Quantities in Medicine Flower bottles?

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Unfortunately Donovan’s prices kinda suck on these. If you’re only wanting 5ml well I suppose it’s not terrible if you’re already ordering other stuff. But still, at $2/ml that’s pretty harsh.

Oh and I for one am making a firm commitment - there will be no buying the product line or even close to it. Clearly what I have tried is wonderful, but it’s really more a principle for me. Maybe if I understood it better, like why it’s worth those prices. But unless I get that epiphany, I’ll stick with a few of their flavors I find irresistible and get the rest somewhere else. From what I’ve tried, here are the ones I think I would continue to buy -

Mandarin (willing to get this one elsewhere, just not tried any)

That’s not to say the rest I have aren’t delightful. They are. That Red Apple is special. The only MF flavor I’ve tried that doesn’t work for me is Morello Cherry. It’s just nasty. Otherwise they’re all winners. But so are like flavors from other suppliers. there is equally good grapefruit, pineapple, strawberry, the list goes on and on. I really thought I would jump on the MF train and let them rape me. Now all they get is a little feel up, barely to third base.


Still cheaper than buying in the UK.

Just ordered another 5 x 15 ml flavours (expecting 12.5ml and basing the per ml price on this) paid £100 from rawliving (approx $145)? I make that $2.30 ml.

I would order direct from MF but have no way of knowing duty and vat costs + customs clearance charges into the UK if I did and with overseas shipping charges I would imagine the price per ml would be even higher anyway…

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I agree. And $5 for a watermelon at the produce stand is cheaper than $8. That still doesn’t make it a fair price.

Must be my iPhone that screen don’t pop up

I’ve split a couple of bottles with Harlerquin on UKV just to experience the raw concentrated power as much as anything. But I suspect I’ll be using them up in juices / one-shots as soon as possible. :wink:

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Alysia Gaye (the owner) commented on this post on the ELR FB page:

This should be easy enough to verify. Take an empty MF bottle, fill it with 17ml of water, replace the dropper and compare to some filled MF bottles :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone up? :slightly_smiling:


I’m insulted


That dog don’t hunt. If there were not shortages (I know full well there were) why would they say that they give free samples with orders to make up the difference? Whatever. I like their flavoring. Their prices are nuckin futs.


I haven’t any empty bottles yet. But bought 2 x 5 sets of flavours so far one direct from MF and the other from Rawliving (MF packaged bottles) and all 10 bottles contained no more than 12.5ml and some only 12ml with empty droppers. Got another 4 on the way from RawFood in the USA ( MF packaged bottles again) and don’t expect them to be any different.

All mine have been part of small group buys so they have to be split down. I know what has come out of every bottle so far and not one has had more than 12.5ml.

I know this now, when I buy them and accept that. But if they keep insinuating their customers are lying then I am going to start getting pissed off with them and look elsewhere.

If they have all the correct measuring instruments and facilities in there own factory. Do a youtube video using a fresh off the production line, still sealed bottle and pour the bottle into an accurate ml measuring implement and just show the world. (Not weight you sell them as 15ml 1/2 US fluid oz on bottle and website ). Doesn’t matter what they say the bottle holds, the actual amount of extract in the bottle, is what matters.


May I suggest we start using the full company name - Medicine Flower? The more times it’s used the higher up on searches results from these conversations will be. So when someone searches for Medicine Flower they might be directed to this thread where Medicine Flower is shorting their customers on quantities. And if there’s one thing companies want to avoid is search results that sheds a dim view. Maybe if we pound hard enough on this drum people will start to learn how Medicine Flower screws their customers by shorting the quantities in their bottles.


Thank you lord vapor. Looking at your links list and found Canadian reseller for MF. 24.50 for 15(12.5) miles that would be the same as paying 15$ us for MF. When considering the Canadian dollar. Lotus cost me 15$ canadian for 5 mil + shipping, and took me a month and a half to get them lol

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Whats the link for the canadian site? Please Thank you


Thank you, just ordered strawberry and banana plan on doing a pg dillution to increase shelf life and in order to leave more room for error when mixing. Ill be sure to email them about missing ml’s as well :wink: ill post back after testing with preferred %s

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I’m putting in an order with them end of week as well

I know this thread is old but,
Pretty sure I know why the bottles don’t contain 15ml… I ordered three 15ml bottles and all three were the same.
When I pulled the droppers out of the bottle they were all empty. So it seems they fill the bottle to `12ml. As they insert the empty dropper it displaces liquid that then fills the bottle completely.

And they’re still getting away with it!


Probably from day one…

some of their flavours ( um, citrus flavours, maybe one or two others?) come with the dropper seperate. The bottles are full., so I guess we’re actually getting our full 15ml with those ones.

I don’t know why they don’t just re-label the rest. Why does a company with a good repution keep breaking trading standards? It annoys the heck out of me… but it’s not stopping me buying them . They are just too god to pass over.

Btw, in case you haven’t yet noticed,:

if you know any suppliers not yet listed there, do let me know. ( I spotted a few in some of these old MF threads, but found they were all defunct :frowning: )

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