Q about 510 connection on RDTA

About a month ago I purchased a (authentic) Geekvape Avacado 24mm for my RX200S and have a few issues that I cant quite figure out.
First (& possibly the cause of following 2) is the “adjustable”(loosen the contact & it pushes pos post up?) 510, I noticed when I got it that it appeared to be flush with the end of the outer thread body, whereas my other 2 atomizers the pin protrudes at least 1mm, is this common & if so what can I do to correct it or would y’all say it’s a manufacturer defect?
Secondly I have started using SS coils and in TC mode I have to crank it 100°F hotter than my Geekvape Tsunami RDA to get the same cloud. I am not a cloud chaser but with the same build I would think it wouldn’t be that significantly different. Today I set it down for a minute & when I went to hit it again it read new coils and was pushing clouds that prolly showed on the weather radar, which it has never done. O.o
Lastly I have issues with it locking into the mod and having to use pliers to unscrew the base from the mod which ends a juicy mess & I broke my tank the other day. :confounded:
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks folks!

I wonder if you are missing a peak insulator

I had a similiar problem with the first Avocado I got.
The 510 pins threads were stripped where it connects to the positive post.
Luckily Vaping Walrus replaced it and I haven’t had a problem since.
I believe you can buy the 510 pin now as well as the peak insulator(s).

Awesome, I’ll look into it thanks!
Ya reckon that this is also the cause of the TC issue? Forgot to mention it reads over 300°F immediately when fired cold, clearly inaccurate.

Indulator appears to be in tact and undamaged, unless it’s a thin washer I can’t see that anything’s missing.

There is a very small insulating washer, gray in color that get sandwiched in there.
I have to get to bed… 3:00 AM start time and all.
I’ll check back tomorrow if you haven’t already figured out by then

Appreciated, 9p here & Night shift starts tomorrow so I got all night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have another mod to test on?
RX200s are infamous for their bad 510 connectors so the problem might not even be your atty!!
Before messing around with either, I’d check your atty on another mod that has a proper quality 510 connector.

On top of that, Joytech and Wismec mods (even the RX300, watch his latest review) have issues with temp control with fancy builds and dual coils. You can find a lot of information about it via Daniel’s website http://www.djlsbvapes.com/ and his youtube channel.

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I do not have another mod but will have access to one tonight at work & i have a Fat Daddy 510 connector in the mail, hopefully that’ll help some.
I have been interested in getting another mod, preferably a 2 battery, any recommendations in the $75-150 range?


I like the mods from SMOK, but I don’t like the quality of paint they use. So if you don’t get a silicone sleeve for them, be ready to quickly have a worn-out looking mod.
Wismec has been dropping the ball a little too often with their mods, so until they prove that they can come out with decent hardware, I’m not buying any anymore.

Because I have a Wismec RX2/3 and I’m having issues, I went out and bought an Hcigar vt250. Gearbest.com exists 3 years now and they’re having some crazy promotions going on. It’s a DNA250 board and cost me $100, it’s got a center 510 connector so I can hook up any RDA with a width of over 30mm without overhang… but I have yet to receive it in the mail :slight_smile:

I find it hard to recommend a decent mod because there’s so much on the market and everbody wants something else. With your budget however, you should be able to find a really good mod. Just have a look to see what would suit you and if you find something, check out reviews to see what the major flaws are. Any mod has pros and cons, there is no single perfect mod…

gearbest and fasttech are 2 companies in china that carry a lot of brands for cheap, so that’s where I usually buy my equipment. Watch out for the flash sales, you can sometimes strike a really good deal.

With companies in China, you have to take into account that delivery is a little bit slower and you might have to pay some additional import taxes.

Cool, I appreciate it!
When I laid down for bed this morning the rx200s was set to 75w @ 520°F, I pulled the batteries and put them back in just now and ive dropped it to 45w @ 270° to get the same hits I was last night… :thinking:

I have a 2/3 also. i’m curious to see what issues you re having to see if I’m having similar ones I haven’t yet discovered.

Well, I can’t complain too much because mine still works after 3 months of use…

My main issue is that my Goon always shorts out on the RX. I have to unscrew it and screw it back in and problem solved. I never have that problem on another mod with the same goon, same build.

TC simply doesn’t work for me. It always jumps back to VW after a second or two, even though I’m using 100% SS coils.

But otherwise, the mod is kind of OK and I use it on a daily basis. I’ve ordered an Hcigar vt250 tho and expect that to be my main mod for the foreseeable future. Currently I have no other mod that goes over 75W.