Quantities in Medicine Flower bottles?

Anybody else measured the quantity of extract in Medicine flower bottles, bought from the actual manufacturer.

Checked the first three of my bottles recieved and they contain between 12-12.5ml according to three different syringes, I have used for each one…

I understand syringes have a degree of error. But this is getting on for 2ml in a bottle, I have checked a couple of TPA and Inawera bottles I haven’t opened yet and they are all bang on 10ml using the same syringes. So I don’t think it is that…

My understaning 1/2 oz comes to just over 14 ml (bottle states 15ml) Anybody else able to check the quantity from an unopened bottle direct from MF to see if they have got the full 1/2oz or ml.

All the bottles arrived properly sealed except for 1 and the other 4 of them, are at a fill level in the bottle I would describe as full…

With the dropper in I doubt you could put another ml in but with the dropper out you could easily put an extra 2ml in. I am wondering if the bottle holds 1/2oz/ml equivalent without dropper but with dropper in it holds less if that makes sense.

Be interested to see if anybody has found this, before I fire an email off to Medicine Flower to query the quantity I recieved


I’d fire off an email to them - the bottle clearly states 15ml - but even with an error margin, getting 12-12.5ml is too big of an error. Price per ml at $22 a bottle is $1.47 for 15ml vs $1.80 for 12.25ml…


That’s 200 mls of ejuice at 1% flavor. I never thought to check.

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this is fantastic investigative reporting, my friend!
i will be checking my bottles when i get home…matter of fact, mine are all still sealed, so i just might video the opening and weighing somehow in case i need to stake a claim…video evidence is rather irrefutable…
i shall be reporting later!


oh shit…just thought of this: what am i supposed to do, weigh this? check the volume? whats the specific gravity on this?
oh shit…i need someone to chime in…i dont hardly math, much less whatever this is called, lol…

Easiest would be a big syringe that can hold at least 15 ml :smile:


ah Ha! Fantastic thinking to check. I’m a few hundred flavors in and never thought to check…but I’ve never had to pay for flavors in gold bullion either.

Whiterose0818 use two syringes if you have to, just pull the first one to a deadnuts value.

I stopped by a local vape shop on my way home, picked up a 30ml syringe…gonna settle in for a few, then get at it

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OK…I have (had) 9 sealed bottles, now I have 8…yup, I cracked one open and one came partially filled as a sample…
Well, I pulled the entire contents up into a large syringe and it came to just under 13mls…Houston, we have a problem…

OK, so, now, what to do??
Taking suggestions, now:


IMHO, you should write them an email. Communicate with the company first and give them a chance to rectify somehow. I’m still waiting on my MF from ECX to come in. Supposedly Monday. I’m already disappointed.

Oh no…why are you already disappointed?? The flavors are incredible!

I’m not sure if these shortages are reflected in the ECX Lotus brand of MF flavors. They are selling the 5ml bottles. Hopefully MF will fix this issue, but IDK why there are shortages.

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Are the MF flavors in glass dropper bottles? I know my supposedly 15ml glass bottles only hold about 12ml comfortably with the dropper in. That doesn’t excuse the missing 3ml for a product you paid for, though. For the price/percentage ratio with these flavors, 3ml is a lot.


Yep. At least they used to several months ago when i ordered all of mine

I have to say i find this interesting, ill check mine as well but i dont have any that i havent used now, mere drops of course. If this is the case i would prefer no dropper in the bottle. If i find the same results i will be emailing them as well. A syringe should be more than accurate enough for measuring these, after all they use them in medical applications.

The SG on these seems to range between 1.02-1.08. I havent measured this myself but someone on the DIY sub has.

To be honest i cant say that i would discontinue use of these if they are unwilling to do anything. I know that is kinda shitty but i feel that there is no better alternative.

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When I was using a syringe I notice a certain amount is left in the tip. I had a long 14 gauge needle that would hold 3 mls. It was s meat injection needle. I used it for vg because I couldn’t use the narrow tips with vg.


Wow dude, if the company lied to your face you would still do business with them? I have a bunch of stuff I’m going to put up on ebay for you. Lol.

Nah man, to me that’s crazy. I don’t care how good a product is I’m not going to do business with liars. I’ll be waiting to see how this works out. Sending out samples to some and not to the likes of @SthrnMixer already puts a question mark on them for me. Their response will dictate whether I ever purchase their divine flavors.

In addition to @Pro_Vapes observation, I was wondering if @bluenose63 got all of the flavor out of the dropper as well?


I requested my samples at the same time that I requested a wholesale account. I wasn’t genuinely butt hurt about having to pay for the samples. Really just jealous a bit. As I said in another post I told them they may see an uptick in orders and inquiries and asked them to send some free samples to other members of ELR. Here’s part of their response

So pleased that you received them so quickly. At this time we are sending samples with almost every order, and some just have enough to smell and a few drops to taste where others might be a bit more full.

Point is I don’t want to have my words misconstrued that I am upset with Medicine Flower over paying for the samples. Seeing they charged me for them at the same time i asked for the wholesale account doesn’t phase me as simply by asking for that type account I’m essentially telling them I already plan to buy quantity, so from a business standpoint they aren’t having to work for my business as opposed to someone who has yet to show real interest in them. That said, if you aren’t getting a full 15 ml when you’re paying for it i think you should definitely complain to them as the cost per ml certainly does warrant it. If they skimp on 1ml per 15ml bottle that means they make an extra $371 per gallon. At $22/15ml bottles they already make $5564/gallon!


I hear ya but I still buy hard drives despite the rounding the industry does.


Hey, what’s the conversion formula for bytes to ml? :slight_smile: Ha, trick question. There isn’t one because bytes are re-usable :wink:

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Stahp, you’re making me hungry! :confused: