Question about adjusting nicotine and pg/vg % levels on existing recipe


I am new to this so please bare with me. I like most everyone here want to start making my own juice to save money and give me more control over my flavors. While I see alot of recipes I want to try most of them have different nicotine levels compare to my preferred 6mg level or the pg/vg ratios are not my normal 70vg 30pg target.

My question is how do I tweak the recipe so that I get the desired nicotine and pg/vg% whilst keeping the same flavor of the original recipe?

For example the recipe I found is as follows

Strength: 3 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 25/75

How do I adjust everything to arrive at

Strength: 6 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 30/70

I have tried various calculators but haven’t been able to figure it out.

If this question has already been discussed can you kindly point me to the thread so I can figure out my next steps.


On the top right you will see a blue wrench. Hit that…then choosea adapt. Set your preferences then save.

ok that was too simple. That was EXACTLY what I was looking for.


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Umm where are my manners. Welcome to the forum. Very good people here. Your questions are welcome. Read all you can. We will help when you need it.

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Welcome to the Forum !! Glad you got what you were looking for !

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Thanks Chuck6! I really appreciate the help and warm welcome. Now I am off to create my shopping list of flavors. On a side question would you be able to recommend the best pg/vg brands to use and best place for liquid nicotine. I was planning on using Nature’s Oil Brand PG and VG from Amazon and for the nicotine. I am going to look thru the forums but I figured I would ask you as well.

Thanks again!!

Thank you!!!

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There are many here that can answer that better than me. What country are you in?

I am in the united states

Get my flavors from bullcityvapor. That’s just my preference. Recommend reading resources link when you first pull up Elrecipes.

You aren’t adjusting the PG/VG/NICOTINE that much so you shouldn’t notice much of a flavor change. Which recipe are you tweaking?

Welcome by the way :slightly_smiling:

Thank you
I was tweaking unicorn milk clone and castle long clone

I use Heartland Vapes for my Nicotine. I have never had a problem with it. But if you have a little extra cash to spend I hear Nude Nicotine is the best. Nicotine River also has good nic I believe.

As for PG/VG, you won’t find a better deal than a glycube from Essential Depot. You can order 3 gallons of VG and a gallon of PG for around $40 plus shipping. You can also mix and match and get all VG, 2 VG and 2 PG, etc It’s 4 gallons of whatever combo you choose. A lot of people here swear it is the best available. I tend to agree.

For flavoring, I use Ecig Express, Wizard Labs, Nicotine River, Gremlin DIY, Bull City Vapor, and Heartland Vapes on occasion. Mostly I buy from Ecig Express (ECX is the abbreviation for them). But if I am buying a lot of TFA (The Flavor Apprentice (aka The Perfumers Apprentice)) I buy from Wizard Labs (WL). You will find ECX sells a line called Signature. I was confused in the beginning, but later found out this is TFA brand flavoring. ECX just bottles it and slaps the signature label on it. They also do this with Medicine Flower flavorings. They call it Lotus Flavors. There is also One Stop DIY that has their own specialized line of flavoring. And another called One on One. Tasty Puff is another I have yet to explore, but have seen their flavors used from time to time.

Welcome to the best forum there is for DIY. You won’t find a better site out there. Make sure to read through the Resources and Tips for Beginners thread a couple times and follow all the links in it and read those pages a couple times. You will come away with a vast amount of knowledge and will be returning the helping hand to others just like you in no time at all.

That should keep ya busy :wink:
Mix on!

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Thanks for all the suggestions I really do appreciate it. I just purchased everything I need to start from Bull City Vapor. They were the only ones that had all the flavors I needed in stock.

I should have everything here by tomorrow to make my very first DIY juice and I can’t wait!!! I even went out and picked up a small tackle box to keep all my liquids and tools nice and organized.

I was a smoker for 14+ years and just switched to vaping about 5 months ago. I have tried smoking after switching to vaping (just had to try it once) and all I can say is I can’t believe I smoked that garbage for sooooo long. Then I think of the 10s of thousands of dollars I have given to big tobacco kinda makes me sick.

I have to say that everyone I have had contact with on this forum has been extremely helpful and very chill. Even though the answer to my very first questions was painfully obvious everyone was very courteous and polite. Unless this site is down this is my only site for all of my DIY info.

Thanks again!!!


Welcome! Feel free to officially introduce yourself to everyone if you’re in the mood. :wink: