to Steampugs where you will find much more (almost too much) of this nonsense and while you are there take a gander around my shop where you will find many many glorious bargains and the odd discount code…found here…
Steampugs ‘Top Picks’ Link Shop

Until next time

Yours eternally vapeful



Well, thanks @Pugs1970. When I hear ‘Pharaoh’ I see Mr Dry Knuckles and now when I hear ‘Peerless’ all I see is Kanye licking himself :scream:


Very good review mate and I agree with your summation. I owned one for a grand total of 6 days and then got rid of it. I think there was a few top caps sent out in the wrong configuration but they were meant to have fixed that, seems like one still got through to you though lol
I didn’t like the imitation Ultem tip at all.


Thanks man :wink: …yeah someone has just said the same thing on facebook…still…if they did that in the first place and had to fix it later it’s a big black mark in my view, if you don’t test your stuff properly before you send it out you deserve a slapped wrist…
The RDA is ‘OK’…squonkers will love it.


Fabulously informative and full of your amazing humour daaahling :+1::facepunch:

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Thank you my dear :wink: :kissing_heart:

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Seemingly only reviewers got the dodgy ones. I know Dean the vaping biker got one of them and mentioned it in his review.


ahh…I’ll take a gander…I try and not watch/read other peoples reviews before I do one that way its just my opinion only.


That’s a very smart move. Although I don’t see you going with the hype of others anyway, not your style at all.


That’s adorable!


Great review Pugs! Thanks for churning them out brother.


Good review on a dodgy version. I can see why you don’t like it. I purchased a couple of them that aren’t anything like the one you got. Love 'em both. Although I’m not a fan of the wire posts either, I’m used to it by now.


Another trusted review. Please start immediately on your new book “Shiite My UK Mum Says” :smile:


Always a pleasure my man :wink:🖒


Oh shes quite…quite mad…

Thanks brother :wink:🖒


Yeah apparently they sent a bunch of em out to reviewers with the dodgy caps and I got one of them…still deserve a slapped wrist for doing that and not testing them first
And thank you :grin:


Nice review. Funny as hell. Definitely not for me. Going to be on the market for a new tank soon. After reading this I don’t think it will be this one so thank you for the direction. Probably going to wait on the Pulse 22 to hit before I get anything new. I do want to try squonking, but not ready to invest in a new mod just yet.


Thank you very much :grin: glad you liked it


Lol I don’t know how you keep up the hilarious writings but I love to read em! I guess its easy when your just being yourself! Nice review brother. I was gonna get one of these but I always hesitate and forget about it. I might not be missing much though


Thanks man, its still a good RDA, I dont dislike it, but it certainly isnt peerless there’s plenty more as good if not better.
If it was called the ‘Alright’ i prob would of liked it more lol :wink: