Quarter percentages in the calculator not working?

Hello everyone!

I was just wondering if there was a feature I can set that perhaps I’m overlooking. I have a few recipes that use quarter percentages, but just noticed when I went back to the saved recipe that the calculator has rounded up!
I know it seems like the difference between 2.25% and 2.3% isn’t drastic, but it really adds up for me as I regularly mix 500-1000ml at a time. Is there a way to stop the calculator from rounding up? This is by far my favorite ejuice calculator; I don’t want to search for an alternative.

Thanks for the help!

0.01 g precision is on the todo list :smile:


@Alina; Are you calculating/mixing by weight (grams) or volume (drops)?

In case you missed it @Alina, precision is now 0.01 :smile: