Pugsley's overly engineered & uniquely twisted review of the Kangertech Dripez

And a very forthcoming and quite frankly frivolous welcome to you my cloud billowing mentalists on this oddly bizarre occasion when I take on the arduous task of reviewing something that at first glance can only conjure up the following reaction …

“What the actual fuck…??”

And deservedly so, for today I gingerly present to you, with one eye brow raised, courtesy of my friend @Betty1 at http://www.cvapor.com/ …The Kangertech Frankenperfumedrinkshatsquonkerstein…I mean Dripez…sorry…

Picture the scene from the movie Apollo 13, all the scientists gather round while one guy throws a box of gubbins on the table and say’s “we need to make a filter, out of this pile of crap…go”

Well it happened at Kangertech R&D, they got drunk…obviously…and the office clown grabbed these…

and said the immortal words…“watch this shit” (hic) …“gimme”

10 minutes of banging, sawing, welding and fettling later and…

That…my dear friends…is a…a…actually does it even have a name??..I mean it’s not a squonker? there’s no bottle to squonk? …we absolutely cannot call it a squirter, although for this review I did make the mistake of searching for ‘Squirter gifs’ …not a mistake I’ll make again…(shudders)

So I have in fact named it, the Frankenperfumedrinkshatsquonkerstein, catchy eh…It is an 80 watt, single battery, single coil, Temp control, all in one, it’s actually up-gradable to 100w but for the life of me I cannot work out how to do that, I found the software, couldn’t find the firmware upgrade…did work out how to do this though…

It’s a beast of a thing, fugly to some, but i tell you this, when they asked me if I would like to review it

I just blurted out “Abso-fucking-lutely”

This is right up my street, I LOVE anything that is different, quirky, unique and this is most definitely that, at the time of writing I know of no one else that is bringing out a Frankenperfumedrinkshatsquonkerstein, Unlike the RDTA box concept which as far as I can tell is being copied by everyone, this…everyone is leaving well alone which means 2 things, firstly, you’ll never forget it, it will go down as one of the most unique Mods in vaping history and secondly, any ‘collector’ will absolutely need one.

Well Leo, Let me enlighten you, being a long time sufferer of ‘shiny syndrome’ I can tell you that if you have a vape collection you will have at least one of everything, you have to…it’s the law, because ‘that thing’ might be the best vape experience you have ever had and without it you might be missing out, ONLY fellow sufferers will understand that and seeing as no one else has brought this concept out this is your only choice of a Frankenperfumedrinkshatsquonkerstein, and when asked by your vape peers if you bought one you will absolutely need to be able to reply

It has a USP, and a USP these days is what sales are all about, without one you will drown in a sea of copies and be forgotten as quickly as a …erm…yeah…what was i talking about again…??

So is it any good?..well…actually, yes, yes it is, I’ve been sucking on it for 2 days now and it hasn’t skipped a beat, it holds a 15ml glass bottle which is more than any RDTA box, it’s not even a special bottle, you can carry a 15ml bottle around with you and just swap them over as long as it is the same size and thread, not that you’d want to take it out…I mean lets be honest, if ever there was a desktop Mod, this is it, it’s not that it’s too big, overall it’s a bit smaller than a Smok Xcube II , just a bit thicker, but look at it…would you want that in your pocket? I wouldn’t, not with that pipe wrapped around it, that’s just asking for trouble, not that there is anything wrong with a desktop mod, I mean I wouldn’t take a Maxo out with me anywhere either, and a nice Stabilised wood hybrid wouldn’t ever go through my front door, I just think on this occasion, there is just simply too much going on there to risk having it stuffed in your jeans pocket and being pulled out every ten minutes.
But just look at it…

It may not be to everyone tastes but I think it is a beautiful looking device, it’s as heavy as it looks, it’s well finished, it’s as solid as anything I have owned so far and the concept is very simple, you squirt the bottle, your liquid goes down the pipe, through the side of the RDA and squirts all over your coil like

Yeah…be thankful i used that gif…

The 80w is enough to give you a decent plume and the flavour is better than that of the RDTA box I tried last week, it does what it intended to do and with a 15ml reserve it’ll keep squirting all night …(stop it…I’m really trying here ok)

The plus points don’t stop there though, just look at the spares you get…

You get all the usual seals, coils and screws etc, but also a whole new squirter and a stainless tank for your RDA should the glass one break, that’s impressive by any standards and I tip my cap to Kangertech for that one.

The RDA like I said earlier is a single coil affair, it kinda needs to be really with the single battery and it works perfectly well, I also love the finger screws, no tools required…

It’s a shallow well, doesn’t need to be anything else the liquid is in the bottle, the air flow is perfectly adequate for throwing plumes or tasting nirvana, I personally use it for my ‘Cobweb Clearer’ menthol, it’s something I need on hand at home at all times and the battery will run out well before the bottle will, it’s PERFECT for that.

