Question about adding new flavor to an existing juice and changing percentage/fine tuning

Hello all :slight_smile: Om new here som i am really sorry if i am posting in a wrong place. Om having some problems when it comes to finetuning recipes.

Let med come with an example.

I made 20ml ejuice with The following ingredients

0,6 ml Nikotin
3,2 ml Pg
13,4 ml Vg
0,8 ml Raspberry 4%
0,6 ml Bavarian cream 3%
0,8 ml Blueberry candy 4%
0,6 ml Strawberry shortcake 3%

I Then find out that it need a little more of some of The flavors. So i make a new recipe with The new numbers, calculate The difference between first and secons recipe and adds the difference like this

28ml juice
0,84 ml Nikotin
3,36 ml Pg
18,76 ml Vg
1,68 ml Raspberry 6%
0,98 ml Bavarian cream 3.5%
1,12 ml Blueberry candy 4%
1,26 ml Strawberry shortcake 4.5%

The difference is
0,24 ml Nikotin
0,16 ml Pg
5,36 ml Vg
0,88 ml Raspberry
0,38 ml Bavarian cream
0,32 ml Blueberry candy
0,66 ml Strawberry shortcake

I dont know if you understand but i am trying to remove The step where you have to make many different small batches. If you have further questions just fire away! :smile:
Thanks in advance

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As long as when you tested the liquid you didn’t use but a very small amount, adding the difference from the first and second flavor percentage is fine. I dot it all the tine with good results.

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Thank you very much for The quick answer :slight_smile: … Yeah im only testing a few drops on some fresh cotton, so that sounds really good. I was just confusing myself The other day and wanted to get it straight … Again thank you

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Perfect place to post @Barnacle:wink:

I’ve done this myself a gozillion times when I find the recipe is lacking and I don’t want to make up another recipe just to see if my hunches are correct. It gets you close enough to what a totally new recipe would be to satisfy me…:wink:


When I edit a recipe like to make notes in the comments section to changes. Get forgetful in my old age.


…me as well. I’ll make a “fix it” recipe and cram all my notes into that unpublished recipe and put them in a notebook as well…two places is better than one for my little old sieve brain! :pensive:

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