Pugsley's overly engineered & uniquely twisted review of the Kangertech Dripez

Great review Pugsley!
And glad that you like it :wink:

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Who was ‘they’ ? Very curious.
I did a review on Kangertech when these were on pre-order for them.
Curious who asked you.
Jīn Xuěfēi and Han Ong are very good friends of mine.
Was it int’l marketing?

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actually it was @Betty1 ^

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Another fun filled review , I need to pick up one of these just for the “wow” factor.I will say that even though I don’t give it much love on here my KangerTech Drip Box 160 has been an absolute joy to use.It has become a great driving down the road mod for those of us that love to use drippers.
Thanks again to @ozo for letting me know about it and for sending me some spare tanks!
Thank you again @Pugs1970 for all your reviews !


It was my pleasure dude, yeah this is a pretty cool device and a hell of a price from them at the moment, don’t know how long the offer is on for but its well worth it :+1:
Thanks for the support man _😉