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Purchasing VG & PG


I have always purchased VG and PG from Nicotine River but apparently they can only sell it by the industrial drum now.

Could you folks give me some suggestions on where I can source the best quality VG & PG from (VG in one gallon containers and PG in 500ml PET bottles with Yorker screw lids is preferable if possible)?
Also, can anyone vouch from personal experience on the VG and PG being sold on Amazon with specifics to which brands and your results with using it?

Thank you.


I recently purchased my PG on Amazon from Essential Depot and has been great. A month before that I purchased PG from liquid barn and it made all my juice extremely bitter. So I did a knuckle taste test and it was extremely bitter (pg naturally has a bitter taste) but the Essential depot PG has a slight bitter but doesn’t show on my juice now.

My current VG is from liquid barn and its extremely sweet! I also have a gallon from BCF and it is sweet as well. Both are extremely thick as compared to VG from flavor jungle


@SCutshall I don’t buy any carriers on Amazon, and have used many wholesalers, and currently Delosi is my favorite. Some of the cleanest, thickest VG I have ever used.


Thank you!


Thank you for the info and link… I think I’ll give them a try.
Any chance there is discount code for members here? :thinking:


Not for ELR members specifically, but 10% OFF



Thank you!!


Free shipping at 1 gal for 2 each my favorite:


Check out Glycerin Supplier at https://glycerinsupplier.com/

They sell PG and VG in gallons. Their VG is Palm-based, which is what I prefer, and they have Soy-based in Drums. They also have MCT Oil, if you use that for health reasons, though it’s not for vaping. They are in Houston, Texas, and your order will be filled quickly so you’ll get it quickly. Their purity is higher than many, even those that cost a lot more.

$26.99 for one gallon of 99.7% USP VG
$35.99 for one gallon of 99.8% USP PG


I saw on DIYORDIE’s FB mixer collective group someone mention “Raw & Rare” VG. Turns out they claim it to be palm derived and the label says it is USP grade. Walmart seems to be the company’s retail distributer (the parent CO is CACEE Inc out of CA)

I’m wondering if anyone has used this. The WM pricing is $31.95/gallon (we get free shipping here in FL with that) and that seems like a more than competitive price now.

I also noticed that they sell USP PG, also at Walmart. The price on that is $29.97, but they are currently out of stock - the Walmart product description is hysterical: