Quad-Flex from Aspire

Has anyone tried the Quad-Flex? This looks awesome. There are two kits, the Survival and the Power kit. The survival kit comes with all the parts for a Nautilus X tank, RTDA, RDA, and a squonker. The Power kit does not come with the Nautilus X tank.
I think this is an awesome set-up. This unit really gives you every option. Out of coils? Switch to the RTDA. Long road trip? Squonk.
I got the entire kit for around $35. An amazing deal for so many options.
I usually use a Cleito tank for ADV and RDA when mixing/taste testing. Here’s the link http://www.aspirecig.com/products/quad-flex/364.html, take a look.
Any thoughts?

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Looks like a very good all in one. I enjoyed my Naughty X when I did MTL.

I won one awhile back. It’s good if you are not sure about your personal preferences. Not sure if you want to get into rda or a genny style tank.

To be honest I only use the rda section every once in while. Like if I want to try a new build and I like the builds in my current rda’s.

I live in Utah. Things are sketchy now for vapers. I like the easy of a tank, but since you have to get coils from a shop… The shops tend to go for the latest and greatest, not the old favorites. This is my zombie apocalypse plan, without spending hundreds.

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Did yours use the fancy new U-type coils? I have not been able to find any real reviews.But, I figured all those parts for less than $40, I will figure out something that will be vapable.

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Yeah, I used the U type coils. I never could vape at the high side of the range they suggested, always got a burnt taste. I’ve since paid it forward to a friend who still uses it.

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i do use an RDA for tasting mixes. No experience at all with a RDTA or Squonkning.

How was the flavor? I like a lower wattage, so that won’t bother me. The coils for the other tanks I have use, Clapton wire this one doesn’t.

I thought the flavor was good. The coils would last about a week and a half to two weeks.

Jazzy1…sorry to hear about your states ruling and how its making things really tough for Utah vapers. Am up in Montana myself, so we’re sort of neighbours. If it makes you feel any better, our shops here only carry a few main stream items…so unusual or cool hardware just isn’t here.

Great! Thanks so much.

i got two of the power packs on sale a while back for like $6 each lol. I already have 2 naut x tanks that are not in use so I couldn’t pass it up. I am using one of them for my recipe testers in rda mode and love it. I tried the top airflow first and it was nice but the side airflow chamber is more my style for airflow (much more flow than the top) and I love it. great flavor and airflow for my first 22mm rda.

Nice! Good to know. Didn’t want to waste time or money, if it doesn’t taste good. I like a big cloud, but taste is more important to me.

Hopefully, you can still order fun stuff on-line. It’s illegal to get any vape supplies on-line in Utah. The PIC even considered the making the 18650 batteries a tobacco product.?. Luckily, you could console yourself with good beer. (LOL, you know we don’t have that either.) I love this place but the law makers are one sided.

Man that is so harsh - But with a plain brown wrapper how will they ever know?

I have said it before I would rather be a live criminal than a dead smoker.

Utah wants the tax money that has been lost from cigarettes. A side note, more people quit smoking last year since 1991; and fear new smokers since smoking has been recorded. Anyway, several places I’ve ordered from have removed Utah as a state selection if you try to buy anything but flavorings.
You would think with the numbers of people who quit or will never smoke because of vaping, the goal would be to make vaping more accessible.

Just bought this one for RDA section for 10 bucks Canadian dollars. Great Flavour, nice vapour production. It was my first RDA I purchased 3 days ago. I since switched to the Goon RDA. Not sure about tank sections because mine didn’t include the tank. But for RDA. Ohhh! Yeah! Now your vaping. Excellent flavour and way better than a Cleito or Smok TFV4.

Hope this helps

I got the survival kit about a year ago, and still use the rda regularly. My only issue was with the nautilus x coils, you’re stuck with 1.8 ohms. Ignoring the nautilus part, it’s an awesome rda/rta kit.
As with all top deck RTAs it can be a bit problematic with wicking in cold weather and with high VG, but leaving the wick loose ish and with a small gap between the deck and tank, it wicks just fine.
You don’t get any spare hex screws! That’s something that was a right pain, the screw heads go bald and you don’t get spares.

Other than those things, it’s a banging kit.

I believe there are some 1.5 ohm coils available and I think you can also use the pockex 0.6 or 0.7 coils in them.

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I stand corrected, sorry for the incorrect info. I didn’t really use the nautilus or coils and assumed they were only in that resistance. I did like the air flow control :slight_smile:

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