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QP Design JuggerKnot RTA review by SessionDrummer


Yea I know right… I swear that looks so good. Is it really not a neckless chain?


It is alien chest hair, likely.


Why you tube of course…

but after studying the resistance i used 32g


My doctor told me to find a hobby, he suggested making bird houses :rofl:


the same video came to mind, i attempted using 8? PITA


My chest hair is not so fine :wink:


8 what? 8g wire?


i forget, didnt care about resistance at the time,did to see if i could
looks like shit tho :rofl:


Very nice review! Thanks!


Thank you very much @heart.


So, about the pros and cons. I have a love/hate relationship with the Mini (which I don’t think falls too far from the tree). My first impression was that of nirvana. Very smooth vape, almost mesh-like, and flavorful. When I proceeded to refill, I not only had a hard time with the small opening but I actually heard a popping sound, proceeding with a blurp of ejuice trailing down the side of the tank. Like a toddler regurgitating. This was a first for me and reckoned it had to do with creating vapor lock within the small fill port. There’s very little space between the air chamber and the chimney. Didn’t realize an air bubble could be so powerful, lol. Once under control by filling slowly and carefully, my next stop was with the deck…

Ah ha! Could it be true? I can’t pull out the deck without draining the tank first? Yes. The glass tank falls away upon removal of the deck, which I find, in my case, not to be easy. And not easy to thread back on. So, it’s a pita to remove the deck for a rewick. Is it worth it? This is my love/hate relationship with the qp JK mini (which I presume to be synonymous with the dual JK. I love the vape but is it worth the trouble? Not sure, yet. What do ya’ll owners think, so far?


I also have questions about leg length and wicking. Did most of you follow the 4.5 mm leg length and the company’s recommendation to cut the tails to the top of the juice wells? I did and experienced “internal hemorrhaging”. I got mouthfuls of juice until i rewicked it “my way” with longer tails.


Great review @SessionDrummer, I like the way you described it as being an improved OBS Engine. Now you have me thinking I should have gotten that when it went on first preorder, LOL…


Thanks for taking the time @muth. I did not have any flooding or airlock on the non mini. As a typical guy, I didn’t read or follow any directions, LOL, and basically angled, and thinned my tails to the bottom of the well with no issues.


Thanks for reading @Beaufort_Batches. I loved the easiness of the OBS, but the top only airflow left me wanting for accurate flavor. The JK seemed to really fix the issues and take it to the next flavor level for me.