Pure Vapes and Flavourart

I haven’t heard anyone speak about Pure Vapes. They carry the full line of Flavourart flavors. Has anyone bought from them before.
3ml samples for $1.50 and 30ml for $5.50.


Good to know of another FA vendor. They’re about 25 to 50 cents less expensive per 30 ml than my usual vendors. Now, to find a coupon code!

I’ve know of PureVapes since its inceptions and chatted with Nichail before he started the business. I’ve never seen a discount code so feel confident in ordering at those bargain prices then be pleasantly surprised by the stellar customer service.

Disclaimer: not associated with PV in any manner, blah blah …


Well that’s good to know too! I’ll definitely be putting them on my vendor list for flavour arts.

Welcome to the forum @SailCat!

I guess I need to check them out and add them to “the list.” :wink: thanks!!

No Fuji Apple, big bummer. No biggie tho BullCity is only twenty five cents more. Ill add them tot he list, thanks ND!

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