More points to consider are the astounding amount of tweaks you can make with the kangertech software, it has 5 memory settings and each one can be completely custom to your specs, you remember the ‘user’ setting that Ijoy employ?..well on this software you can customise every setting with a ‘graphic equaliser’ that far out does the ijoy, it is truly impressive what you can change through this to personalise your Frankenperfumedrinkshatsquonkerstein…(oh yeah…I am totally sticking with the name)

So what do I not like about it?..well I don’t like the position of the fun button, it feels unnatural to have it on the front instead of on the side although it does not particularly become an issue when you are using it, I would also much prefer it to be twin battery powered and duel coiled, that’s just my preference though, I am a high power user and although 80 (or 100) watt is ample I would kinda appreciate a bit more on tap should the mood take me as the overall build of this device seems solid enough to be able to stick a car battery in it.

So to wrap up, I applaud Kangertech for having the size of scrotum required to fit the balls that bringing out something like this needs, it was obviously a risk, it is outside the box, it is not the norm, it is as absurd as a mod can be and yet the designer more than likely walked away afterwards like

It is my honest opinion that the Frankenperfumedrinkhatsquonkerstein is a well delivered concept, it’s a one off, for now, and if you are an avid collector I would advise you to get on this groovy acid bus and ride it to wherever it may take you, have it sat on your desk and smile like Jack Nicholson every time you use it because that is what it is,

Mental, and it absolutely gives the finger to conformity.

And that girls and boys, floats my boat every time.

So with that i give you the tech specs…because…well…it’s my job, I mean it’s not like I want to…

Casing: Zinc Alloy
Height: 57.5mm
Length: 39mm
Width: 31mm
Weight: 270g (exclude 18650 cell)
Output watt: 5W to 80W
Charging: Micro USB, DC 5V at 1A
Resistance: 0.1 – 2.5Ohm
But you might need it for some perverse reason.

You can add one of these unique devices

to your collection for currently around £45 here…and around £65 elsewhere.


If you would like to see how the Frankenperfumedrinkshatsquonkerstein scored against other pieces of Vapeology then hop on over to my house
And I’ll stick the kettle on :wink:

Yours Eternally Vapeful



I :heart:️ this name :joy::joy:

Another awesome review beaut :+1:


I saw a video review of this recently and I thought, I waaaant! Good review again Pugs, you should screw up once in a while or people will expect you to be brilliant all the time. WTF am I saying, you are brilliant all the time :sunglasses:


Great review!

Now about the mod: No.

Mental is absolutely right. lol
They weren’t just drunk…someone really needs to open the windows and break out the windex for the mirrored surfaces at Kanger.


Oh stop…your absolutely right though obviously …:grin: lmao

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Thank you my dear :wink: :+1:

still no birdman I see…starting to be concerned :confused:


Yes, I must confess it has made me a little fretful. Hope he’s okay and just busy with Christmas and stuff. :confused:


Yeah probably what it is, I’m sure he’ll be back on soon…:slight_smile:

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Thanks Sparks :wink:
oddly, for it’s first night this was by far the most viewed review on the site :flushed:

Certainly seems to be intriguing to the mass’s :thumbsup:

I’m keeping this one I think :wink:


This is completely brilliant! I laughed so hard I had to set down my coffee before it spilled! :joy:


which bit lol…I have to admit I chuckled with the 'Squirt gif’
but it’s a bit like laughing at your own jokes haha

Not quoting the gifs because my computer is multitasking and not behaving properly but they were a huge part of the hilarity. I could keep going… :grinning:


awesome haha, it means a heck of a lot when people like what you do :wink: thank you!

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I’m not surprised in the least that it’s getting tons of views! I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but in the Midwest, it seems that “everyone” loves to gawk. Kind of like that vehicle that lost it in the snow and ice, and careened across median into that oncoming semi. (That just hurt to watch, and was immediately heart wrenching for the thought of those involved).

It may be awesome for some! More power to 'em!

I just can’t fathom 15ml of the same liquid (consecutively). On top of which, the external hose is a point of concern. And the biggest drawback to me is remembering how those types of pumps failed in much less viscous liquid situations (usually perfume related IIRC). I can’t imagine how it would be over the long haul in 80+ VG. But who knows! It might be perfect for the PG crowd. Might work better for the VG crowd, and PG users are the ones disappointed. /shrugs

I know I sound like I’m dumping all over it. And I don’t mean to, I am just sharing the things that instantly leapt to mind as I was checking it out. Sometimes it’s hard to get past the concept phase, and wondering “what are they thinking?”

Sorry, but I’m still scratching my head. Lol :wink:

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surprisingly very little resistance with the pump, I use 70/30 so I thought it would struggle and when I saw the spare pump I thought the same as you, they can’t have much faith it’s longevity, but so far…I can really see no issue, it works really well, I am actually a fan, didn’t think I would be but there you go lol

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(I think we absolutely should call it a squirter! :wink: )


yeah you’re probably right, I mean given that’s it’s party trick is being able to squirt for long periods of time before being filled again…

I mean that’s rare these days.

Maybe it deserves the title…



Great review. The mod…nope. I don’t see a practical use for this. I don’t need a mod for when I’m sitting down. The only way I would purchase something like this is if it came in some type of industrial revolution…ahem…steampunk casing. Then it would become a nice display piece. I’m imagining it in copper with an analog dial instead of a digital display now…


ooh that’s an awesome idea, I actually love this thing, I’ve been really putting it through its paces and it’s pretty awesome for $45, really well made and engineered, but def a leave at home piece, I stand by that lol

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