Pyure Liquid Stevia Sweetener 50% Off. $3.15 with Prime

Good deal on Pyure Liquid Stevia sweetener. $3.15 shipped if you have prime. I’ve been wanting to try it, and at that price I just ordered it. It says $6.30, but there is a coupon about halfway down the page to clip, and it takes 50% off during checkout. Don’t know how long the coupon is for though.


You will like it because I love it lol, it helps to bring flavors out more even those at low percentage.
I wouldn’t use it over 0.25% in your mixes unless you are wanting very sweet juice. I use it at 0.15-0.25% max in my mixes!


Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: I like light sweetening, so I will probably start very low. I have heard a lot of people love it, so I have good expectations.

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I would start at 0.15% and go from there.