Quest for Coffee

I love coffee and I love vaping. This thread is my attempt
to document my quest for a satisfying coffee and/or coffee and cream diy vape.

I’m a total newbie, I just got my vape kit last week (I went
with Heartland Vapes DIY kit, fyi), which allowed me to pick 5 flavors as part
of the kit.

I must have done pretty well on my picks, cause I fully
expected my first few attempts to create juice to be gross and pretty much
unvapable – they are NOT! In fact, my first attempt was pretty dang decent and I’m happily vaping it now.

The flavors I picked are:

TFA coffee

TFA cappuccino

TFA Bavarian cream

TFA whipped cream

Homemade ground coffee/PG flavor

Heartland vapes Tobacco blend

The homemade flavor = two jars of coffee flavor by soaking
fresh ground 8 o clock regular red label coffee with PG – one is steeping in a
dark, room temperature closet in an amber glass jar, and the other one I did a
10 second microwave on to heat it up, and then a one hour very warm water bath on. I call it “fast coffee flavor,” just to have something to call it.


Pg + tfa cappuccino 3% is a very solid start, and totally vapable immediately. No its not GREAT, but it’s a really good starting point (I used the site’s recipe calculator :slight_smile:

Adding Bavarian cream to it (to taste) is definitely necessary for me. I happen to love drinking strong black coffee, but I don’t really want to vape it. The vape needs some sweetness and creaminess to it – I will figure out just how much as I keep experimenting.

The whipped cream is underwhelming. It is not bad, but is thin tasting, and a little bit un-natural tasting compared to the Bavarian cream. Just a first impression. Using it has also alerted me to just how important “mouth feel” can be to a juice. The Bavarian has it in spades, the whipped cream, basically none.

So, with a cappuccino and Bavarian cream base, I have been
adding small amounts of tfa coffee and the “fast coffee” I made, I’m not
bothering to measure, I’m just doing it on the fly, and SMALL amounts of the
tfa coffee really give it even more body and “real” coffee taste.

My fast coffee is not so good. It has the bitter coffee taste, but very little of the actual flavor. It’s actually a bit musty tasting. When you blend it in with your cappuccino base, its ok, but my initial reaction is that this is not a particularly good brand of coffee to make a vape flavoring from. Maybe something richer and darker like Bustelo will work better.

So far these juices have been almost 100% PG, which is ok with me, it vapes well, but has VERY surprisingly little throat hit. I really don’t care about vapor production, and even if I did, this is already very satisfactory in that regard.

I am testing taste with an rda dripper on about a 1ohm pure kanthal coil with organic cotton wicking. No idea how much voltage applied, this is a straight battery to coil setup.

I did fill a coupla clearos (itaste 16 with a VV battery) and ran those at about 4.2 volts. Everything worked well and I experienced absolutely NO gunk up of the clearos. Very happy about that, too.

I’m extremely happy with what I’ve produced so far, and I hope this information will help anyone else who is trying to come up with good
coffee juice!


Next time you order, grab some FA Dark Bean Coffee Espresso. You’ll thank me later. I hope. :wink:


Ok! It’s saved for my next flavor order.

Is there anything like a consensus on cream flavors (as far as ones to creamify coffee) ?

I’ve been browsing around the forum, did I get the correct idea that CAP were favored for their creams?


Cap’s sweet cream is good, but FA has some nice creams too, like the Vienna cream, Catalan cream and their meringue is also very nice and creamy.


Get all the creams! LoL. I like Bavarian…only had TPAs but just ordered some FW so we’ll see how that stacks up. As @Josephine_van_Rijn said, FA has some great creams. I have vienna, fresh and catalan and meringue on the way. I have TPA sweet cream and whipped cream.

I haven’t tried any of Cap’s…they’re on my list, but I have so many flavors I’ve not even opened yet to get through I just can’t justify any more right now. LoL. Well, except the ones I ordered today. But that was a special thing, see? I just…I just had to have them. It was necessary to have two more chocolates, and the meringue and marzipan I have been waiting to get forever…and I really needed another black tea…and…well, you get the idea. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll let you know if I stumble into any other necessities while I’m pretending I don’t spend a small fortune on this stuff.


Hi nice info in your experiments ! I agree with the girls ! Get all the creams ! All of FA’s are great !

TFA’s whipped cream weaker and needs 2-3 week steep time. Sweet cream TFA buttermilk like cream semi sweet.

Bavarian cream TFA /FW /LA are all great IMO.

Cap’s sweet cream is good, vanilla whipped cream good vanilla bean ice cream even better ! Capella is known for their custard v1 or v2.

As far as coffee goes I enjoy Kona by flavor express and like jojo said get FA dark bean espresso ! As well as FA tiramisu love them all !

I like to add stern heavier creams up against coffees like Italian cream by Hangsen and then add something sweet in there.


hehe… believe me if I could get ALL the creams, I would! I have to have some self control, lol.

TY for all the great information, I filled my ecx cart (which I will actually purchase…umm… “soon”):

FA dark bean coffee espresso
TFA caramel original flavor
FA Madagascar vanilla classic
FA Vienna Cream
FA fresh cream

Part of the order is so I can try Lars’ Smooth Morning Kick recipe

Thank you all for the suggestions!


In addition to the FA Espresso, I’d also recommend Capella Cup of Joe (use in a mix around 12-15%).


Great thread I am now putting FA dark bean coffee espresso on my wish list thanks guys :grinning: as well as some different creams [quote=“BathVaper, post:8, topic:35857, full:true”]
In addition to the FA Espresso, I’d also recommend Capella Cup of Joe (use in a mix around 12-15%).


Thanks Bath, I just added it to the cart - placing order now :smile:

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…perfect! :wink:

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On your comment alone I ordered it. THANK YOU! FA DB espresso is da bomb.